What does leftypol think of this video? Shouldn't we support venezuela?

No? The whole country is crashing and burning?

Venezuela's system is nothing more than socdem, so no more than opposing US intervention and hegemony.

Don't the constitutional changes basically create anarchist free territories? Shouldn't y'all be singing Chavez's praise for getting it right at least a little before his death?

The 'socialist communes' created under Chavez were just community gardens used to grow vegetables and other useful plants in order to have the poorer parts of Venezuela become more self sufficient.

Chavez didn't 'get things right', so to speak. He was warned of lack of economic diversification multiple times and chose to ignore it. Had his government instead invested in more industry than just oil, we would be seeing a drastically smaller crisis than we have now. Though, still likely a crisis, as Venezuela has been having these economic troubles since the 50s.

It isn't real socialism, so I won't defend it.

Surely his legacy must still worth defending against the boujee coup that's coming Maduro's way. It's not only class struggle here, it's also racial struggle, Chavez's iconography is vastly important


It's a dysfunctional socdem state that was built to collapse as a result of lack of economic diversification. I don't see what is there to support.
surely u jest

Why do niggers\ always claim there's a pro-Venezuela conspiracy here when discussion has always been split between 'anti-imperialism' faggots and 'why support a socdem' faggots, and why is there a different date of dropping support every single time?

There's bourgeoisie thugs in the streets who beat up anybody that crosses into their neighborhoods because they look "Chavizmo" meaning they either have dark skin, a red shirt, or both.


a bunch of "social"-democrats and reformers masquerading as socialist got in charge and gave people a bunch of welfare then the economy got fucked cuz of an oil price slump so the welfare was taken from the people and neo-liberal austerity was put into place and people got even more pissed then the U.S began funding the protesters to turn the country into a neo-colonial pawn

then Americans who ACTUALLY believe that fucking sweden and denmark are socialist go…..


no like i said their "social"-democrats so not like anything of value was lost

market socialism predates Marxism, silly leftcoms

is there a detailed list of the constitutional changes anywhere? preferably in English

it is also worth mentioning that people with actual socialistic beliefs were purged a long time ago
all that """""socialist""""" Venezuela is at this point is more or less a military junta led and helped by "SOC"-DEMs with neo-liberal austerity policy

literally nobody here ever supported Venezuela

Oh yes there has been

there were a few to be fair….
mostly just people who actually though that venezuela was socialist AKA reddit
and oh of course "muh anti-imperialism" people

As a south american, I think you europeans and americans will never understand Venezuela. You are too blinded by propaganda.
If you aren't smart enough to support Maduro by yourselves, at least support him because that is what the great Fidel Castro did when he was alive.
Make no mistakes, Maduro is the enemy of porky and the empire and being against Maduro is being against lefistm itself.



in the Americas they kinda are. even the populist Sanders was completely demolished by the corporate Democratic party, and many donors of the labor party have stopped because of Jeremy Corbyn.

I meant *in the neoliberal hellhole countries
aka Britain and America.

i highly doubt that a man who immediately upon the oil slump introduced neo-liberal austerity and cut all the generous welfare program he and chaves had introduced is an enemy of the upper class
fuck if anything he outed himself as two faced opportunist t b h

I resent that. It's also historically untrue.

I will Absolutely defend Venezuela from US intervention. Otherwise though it's literally just a failed capitalist state with succdem characteristics.

reddit fags not use to their circle jerk being broken