In order to stop the white race from destroying the world, we have to get rid of them

Thoughts on this idea?

Also I support pic related.


Hi Holla Forums

I don't think you're getting the post.

I am for anuddah shoah.

Whit egenocid e*

oh, we know.


I think I detect either a liberal or a Holla Forumsack. Also, I thought this is Holla Forums ffs


Isn't there any bbc porn you should be watching right now friendo?

forgot sage no bully

no, he doesn't watch it but saves it on his hard drive to show what cucks we are

No, fuck Holla Forums. It's 80-90% teenagers


Also, being a newcomer doesn't make me any less like tou.

is this your first time a fucking imageboard too?
please just fucking lurk and delete this thread, and MAYBE we will start accepting you.

You'll all starve and regress to flinging literal shit at each other if we white people are gone. Be careful, monkey people!

Wtf i hate communism now. You sure convinced me

most elaborate samefag on this board.

I think tou're confusing samefagging with shilling

i was going to post that
fuck you


Phoneposters like yourself need to be genocided off the internet.

You do realize we'll launch all nukes before that happens, right? The door to civilization will be forever closed shut behind us and the planet will, fittingly, become hell.

I can, somehow, imagine this to be a genuine post and not a Holla Forums false flag. Or maybe Holla Forums is just switching tactics? Either way anprims are retarded so I suppose it's a zero sum game if Holla Forums impersonates them.

they certainly slammed the door to that bunker

Then why hasn't it happened yet?

Please follow your leader.

I'm not for gulags but I'd make an exception for you.

is Holla Forums even trying with their bait anymore

wtf i like whites now