Is Left Nietzschianism even possible?

Is Left Nietzschianism even possible?

Is it what we need right now against the SJWs? (Yes.)

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Nietzchianism created SJWs
google Foucault and go back to your echo chamber board Holla Forums

Appearance is reality. Sounds just about right.

A thread died for this

No surprise that the person who had that quote tattooed onto his back is an acne-riddled fuccboi with no muscle.

Pretty sure that's a woman…maybe


If you think that cherry-picked quote represents Nietzsche's entire philosophy you are genuinely a retard.

No way. You think that hordes of fat SJW women are really trying to reach their full potential? No, they are trying to bring about a new type of slave morality with body acceptance.

I do

I dated one of them. She wanted to have her cake and eat it too, just like Zizek said.

If you think Nietzsche is right wing or something that just shows you have never read or don't understand him tbh

lol, a irrational philosopher vs a irrational tendency. Fuck both

Nietzsche supported a revolution of newer cultural values by psychologically deviant individuals in order to avoid losing them entirely. Replace "revolution of newer cultural values" with postmodernism and "psychologically deviant individuals" with snowflakes and you have SJW-ism.

Lukács about Nietzsche:

The strong must be protected from the weak

We need a general for shitty questions

One can use that line of reasoning to describe the communist and conservative-reactionary programmes with the social values which will come with the spreading and work of the respective movements; you're doing just what I've seen people who whine about cultural Bolshevism do: highlighting similarities which you've almost arbitrarily constructed in thinking that you've found a unique connection yet cannot use in this specific circumstance.

This, bring back the QTDDTOT thread.

but Foucault actually advocated for "cultural marxism". He highlighted those similarities, not me. I have never actually seen a believer of cultural marxism make any real connections to Marx.
Nietzsche's entire philosophy revolves around patterns seen in historical figures who introduced new cultural paradigms into their Nations.

Yes, see Raymond Geuss's lectures on Nietzsche from a left reading. It could help against SJWs, but mainly by appeals so self-empowerment and against victim mentality which SJWs live with.

fellow comrades please stop treating philosophy like religion and philosophers like preachers. leave that kind of fail to right wingers. philosophy is a proper science. by the way nietzsche himself would have hated nothing more than "nietzscheans" i.e. followers who'd put him on a pedestial and sort of worship him. that is precisely what his "übermensch" is not about.

wow, I haven't heard this pejorative used towards just about every philosophy ever or anything.

there are no "philosophies". you're mistaking again different religions with philosophy. it's common among anglos though.
also you either didn't understand nietzsche or you're deliberately ignorant.

Nietzsche was a Nazbol

look into his conception of "grand politics", he was a pan-europeanist and even advocated bringing Chinamen as laborers in europe.

In fact Kalergi was inspired by Nietzsche in the kalergi plan, but added niggers into the mix.

Just read Stirner lmao

Literally this.
Stirner is the only thing that can save the modern left.