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This is a great idea because you could hijack the plane and fly it directly into the New Yorker hq and kill these smug bourgie cartoonists.

I agree, we should all ditch the plane and fly a helicopter instead.
sure, it will be difficult and violent, but at least we'll avoid crashing into the twin towers.

I agree completely with the comic.

The passengers are neoliberal bourgs - standing there, doing nothing, complaining (probably about Statism).
The pilots represent a social-democrat government trying to steer things in the right direction through nationalisations, so they are seen as smug.

If the passengers agree to this they deserve to die.

Who said we don't recognize the need of expertise, leadership and intelligentsia? :^)

Also, we're not populists, dummy.

What is this Technocratic trash.
Politics and Economics are too important to be left to supposed "experts".


The neoliberals see themselves as pilots - elitist, competent, objective managers of capitalism while the rabble outside must be kept from electing 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧populist outsiders🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 who have no idea what they're doing.

So do neoliberals really think that people like Hillary were in power because they are just so competent at "governing" or something? Because that is fucking stupid. No wonder they can't win elections.

Neolibs literally base all of their politics on The West Wing and if they're the type to read shit you'd find at an airplane bookstore, Fukyama's End of History. In short, they're like people who think they're doctors because they watch too much House MD.

This analogy would work better if the pilots routed the plane to wherever the first class passengers paid them mid flight.

The fault is comparing flying a plane with people's lives at stake to "running the country", which is really just a practice in trying to allocate the most funds from political favors and public coffers into your personal bank account. So yes, they have lost touch, take most people, even the stupidest of liberals we have, off the streets and put them in office, most of them will vouch for a working healthcare system rather than shoving dollars into their accounts.

1 is shit, the rest is right. So about 80% more correct than any other modern economist.


Sounds like a pretty likely world if we all lived on/in vehicles.

I say the plane is completely unnecessary in this scenario and the revolution should be to destroy the system in which the plane exists to exploit the passengers, rather than to overthrow those who control the plane. We full Planearchism now.

Reality is not like a plane, but like a Roman galley. To write off the people who demand more input and freedom in a job they contribute so much to and pretend the people who force them to row are completely self sufficient is really hypocritical.


It's like trump becoming president.

In a world where neoliberals are governing, the pilot is fucking Ziad Jarrah.

Everyone should own his own plane