Is Revolutionary politics just a refuge for the unattractive?

Is Revolutionary politics just a refuge for the unattractive?

who cares

that's how your average person looks without retouching

I'd fuck Rosa so hard

That's a god damn lie

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Most people are ugly by middle age, TV just warps your perception.

Gramsci isn't even that bad, I bet he slaughtered pussy.

Dat nose though. More like Nosa.

What about Fidel and Che, though?

It's a cute nose. It's a great eskimo kissing nose. Idagf I'd go down on Rosa

if you wouldn't let Che and Sankara gangbang you you're not my comrade

Uhhh excuse me, Lenin was a hottie. I'd let him destroy my butt and im straight

Doubt it tbh, reactionaries tend to be uglier anyway

One, Rosa is fit (inb4 le Jew).
Two, Tito is fit.
Three Lenin was a Silver Fox.
Four Engels was a party lad.
Five Zizek could pull regardless.


Yeah even a dyke ass like me can recognize Lenin was one attractive man

Lenin is not attractive but there's something really appealing about his looks.

Rosa was cute, and Gramsci was alright.

Kollontai was a qt.


Didn't even post Assata smdh

Assata was ugly as fuck, don't kid yourself.

Kathleen was the qt Black Panther.

It isn't the appearance it's the actions.

both were hawt

Nonsense. Her husband doesn't stop being a handsome devil just because he was a rapist who later turned into a neocon.


Queen Shakur's too pure to be lusted after by a board fulla desk chair revolutionaries.

If you want a really ugly looking cunt google look at a picture of Julius Evola


If Gramsci fixed his hair and eyebrows hed be hot af


Women get ugly even earlier at middle 20s.

yeah religious ethnostates are very revolutionary

I heard Netanyahu was very good looking when he was young too, that revolutionary

Hos criticism of capitalism was on point though.




The most intelligent are never the best looking. They have to survive by other methods.

Wrong Nam', bro.

Comrade, I…



Of course. Comrade Netanyahu is a true red who knows his theory.

Comrade Sankara (PBUH) was one of the greatest socialist African revolutionaries the world has ever seen, but come on…handsome?


Wonder how many of their real life counter parts were forced to play Russian Roulette

Chad revolutionary leaders have charisma but no theory.


Gotta read at least 2 chapters worth of theory today. *Not* looking forward to it. Marx is too dry for any of it to stick.

Yanks deserved it tbqh

Afro, 'today' is over in less that an hour.

Hey dummy, that left picture is from 1896, when he was arrested if I'm not mistaken. He was already a Marxist by that time, for many years.

hey dummy, is a joke meme


It's a joke meme containing wrong information and I won't have it

Lenin is the most alpha revolutionary leader of them all. No man has conquered so much land for communist cause.

Today=before I fall asleep

Which is in a couple hours. It's the weekend luckily.

Didn't Trotsky command The Red Army though?

Yeah, sure. I mean, I wouldn't, but he's not bad looking.

Screw theory, the man got results and knew the problems he had to fix and solved them. His only failure was he was too good to live, and should have been more paranoid of the shysters that offed him.

He did the dirty work but Lenin was the mastermind of the whole revolution.


Never underestimate the ugly and smart. Im not one but Lenin showed the world how powerful he was.

Id fuck the living shit out of rosa.

Come Red Revolution II I wanna be like Trotsky. Not the leader of the proles against capitalism who's well versed in Marxist theory, but the ruthless right hand man who kills Porkies.

So Trotsky wasn't well versed in Marxist theory?

We dont needs chads we need the extremely intelligent Marx 2.0 to give us new better theory.

He was, but I ain't so I wanna fulfill Trotsky's other roles in a revolution.

Shut up, nerd.

Fuck you man i kill you easily in fight because im a tall big guy.

Good taste, Jewish noses are cute tbh

Oh mah lawd she's fine

Yeah i agree he got really good looking as he aged. Stalin I think always looked good. He has this grandfather like presence as he aged. No homo but I'm just saying those men were attractive in their own right.

60s black women in general were fine af. white girls too… maybe im just nostalgic about that time, but it seemed women were much healthier and the general body image wasn't so distorted like it is now with fake tits and ass everywhere.

never understood why so many ppl love asian women tbh. black and white women are where its at for me. those girls are cute, would bang, but as a white burger i think there is something about black women that just deeply pleases my deep white racist guilt and i need one so bad to teach me how to be b-ok ill stop

heh, Malcom was most certainly a handsome dude. He knew how to dress, too.

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