/lag/: losers against capitalism general/containment thread

I want to create this as an alternative to /r9k/ for people like me who went for the wagecuck generals and to talk with people who understood me.

ITT: talk about your wagecuckery for peanuts, neet life, living with your old man, the fact that you'll never have shit like a family, and tfwnogf

PS: I know there are a lot of you here who can't imagine than anyone can feel alienated ever. So we won't shit up the rest of the board if you don't come here and spam just bee yourself

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just be yourself user


Started taking my anti-depressants again.

30 YO here. Gonna try the ketamine infusion hopefully soon.

Ketamine is great, have fun user

smoke weed before sleeping instead

I went to www.8ch.net/lag/ and it just redirected me to /a/

Are a lot of hikikomori in Japan communists? I've heard this several times before but I'm not sure if it's a meme or not.

Can females post in here too? Socially isolated legbeard reporting in.

Capitalism sees you as having no value.

No monetary value, that is.

You have value.

You have abilities. You at the very least have use values.

Use them to turn yourself into whatever you want to be.

I think the ones on /poverty/ are, but a lot are netouyos, basically japanese Holla Forums.

I know a guy for whom ketamine actually had some temporarily good effects for his depression. He actually felt ok for a bunch of days after using.

Only if you want to cuddle

the only thing worse than been a wagecuck is searching for a job and been unable to get one
one of the reasons planned economies are better are because assure you will get a job, house, food etc
i want to be productive and helpful to society but i just feel lost

What is /poverty/? Also why do you guys think many are like that in Japan?

fucking socially retarded and creepy af jesus…

I've seen way worse.
tl;dr I've been on three dates in my entire life and one was with a dude who was almost 20 years my senior. Never again.

what happened at them

Hell, I'll take that as a compliment, I guess

I take dates because I can. Even with people who I find physically and psychologically repulsive. Knowing that I'm wanted is reason enough to be there.

What was way worse?

I'm angry at myself for how much time I spent masturbating, being inside and not knowing how to organize.

I made a spreadsheet that tells you how long it has been since you last came and then compares that to how you've been doing all week.

4 requests and I'll share the blank version with you.

Awkward hanging out and chit-chat, mostly.

Just realised I wrote /lag/ in the subject line where it should have been /lac/ or /lacg/

I'd like to see it. Although I've never masturbated

I wanna see the full version

full version plz

I want to see yours lmao


I'm a Robot. Double alienation from both work and Robot condition sucks massively. I was Holla Forums to the bone before I started my first job, but the reality of the workers' conditions is a sobering thing. I still relapse into my Holla Forums mode of thinking like every other day.

I hope I will be able to establish a monastic commune for us Robots to escape to if Communism is achieved.

Just got home, checking in on this thread and doing exactly that lol

dissociants tend to have that effect

You know what, I'm proud of my successes. Check it out.


some 2ch board for poor people

never tried ketamine. I've always wanted to. how does it compare to dxm?

as a rule of thumb if the male to female ratio isnt 1:1 you probably shouldn't hit on the girls in any given group. artificially inflates their value

shorter plushier hole, less stomach problems

Now I'm just a NEET, consuming the bare minimum. I feel myself turning into a robot, if that's even possible, as I'm losing my social abilities due to the isolation.
But at least I know what's up, right?….in a world where most people don't understand…
Hold me comrades. Or kill me. I'm ok with either of those.