Are liberals more of a threat to communism than the right wingers?

Are liberals more of a threat to communism than the right wingers?

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no doubt about it


In many ways, yes, since we get lumped in with them. Most difficult is people floating between liberal and leftist may get distracted by ridiculous identity politics, such as your pic related.

Liberals bastardize what it means to be a leftist, right-wingers wanna kill leftists.

Both are detrimental towards communism, but for different reasons.

see this thread as a perfect example of a SJW liberal who took the identity politics to Holla Forums levels:
liberalism is fucking cancer

no because right wingers want em ded.
they're just a bunch of spooked retards. gender is a spook.


Liberals are the dominant ideology right now and the """voice of reason""" for the average joe. It's their opposition to other ideologies that is the most effective, and the most critical to defeat if we are to spread.

We can BTFO nazis and ancaps all day but that means jack shit ultimately since they're also obscure.

Yes. They're one of the main reasons workers get scared away from the left wing.
Expecting the average Joe to understand and sympathise with IDPol shit like transgender child adoption rights is pointless, the majority of them are unlikely to give a shit about stuff like that but r/socialism types obsess over shit like that to no end.

not for long tho. we're gonna be the voice of reason. you'll see.
liberals are converting I have seen some.

liberal are still capitalist

both are bad, but both sides can be converted.

I feel like this is why Stalin was a good thing. Russia could've turned into an anarkiddie sjw hellhole if someone like Trotsky was in power. Stalin showed how communism could be actually reactionary and I think it attracts a lot of edgy right wingers.

dude what

Liberals are right-wingers. Expect them to join the bourgeoisie when the shit finally hits the fan.

still not convinced it isn't a troll, those posts are unfathomably stupid
then again one should never underestimate Americans in that regard, that's what I've learned

Considering that Liberalism has done more to destroy/hinder communist movements worldwide than influences from the far-right have, yes.

When and why did modern SJW idpol form? Is there any writing on this, from a non-rightist perspective?


Post modernist, third wave feminist, years of fermented hatred, morale relativism.

fucking newfags I swear
liberals hate communism more than fascism

No they hate stuff like that. They're not going to join any side that has trannies.