Book Clubs

Why can't we ever get a damn book club going? Everybody always falls off. How hard is it to read and discuss books together?

Has one of these ever worked?

can we start a girlfriend-getting club instead, I need something relevant to my lonely and terrible life.

How would that work? Asking for a friend.

But what about le dank memes? How am I going to trigger my stupid liberal mom? :DDDD

make one then
what are we reading, how does it work
do you post single pages of the PDF to a thread, and read like 10 pages a day in a thread then discuss and do the next 10 the next day?

I might but this is just a meta thread right now trying to figure out where people sit that have tried before. I remember one was being planned some weeks ago but never seemed to come to anything.

I'm almost inclined to think that it'd be better to just start book clubs IRL, because for some reason online book clubs always collapse. Used to happen on halfchan /lit/ all the time.

Because the dicipline to read books is very hard, especially when you dont feel a real obligation to read it due to not facing any social preasure if you dont do it due to it being online.

It doesn't feel like books take discipline, it feels like everyone is ADD now due to proliferation of electronic screens with endless, easy content. A lot of that content also has the veneer of being social, whereas books feel solitary. Which is the point of a FUCKING BOOK CLUB GOD DAMNIT WHY DON'T PEOPLE JUST READ.

well ill be down. should probably start with something not overly dense and technical at first. i feel likemaking a post of say 5 pages from a pdf and then give time for discussion before the next 5, or just post 5+5 (give or take obviously) at same time then discuss, is a good way to go about it. it adds more visible structure to the discussion rather than just "we reading pages x through y" and then discuss, if you know what i mean

Well yea the electronic aids destroys your discipline. Pretty much the only time I get reading done is on holiday or on the train.

Yeah it's frustrating. I think it's just because everyone is at different places in their studies with different interests in theory and politics it's hard to take the time to read something that you're pretty sure no one else will read and won't get discussed. And you'd be right to thank that because that's what's been happening.

What about this: something like Holla Forums story time but with chapters/excerpts from theory, maybe just essays to start? So anyone can jump in at any time and inevitably shitpost, but the reading material will be right there in front of everyone to compare with the shitposting so they can decide for themselves whether or not the tankie/anarkiddie are full of shit and why based on critical reading. We could try to sort of leverage shitposting against itself.


Also advice for book club thread anons: Bump with off topic sexy interesting pics not relevant books

Probably because the true proles are out there busting their ass all day to pay bills and you want to sit around in a circle and fan your balls with the latest "deconstruction of culture book 2948281"… Eat shit faggot

maybe in America, sure.

Use discord.

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Me and my friends are well read and we work labor and read different books and discuss them on the job, and it's not much but we wish we had time to read more.

Doesn't look like it, if you were well read you would have known to say "My friends and I are well read," inbred.
It's time to go back

In my case I can only read dense theory when I'm in a particular mood and usually only in two week bursts. Between that I just read articles and fiction. Not very conducive for a reading group.

The only way book clubs of theory books online work is live-reading, meaning, you don't tell people to read a chunk to discuss, but simply have them come together and read it aloud. Only the most autistic stick through for reading and discussion at their own pace, and it is months of no activity in most of these.

1. Move to a city
2. Develop a sense of style, wash youself
3. Find social outlets that coincide with your interests (book clubs, concerts, ect.)
4. Participate, know you have nothing to loose
5. Make friends and find significant other

If you think you can use a person to fix existential dread / certain aspects of alienation, though, you're dead wrong.
Don't complain too much to them when you realize you still don't feel completely okay. Focus on them while you're out with them and don't be introspective 24/7.
You can keep your beliefs and personality, and you can find time to think, but when you're with other people life is different; it's not about you, it's precisely the joy of it not being about you.

Better be a shitposter