Is there anything that qualifies as a "left wing conspiracy theory?"

Is there anything that qualifies as a "left wing conspiracy theory?"

It seems to me that this thinking is almost exclusively the domain of the right. This isn't even meant to be a black-slapping "us leftists are so smart" thread; I just can't think of a single one.

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we have this thread every week comrade

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The core concept of a conspiracy theory is bourgeois because it implies some ideas can be dismissed outright because they fall under a certain category making them immune to a rational approach.
For some people, Marxism is a conspiracy theory.


I recently came upon this tasty morsel.

Note to salty mods : I'm not defending Impeiralism, I'm just saying that people are quick to dismiss criticism of their favourite regime by saying "you're just uttering bourg propaganda lad"

But we are. We're outright more intelligent than right-wingers. This is a well-recorded fact.

It's because of the two core differences in left and right thinking. People think it has to do with "pro-re/ggressivism" and taste in social norms, economy and possibly government, but the difference is much more fundamental.

The first difference is "human nature" which extends to other facets of life, mostly as justification for systems and practices. Reactionaries always appeal to the natural order and place of things while leftists have a more contextual framework for human society than natural, and if they do happen to have one it is usually still very malleable (Ocalan's anthropology being one such "natural state" from a leftist perspective). Consequently, in the mind of the reactionary, if there is a clear nature for humans but the system keeps malfunctioning, there has to be a 5th column at work, and not only that but the 5th column is always irrational, malicious and does what it does for no other reason than being evil for the sake of it. It is always a shadowy, organized group with an agenda to destroy the present, sacred order of things for no other reason than being psychopaths. This enables the reactionary to dismiss any opposing views since they are irrational and evil to begin with, and on top of that to go on a Holy War against the forces of darkness. This is why Holla Forums thinks they're a beacon of light and reason while simultaneously advocating for genocide. This sort of rationalization is best exemplified in The Turner Diaries in which the author had to construct a world where the Jewish USA government legalizes crime against whites by minorities, thus "Day of the Rope" was merely done in self-defense.

On the other hand, leftists don't think it's a shadowy cabal scheming in a dimly lit room to oppress this or that group for the fun of it, it is rather impersonal and systemic instead. It's simply a group of people in a position of power acting in their self-interest to preserve said power, exploiting the system for their own gain and loosely associate with each other when needed. The "bad" acts are generally born as consequences out of indifference while pursuing rational self-interest. This is, by the way, why liberals can be very much seen as edging reactionaries, in particular during this whole Trump-Russia debacle.

Some user illustrated it very nicely a long time ago in a different thread. Imagine a James Bond movie where the protagonist is caught by the villain. In Holla Forums's version George Soros steps out of the shadows and reveals his plans for the destruction of the West, then commands his Antifa henchmen to beat up our unfortunate hero. In Holla Forums's version Soros just says he's doing what's best for the world, gives our hero a little pat on the shoulder and tells him it's just a phase and once he'll finish school he'll wise up.


Lefties are the ones who gave the phrase "conspiracy theory" its negative connotation.
But they do have conspiracy theories about how a capitalism is to blame for everything even when global warming causes it to snow.

Yeah, "Russia" and "Russian bots".

No because everything we say is proven to be true later on by internal CIA documents.

Fuck off, Holla Forums.

MLK murdered by the FBI

Also, October Surprise but that's only called a conspiracy to get people to forget it was proven.

Every """""terrorist""""" attack in the West in the past 20 years has been CIA funded


This is what happens when faggots don't supplement their theory and anime with an understanding of the history of the CIA and psy ops. Discover Mae Brussell's work for fuck's sake. The best American researchers in conspiracy are/were all left wing/antifascist.

it's not a conspiracy theory if it's true

this, and our lord and savior posadas

Better question. Is this a joke?

The right believes this too, only if the attacker is white though.

We have this post every day, fuck off Holla Forums.

Quoted the wrong post, I assume?

No he's right. This is a pretty retarded conspiracy that seems to come from the left. We still have much less though.


You would have a point, except for the fact that "Why don't the workers rise up and overthrow capitalism if socialism is so obviously superior" has been one of the most contentious running arguments in post-Marx socialist thought


there are none because all western governments, media, and culture are a giant fucking left-wing conspiracy theory
the pro-imperialism, anti - North Korea and anti - Cuba shills. you just wait, as soon as ISIS is defeated Rojava will be a part of the dehumanizing pro-imperialist propaganda too.
not to mention the fact that people unironically still believe in the "100 milli0n" even though there's no documentation to back it up.
the reason there's no left wing conspiracy theories is because they aren't "theories", they're a fucking fact.

well it wasn't
the idea of a "holodomor" is a bullshit lie cooked up by goebbels

And heavily documented by outside sources. A book about the Holodomor was done by a ex-Soviet who was tired that the Western view of the Soviet Union was extremely politicised and was a "good versus evil" historiography.

This guy still affirms, with proofs, that the famine in Ukraine was caused as a direct results of Stalin's orders (MOAR GRAIN), Stalin's decisions (EXPORT THE GRAIN TO CAPITALIST COUNTRIES), and made worse by Stalin's actions (such as purging Communist Ukrainians who tried to safeguard gain for their people).
His name is Moshe Lewin. He's also a Jew, so keep your "hOloDOmoR iS nAzI pROpagAnDA" memes to yourself.

And, of course, Lysenkoism which was a state policy, and killing the Kulaks which left them without competent farmers. Farming is hard.

No, because the famine extended into Southwest Russia as well
Because some wildly anti-communist (and anti-Jew) Ukranian nationalists in USA needed to needed to tell the world that Soviet Union isn't only exactly like the nazis, it's even worse, hence the number 8 million dead compared to the 6 million Jews killed by nazis.

Well put. This fundamental ideological divide between essentialism/structuralism is the great divider between the left and the right. Sometimes you see this 'post-ideological' 'rational debate of ideas'-logic even on this board, but structuralist arguments are never going to convince an essentialist and vice versa. This is why the Holla Forums - Holla Forums propaganda is so ineffective.

Because socialism = Soviet Union for the average person. And also because the sort of systematic materialism that leads to socialism being obviously better is mainly the realm of academics rather than the common man. This is not really an idealistic point - there simply isn't enough desperation or education for the workers to believe in the overthrow of capital. Capital channels the energies of desperation and change for better into surviving and 'numbing the pain'.

liberals aren't left and so on and so on

read the FAQ, newfag redditor

Liberalism is centrism, not leftism.

What are you on about?
I'm not entirely sure what you mean here either with the smug response and the accommodating image. Are you implying that this description depicts Jews as well? Let me put it this way then: If you were in an ethnostate, do you really think the ruling classes wouldn't act in their self-interest?

Yes sorry I'm retareded, I meant to quote

Are you fucking serious?

Does the rest of this board have so little self-awareness?

Conspiracy theories have a tendency to personalize political issues by reducing complex social interactions to a single malevolent agency. See, it's not about the basis of our economic system, it's about those dreaded people — Jews, the Rotschilds, cultural Marxists, the Illuminati, globalists, the Satanic elite, you name it. This is of course abhorrent to anyone who consider himself an historical materialist.

Conspiracy theories are pure idealism masquerading as enlightened skepticism.


What's your point?

That you're a fucking idiot.

this quality post defiantly made me rethink me positions

Someone sure is ass-blasted.

There are many conspericy theories that are beleved by both rightists and leftists. Like anti-vaxers. But I don't think there are any one that are exclusive to just leftists.

Well those are true.