Which side do you choose?

Which side do you choose?

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Is that even a question ?

I'm normally not the anti-imperialistic, but you've got a genocidal government backed by CIA who actively attacked Vietnam, and literal liberators.

I don't want to be kidnapped, dosed with LSD, and interrogated by men in black suits, and Ray-Bans, BUUUUT at the same time anybody North Korea supports are the true anti-imperialist.

The left side lad.

The one that isn't led by a CIA plant


Explain yourselves marketsuccs

you gotta break an omelette to make an egg sometimes ukno

Pretty much this



Well, if you are a communist you can't really deny the achievements Pol Pot made for communism in Kampuchea. Abolition of money and commodity production is a thing. If they didn't get invaded, it would have been determined whether or not Kambodian socialism was utopian or scientific. Apperently Pol Pot wanted to built a new Kampuchea from scratch, as he saw the cities as unsalvagable. What most people fail to understand is that the Khmer Rouge failed in terms of their foreign policy, not their internal one. USA didn't actually support them but rather bombed the shit out of them until Vietnam invaded. And the stance of the Soviet-Indochina bloc shouldn't be taken seriously as this was revisionist central. Also, the horror stories about the Khmer Rouge are very likely to be exaggerated. It's a shame the Khmer Rouge gave up socialism after.




By the way, it seems you have read Das Kapital. Don't you know how counter-revolutionary that is ?

How what is? Specify.


Cambodia was funded by america because the people in charge at the time got it in their head that Vietnam would have annexed the rest of south east Asian and formed their own soviet union.
There is a ethnic compnoet to the "communism" that was practiced in cambodia that was super anti Vietnamese

reading. reading is counterrevolutionary.

I wear glasses so no shit I'll join the left side in a fucking heartbeat

The side not backed by the CIA

why did the DPRK and Yugoslavia back Pol Pot?

Balanced out by being US backed though

Just admit Yugo was on the wrong side



Romania was always the worst Warsaw pact country

Genuinely mad at Yugo for being so contrarion, how the fuck did tito side with China and the US over working with India?

Literally only the USSR and its allies were on his side.
Cuba? GDR? China and North Korea were against him.

Also Tito did nothing wrong

my own

*sound of IMF debt collectors grows louder*

The left side, duh.



they literally killed people for wearing glasses

wtf more evidence do you need for whether it was utopian

You're right Tito should have just bankrupted his country by spending all his money on bunkers in the midst of a homelessness epidemic instead.

At least the IMF has entrapped plenty of countries with their debt extortion, Albania just fell victim to Hoxha's insanity.

Pol Pot was in China's sphere of influence, as was North Korea, so it makes sense that they would back him. As for Yugoslavia they probably just did it as a middle finger to the Soviets.

Specifically China thought of Vietnam as soviet encroachment on Chinese territory.

Well, since Fidel never did anything wrong, ill pick the side Cuba went with.
Feels good man

I thought by then, Soviet-Yugoslav relations have already healed


Watch out, he's got a youtube comment.
Literally Holla Forums.

powerful argument


Agreed. Year Zero was the closest we ever got to full communism.

Nigga was paranoid as fuck but taking IMF loans is retarded enough for Hoxha to understand.