Senpai Bat'ko Has Officially Noticed Me, Mateys

The reuploaded pirate posting video that started it all… and I honestly could not be more pleasantly surprised as to what he renamed the title.

And on top of that, my birthday is this Sunday. I couldn't possibly be happier to receive such a wonderful gift from comrade Bat'ko. :')

Bat'ko, if you're reading this, you have made me one cheery m80. I absolutely insist I return the favor for you once your birthday rolls around. It's the least I could do for Holla Forums's patron saint of shitposting.

ok im convinced marxis matey is batkos alter ego


Bruh, I fucking WISH.

Bat'ko is Australian. I'm trapped within the capitalist confines of Burgerland. I'd give anything to live someplace more civilized.




This is considered art.

You know what it is, m8? It's

Hey, any other first-world nation has to be better than Burgerstan. I'll take what I can get at this point.

While we're on that topic, any ideas of where I should go, m80s?

Keep the fuck out of Australia. Americans are smelly cunts, we do not want them.

He's not, I have spoken to them both.

Btw MM, we gonna finish with our "project"?


Funny, the Canadians said the same thing.

But for the record, m8, I may have been born in America, but I am not an American. I am a human being.

We shall indeed quite soon, I reckon, Banjo. I should have a new sound file ready by Monday evening. We can discuss more in the Discord group if you have more on your mind.

Because they're heading to your mother's house to fuck her in the arse, m80. ;^} No pants, no middle man.


Happy bday dude

At least I was trying to be funny.

Thanks m8! :D Very much appreciate it!






You little fuckboy


God dammit, this thread didn't need to exist.
Did leftytrash get deleted?



We be bumpin' this thread before it sinks to Davey Jones' Locker!

It would be great if MarxistMatey would stop posting his cringey OC

fuck you, its hilarious in a post ironic way. its a meta parody of Holla Forums

Go practice drawing some more for a few months then get back to us OP. Also focus on making reaction images or something instead but only once you get gud


Don't tell them fam, it's great trolling autists, normies and Holla Forums.

Arr Mateys, hitler did nothing wrong




Kill yourself.

daddy Bat'ko is back? HELL YES


He's just a bit dense, he means gondola. Probably someone from Holla Forums showing off their epic oldfag credentials by repeating what some newfag told them.

what does this even mean


Oh sweet jeebus.