How would you do it?

You have one year to destroy your country by any means available to you. No nuke launch codes, but you can trick the leadership into launching a hot war with someone.

Implement 'anarcho'-capitalism.


force mexico to pay for the wall with a land war
implement extremely protectionist tariffs to stop imports
re-institute the draft
tomahawks on pyongyang to get them to nuke whatever

Ok, I should have specified that you are not the president. You are just you right now, with everything you have access to right now. How will you trick the government into committing suicide? Will you build an organization, engage in lone wolf terrorism, or something else?

uhhh i dunno itd be pretty hard to bring down imperialist hegemony as a rebel let alone a single individual

Cede from the UN

Withdraw from NAFTA

Give Quebec another separation vote along with all other provinces.

Begin nuclear weapons program while withdrawing from NATO and NORAD

Remove all ethical restriction on human cloning research.

Start a protest without violence, respecting the police because they are the one that protect us and then make proclaims against le evil drumpf.
He is so funny with his orange hair hahahaha, he looks like a carrot LOL.

Trick the leadership into launching a hot war with the working class.

I'd make you president, OP.

Write a thoughtful, left-of-center letter supported by scientific research and logic highlighting the blatant lies and hypocrisy of so-called do-gooders who are anything but and publish it on an internal corporate network.

Implement """""Anarcho"""""-Communism

Why would I want to destroy my country?

My country is too beautiful to be destroyed.

Holla Forums in 2050

Hell I can do that without even tricking them into a war, just assassinate the president and pin it on the opposition party, and if it's not enough, add his staff to the hit list, civil war 101

Implement Market """"""socialism""""""

Abolish all laws beside a mention of NAP, with a definition of said NAP as unclear as possible.

Makishima is ultimate revolutionary hero.

What you wanna do is increase political polarity, by keeping people in their own bubble with other like-minded people. Essentially just create circlejerks.
Media with fans that really follow their line would be the type of media that conforms to the ideologies of specific groups. These would become more popular.
Many will attempt to stay out of all of it, to try to be the centrist "rational" and keep out of all the violence. Proving to them that violence is warranted to protect against violence helps to get them out of that kind of thinking.
Furthermore, you want the banking sector to be doing all the weird shit with financial constructs they can be doing. This can be achieved with deregulation and/or easy movement to other nations with different laws. Cheap loans made of now practically valueless money would support heavy speculation. This creates the conditions for a devastating economic crisis.
You will want to give people free access to guns, this can be done by removing regulation or technologies that can easily produce guns or other weapons. (think 3D printing, but with better materials)

When economic crisis does hit, the circlejerks will blame their respective boogeymen. They are likely to act similar to armed cells.

As an armed cell, at the height of these crisis, you want to destroy equipment that kept people's lives stable. This means destroying cellphone towers, severing cables anywhere you can, and even destroying power lines and stations. I recall those lines in particular to be badly protected in a Holla Forums screencap where similar matters were discussed.

So basically, a lot of the conditions are already being prepared.

Important is to keep people from putting their trust in centralized agencies that attempt to keep the peace. A disinfo campaign with fake evidence of pedophilia of their leader (or something similarly disgusting) would stop that from happening. Or violent actions (falseflags or not) against them would force them to retaliate.

A combination of economic instability, political hate, disillusionment of the sudden loss of a stable life and fear against violence would cause tremendous panic accross all sides. They will act from emotion in this same panic and will only worsen the crisis. The people would be tearing down their own society.

And perhaps, from the ashes, a better one may arise.

Blocking roads and severing communications and electricity is already simple enough to do, and devastating enough to cause panic.

Abolish the welfare state.
In a year it won't be a leftist hellhole anymore.
Therefore the old country would be destroyed, since they are the status quo.

Oh, I guess I'd have to firebomb a synagogue then.
or something.

Do a barrel roll.

Inciting a Nazi masturbation fantasy would get all the participants to kill eachother, smart thinking.

Go for the hyper oats.

I would invite as many refugees as possible. No joke.

It works.