What's the point of being a tankie...

What's the point of being a tankie? You'd probably end up getting purged by a paranoid dictator for not clapping hard enough or voicing a minor complaint about the regime, doesn't matter how ideologically pure you are

Being the paranoid dictator.

"Tankie" is misused so much it's tiring…


It's status signalling. The person is sure that he will never end up under the tank.

Yeah but that goes without saying in any successful Leftist revolution

It's the same mentality the turned /r9k/ into a Holla Forums colony. Tankies are losers who fantasize about holding an important political position in an authoritarian state.


IF by tankie you mean ML, i just think the USSR was not 100% bad, and also you need a state to crush the bourgeios like lenin said in state and revolution.

mutualists are lifestylists who have never overthrown a single capitalist society in 150 years


the benefits are worth the risk. we need a tankie government to survive global warming.

Rampant denial of what is generally considered to be facts about the USSR and seemingly unconditional support for shitty dictatorships that happen to not be under the thumb of western powers is what holds me back from being a ML tbqh

I think it needs a big refresher

this. great post! tankies read this post remember it, this is why you're disliked.


I'm not talking about the black book dude, but its not like it was some fantasy land, even its remarkable achievements don't completely vindicate it. We should learn from the mistakes of the USSR, not try to deny that they never happened.

the fact that the black book contains exaggerated propaganda doesn't move the stalinist purges into the realm of fiction you dolt.

learn to differentiate. also google false dichotomy.

You know how all the borderline-deformed aut-right idiots think they'll get to be the Führer, but odds are they'll be the guinea pigs for Zyklon C? Yeah.

Yo the USSR was alright.
Then Stalin
Then WW2
Then Corn
Learn from the mistakes

This really misunderstands the situation. It's not that people were purged for not clapping enough. People clapped a lot in order to demonstrate their loyalty when there were counter-revolutionaries everywhere.

It's not paranoia when people are really out to get you. In the 30s, there were whites under the beds.

wow economic output increasing during the exact time of industrialization!?!?!?

Must be because failed tankie retard science really works

Someone get this trothead outta here!