North Korea Thread

Update on the situation, China has said that if NK attacks first they will stay neutral but if The USA attack first they will protect NK.
Post thoughts
Ps: Pol think NK are gonna strike first and this is gonna be a walk in the park

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nothing will happen except some sanctions lifting or something

Total victory!

Could North Korea have been Posadists all this time?

Honestly I am really releaved to hear this.

I was kinda worried about Trump starting shit over the missile tests and escalating to a hot war but maybe with China breathing down his neck and providing a counter weight he might think twice before he takes the final leap.

But this is trump we are talking about and all the people who said "he can't do it and it will never happen" in regards to him were wrong every single time so he might just shock the world one last time before triggering Armageddon.

What happens after the inevitable win of the China-Russia coalition?

Burn me alive in the cleasing fires. Let my skin melt and my irradiated bowel slough through my avulsed anus.
The norks have won, according to this foreign policy article they could potentially have up to 60 long range ICBMs already. Whats the chance america could shoot them all down? Trump would basically be condemning at a minimum 1 major city in the US, SK, or Japan to total destruction

And the rest of the world to atmospheric nuclear fallout.


I've already got my apocalypse music playlist ready for when fallout levels drop down to reasonably safe levels to explore the wasteland.

Which one do you vote for?


Israel by itself has a few hundred nukes and US has more than 1000 not to mention the US could intercept them with drones, submarines and heat-seaking fighter jets from like the 1980s. If worst came to worst the North Korean military could be hit with cyberattacks that redirect the missiles away.

Mmm time to download Apocalypse Now and Full Metal Jacket

naw dude, shooting down nukes is a meme. All the systems that shoot them down have to do so near takeoff, like if the us had a ship or sub off the coast of NK. If the nukes make it up into the atmosphere and start coming down, they're so fast that theyre basically impossible for even the most advanced system to shoot down. As i said, its hard to imagine them getting 100% of them.
NK can cyberattack us not the other way around because most of the country is not connected to the wider internet they have their own internal private one. You really think their nuke facilities are connected to the internet? I mean worst case they try to do another STUXNET like in iran but even that is unlikely.

TFW posadas was right all along
Maybe i should built a fallout-series style bunker with computer equipment to invent neohoxhaist underground bunker communism like in fallout 4 with the underground scientist guys

Posadas from heaven: Comrade Kim was always a true disciple

T-they wouldn't bomb Portland oregon, right?

China being the fucking adults in the room.

I should read Mao to "celebrate"


It's not funny anymore, can one of you stupid yank put a bullet in his fucking head already?

South korea user checking in here. I don't know nothing more than you guys. Is this thing really happening?

Guys I'm fucking scared. Part of my family still lives in SK and my dream trip is in NK. Also I want to see the rest of asia. Pls guys tell me everything will be alright

NK and the USA will throw thermonuclear warheads at each others by the end of the month.
Don't worry, that your family lives in South Korea or anywhere else on the planet doesn't make any difference to their fate. We will all die soon, either vaporized or starved to death.

Look on the bright side, guys! At least we don't have to worry about global warming

its about to get a whole lot warmer

Hey man best I can say is if it's not nuclear war today it'll be resource war tmrw, also if you pass by Taiwan iIcan you show you around.

what's your opinion on taiwanese people and politics?

irrelevant politics, one side is controlled by china the other side is liberals. Taiwanese people are chill most the time, very shut in tho in most cases.

I'm living there for another few months, so I get to know them a little.
It's impressive to see how apathetic they are towards politics, they aren't even interested in the spectacle.
Their news are almost entirely made up of road accident footages (I don't know if it's good thing or not).

I love how far-fetched the chads always are, but this is hilariously accurate for Kim


yea its pretty crazy. Its like ultimate upholding of the status quo, "as long as politicians don'y change my way of life its all right". Also the whole car crash footage news is hilarious, my dad watches the 8 o clock news and its all celeb drama and petty crimes.

which city are you in?

as a DPRK supporter i absolutely love this meme despite its inaccuracies, like leaving out that according to defectors even he has an approval rating of at least 60 %

I just want to point out that this is just an editorial showing a potential course of action. Not an official stance.

China would likely stand behind the Norks anyways, since US military bases on their border is a no-no. What's more interesting is the potential of a China-India spat that the US is backing India on.

but CNN said that the North Korean people are just waiting for brave American liberators to free them! We can trust them on this one, but they're fake news on everything else :^)

I'm staying in Taichung.

The craziest thing I heard is that the government, with the help of local gangs, are forcing people to move out of their house if it's too old. And the don't get any compensation for it.

ive never heard of that, then again I dont follow the Taiwanese news.

Trump offer lunch with Kim.

It's an on-going thing, I don't know when it started.
They want to level these houses so they can build stuff over it and modernize the country.