How do we increase agricultural production?

how do we increase agricultural production?

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kill all kulaks of course

Evacuate the cities and sent everyone to work the fields.

Urban farming

I have an idea

actually using land

i live in the south and its sad to see the abandoned farms with burnt out homes

We don't kill Bukharin, one of the few people left in the Party with expert knowledge of political economy who was a student at a school of bourgeois economics and put it out of business for his thesis.

Private farmers with experience build up over generations and knowledgeable staff who can efficiently handle a great number of tasks.

The opposite of the Fordist soviet approach.

High tech industrial farming coops staffed by experienced farmers, farm workers, and technicians for the machinery, all operating on a competitive market.

Intensive research on crop plant breeding and non-monoculture agricultural production. Cropping systems should be matched to the climate and needs of the populace.

Forgot to add that while Borlaug was ultimately a capitalist stooge there's much to be learned from his work in Mexico and India.

No but seriously this is a major theme and topic within that book, and Kropotkin does a really good job covering the amount of labor needed to feed people, and how the use of modern science and technology can greatly increase yields if implemented properly.

IMO this is a critical ques
tion to answer, since science seems to indicate our diets our horrendous for us currently. It is my own opinion based on my understanding of nutritional biochemistry that we need a shift in the foods we eat.
I think one such means to increase agriculture in general is to shift general consensus toward gardening as a hobby. I personally partake in this, not only is it rewarding, but in reality it is healthier to grow your own food as well. Make self-sufficiency manly again. After that, push this concept as a component of dual power, teach people food preservation methods like pickling and canning, and promote and support community gardens in areas with limited land, such as cities.
In regard to industrial or large scale agriculture, we need to promote scientific study into biogeochemistry, microbe-plant symbiosis, fungus-plant symbiosis, and we must never lose sight or forget to support our farmers if revolution becomes a viable option in the future.

Use kulaks as fertilizer to nourish the soil that grows the wheat to feed the proletariat of course!


They do that in Oakland:

A little dated, dontcha think? Jeez these anarkiddies sure are dumb. Its not like we have better technology for harvesting nowadays or some shit. Ha. Not like it'd be more easy now. What idiots and there stupid outdated book. Am I right fellow tanks?

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lol I know its dated. I also know this is tongue-in-cheek, but even for his time, he was well educated in biological concepts that unfortunately to this day are still touted as possible solutions. Largely, this is SO fucking sad because despite knowing about many of these concepts for 100+ years and advancing our scientific understanding of them, we still haven't really taken advantage of them.
Obviously, understanding micro-ecosystems is complicated, especially when we consider the exchange of biochemicals that occurs between plants and microbes. Nevertheless we could be using this information to better increase plant yields, but we don't really. Untapped potential.

Why didn't the Soviets beat him to the punch? Seems like it would've been extremely helpful.

GMOs, hydroponics, and automation

Vernalization of wheat.

Borlaug got a good deal of funding from Porky and US interests, and the Soviets had been set back from fucking around with Lysenko's bullshit.

there already is enough production worldwide, it doesn't need to be done.