Holla Forums flag thread

Post pictures of things that SHOULD be made flags in Holla Forums

you start, OP


new maotist flag

Stole these two from another thread




now. How do we make a Posadism flag?

a nuke with the 4th international logo inside




I love it. I was gonna do one but with aliens


flying saucer with communist flag





Hey niggers, whats up.

I have come to cleanse you commies, we all know what you really are.


The /leftyb/ one is pretty good.

Yeah, what's the maximum size for flags?

width 11-20
height 11-16
48kb max



Could we get

Black front
Warsaw pact
Cascadian flag
Southern flag
Socialist Unity Party of Germany/east Germany flag
Fascist flag
Eurasian flag


this one is better

That definetily looks better as a flag but the red star is too small.






Never heard of the secondth international?
it took me like 5 minutes realize what was wrong

The immortal science of Marxism-Secondthism

I think we should keep the secondth flag. It looks pretty good.

I'd die for this flag


It's beautiful

Can mods or the BO give us some update on flags? Are they still "broken"?

Several more flags here:

Now that you mention it, didn't we use to have a Maotism flag?

Leftcommunism needs actual flags for their individual currents. Bordigism has close to nothing in common with councilism for example. This is a problem.

They don't really exist as distinct tendencies any more, and councilism is pretty much dead. All there really is are the remains of the italian left (ICC, ICT etc.) and various groups pushing communisation theory, which draws upon both bordigism and councilism. I really don't think we need another leftcom flag unless you think we need a separate one for communisation.


This is the only one we actually need.

We need a Rosa Luxemburg head and a KPD flag

Someone made an Ancient Greek flag in a recent Plato/Aristotle thread. Wish I had saved it.

I mean, Kampuchea doesn't exist anymore either, so I dunno how well that argument works, but I think the main problem I see is not knowing what kind of flags we could even adopt for Bordigism or councilism.

there's a kpd flag here


I was just questioning why we need a flag for a dead tendency. All it will do is encourage more larping, and we have enough of that here as it is. Personally I'm fine with the leftcom flag as it is.

Mods are cunts

Check out this,OP

It's almost like a pirate flag.We have to call it different

With the nuclear war around the corner we really need a posadist flag for post-apocalyptical communism.

MarxistMatey is one of us. Bat'ko says so, anyway


ffs, just give us the Cuban flag.
I dont like that mass marketed Che pic and the sandinistas dont represent me either

I want the AIM flag but I'd probably be the only person here that would use it.

Bump because needed

A first French Republic flag would be nice.

Yeah, one of this french flag would be great.

how come Darkest Hour Kaiserreich doesn't have CSA?



Please remove the ancom flag.

Strässerist flag
inb4 ban

kys tank