What's up with the sudden surge in people identifying as transgender...

What's up with the sudden surge in people identifying as transgender? 5 years ago I didn't even know they were a thing and now I see them everywhere in my college campus.

loads of people just dress twinky

SJW's fused with the emo-subculture which turbocharged it with power and desire. Also, the liberal creed of choice (choice is god!) and the encroachment of the spectacle that accompanies it.

Capitalist alienation. Capitalism has dismantled almost all sources of social integration so people desperately find new identities, and the more mainstream something is, the extreme/absurd their identities have to be to still provoke an reaction. Gender dysphoria is actually one of the rarest diseases and mostly caused by environmental conditioning.


Because it's technology dude. It's becoming more accessible as time passes.

And because they want/can.
Jesus this is so easy…

Oppression points. People want them.


Hormone therapy has existed for decades.


It's more accepted so a lot more people are going public, better care, and trans trenders
Otherwise Trans people have always been around

we aren't properly educating kids on sexuality

that's it

Transtrenders mostly. Probably doing it for special snow flake status. Either way, it's pure spectacle and a bunch of liberal idpol bullshit.

as an oldfag tranny (10+ years) its the internet. just easier for a tiny niggle in the back of your mind to snowball into a full blown lifestyle when you have two dozen likeminded idiots goading you into it through forums

Stop larping as Rebel.

This. Also liberal feminists have always fetishized gay men because when you commodify your sexuality gay men represent the perfect male, a male that makes no demands on your sexualit.

how do you save a battered boy from his escape fantasy of becoming an anime girl?

Once they added in "gender non-conforming" they found a box that practically everyone can check.
There are bullshit studies that conclude that not being gender-fluid leads to psychological disorders.

give him the love and care he needs

fucking hell take responsibility

Chemicals in food and water. A weak people who are divided, especially within themselves, are easily ruled over. Its one of many ways in which those in power keep their boot on the peoples neck.

I lik genderfluid in my mouth, if you know what I mean…

its definitely my fault but nu-trans are weird internet kids

What used to be called "unsafe sex" is now called "fluid bonding." It's hilarious.

i try, but i stand alone against a spectacle and cannot fill the lack that spawns the fantasy. i even feel my efforts have the opposite effect, because the comfort love and understanding gives is exactly what envelops the fantasy, they don't make the man, they soothe the child.

well you need a good baseline stability to develop yourself in healthy ways rather than escape into fantasy. of course coddling isn't good but you shouldnt feel beaten down daily

As usual, the solution is to destroy capitalism

Yup, heard that one before. Apparently it's a ~polyamory~ thing.

I've never even met a tranny.

What was the picture?

It's the "hip" thing now thanks to libshits. Plus it offers an easy way for people to claim oppression. Most of them aren't real transpeople, but tumblrite "genderfluid" types who have a different mental illness entirely.

how can this be created?

that would make it even worse, in a world where is there no having, being becomes what dominates desire.

the main problem seems to usually be a shitty family. being independent helps a lot, having reliable friends even more.

People were a lot less aware of what being transgender was.

Transitioning's helped my friends a fair amount, so identity politics aside it's a decent development.

I don't understand what that even means.

i don't know how to help someone with a shitty family apart from the obvious practicalities of offering support, i always end up playing parent and i suspect that such is more my own desire that only ever leads to frustration.

if i'm hungry, i want to have food. if i'm poor, i want to have money. if i want to have material status, i want to have status symbols. but if all those needs are either met or non-existent due to the nature of society (assuming communism to fulfill it's promise for the sake of the argument) all differences between people will be innate, focusing desire on our being and creating jealousy.

marxism doesn't understand desire and fantasy, communism being a fantasy itself.

often this means 'playing mommy' and only accommodating them rather than being a real parent and pushing them to uncomfortable situations which you know will help them in the long run

moralfag larping as a tranny.
dude at least remove your flag next time if you gonna shill come on nigga, you can't be this retarded, amateur shilling.

im not a moralfag alright chill out

in my instance it doesn't, it is exactly this taking of responsibility, this superseding of friendship, which makes me feel why i play parent. i hate it because it makes me incapable of having equal friendships.

An increase of demand led to an increase of organically grown, freerange boipussy.

yeah i feel you. i think a lot of it just has to do with the people you gravitate towards and in turn attract. gotta put out a different signal to get better reception or somethingt

Imagine you're a nerdy, awkward white boy that spends a lot of time on the internet. You want to get a girlfriend, but you're too socially retarded to get one. You, perhaps only subconsciously, start to envy women because of how easy they have it. Then, as you spend time on the internet, you discover traps, and are shocked to see guys can look like attractive women, since up until that point, you equated being trans with being a hon. Then you google it a bit and find out that if you start on the hormones early you can avoid the effects of male puberty and/or even fix some of it with surgery. Since you're attention starved and desperate, at this point you might as well already be crossdressing and posting pictures of yourself on the internet for other attention starved boys. So you start to think about how better your life would be as a girl, how you would be coddled and you would have people approach you instead of you trying to approach them, and how you should have been a girl from the start and finally decide you're transgendered. Oh, and don't forget internet trans communities. You think you might be trans? Then you probably are. Start transitioning as soon as possible! After puberty it will be too late! The feeling only gets worse with years, you don't want to end up transitioning when you're forty years old and spend the rest of your life as an ugly hon, do you?

Of course I'm not saying that this applies to all or even most of trans people, but this is something that has happened a lot ever since linetrap first showed up on 4chan 10+ years ago. I've been on the internet since the early 00s and you'd honestly be surprised how many of my early/mid 00s internet friends transitioned. Out of the ~20 I still occasionally stay in touch, seven are now girls. It almost happened to me too, but I guess I was lucky enough to snap out of it after I got into a relationship.

I hate the trans thing because I really feel somewhat to have a big woman side but I want to stay in my body and be a male but you can't talk about stuff like this without being labelled as trans and having people telling you to trabsition

I feel that the number of transtrenders is severely underestimated.

Alienation and lack of satisfaction with modern life; increasing number of disorders like depression and autism; many of these cases are undiagnosed thanks to awful American healthcare; it's also responsible for lack of avalability of treatment, which is already primitive to begin with; disorders victims self-misdiagnose as transexual thanks to high comorbidity with symptoms of disorders; many of them feel they don't fit the common definitions of masculinity, increasing the self-misdiagnoses; victims also likely to be social misfits desperate to belong, fall for social pressure from groups that fetishize medical conditions; media marinated in socjus also idealizes it; sex reassignment seen as a clear "cure" for the hazy malaise that afflicts them, for which medication, therapy etc. barely work; people on the autism spectrum even more vulnerable because of the nature of their disorder.

Sometimes I worry that plastic surgeons are a little to eager to preform dick removal. I don't think it's fully explained to trans people that they're not really getting a functional vagina but rather a vagina [sic] shaped wound that will constantly need to be reopened to maintain it's shape.

If you were born with a dick it is miles ahead of a vagina shaped wound in terms of pleasure with or without foreskin. I can't comment on natural vaginas but I assume they're better than faux penises made from extra butt skin and spliced nerves. If there was ever a time to follow adage "if it ain't broke don't fix it" the penis is definitely one of those things.