Complain here, we're not obligated to care.

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Any idea why the old thread was deleted?

I see two unstickied threads on the board log so its likely it got unstickied and was instadelated.

The board will rise and overthrow this disinterested bourgeois moderation.

Give us hotpockets or you will have to deal with the CP by yourself

Mods are evil

Mind unbanning me? I was banned for "ban evasion" even though it was one of the mods that unbanned me when requested

But seriously when are we going to get a cybernetic flag?

Villanin of all boards

You're already using a proxy, don't force another ban in yourself

How else am I supposed to appeal a ban without using a proxy? What's ban worthy about that post anyways, besides defending Bookchin? Is that now worthy of being banned on here?


This is an image board. Of course people will do ban evasions. Especially when people get banned for VERY stupid reasons.

Ugh, you already evaded the ban with that proxy, stick to it until your ban expires

So you want to get vanned now?

Granted I didn’t use a proxy I just waited, but that isn’t most people who go on image boards.

Actually I was using a proxy originally when I was banned. It's the principle of the matter. Why should I be banned for that post?

Good to know the mods are just displaying their shitty attitudes openly now then

People have been using VPNs to appeal their bans since the very foundation of this board. Why is it suddenly a problem now?

because nazbols are not left, please fuck off back to Holla Forums

I don't know, I didn't ban you and I didn't had the chance of unbanning you and now that you've post here you'll be banned again by someone else. be subtle about this

Ah you want me to leave and not answer shit, okay I'll leave

Already miss snoop


But Nazbols are universally cancer.

Yeah, if you're gonna act like a cunt about it then fuck off. If you're not going to engage with users in good faith then don't bother doing it at all

Daily reminder that national syndicalists, nationalist oriented Tankies and Sorelianists use the nazbol flag to signify their differences to their home ideology. I understand that unironic nazbols who are basically just "kill all the jews and invade my neighbors xDDD" are banned, as that has always been a thing, but I'm not really enjoying this bleed out to everyone else.

They're not going to learn anything if they'll just be banned from any discussion.

fuck, checkmate, you win this round…

If you’re going to ban people such stupid reasons why should I respect you’re rules and not use a proxy. Give me a good reason. Also why is there unspecified bannes?


Wow, what a fucking faggot.

You stole my joke :((
Muh intellectual property

Can we get more flags please?

I want to complain about the moderations lack of chillpills. This is clearly a great unjustice towards our moderators.

wondering the same thing

This. I want a free territory flag. Also, as much as Asserists irk me, I think they should have their own flag too.

I forgot to censor the ip. Whatever I used a proxy. I would’ve deleted it but being banned (again) prevents you from deleting posts. Now I’m using a diffrent proxy

Why do Nazbol’s have a flag if there banned?

you will say this about anarchists tomrrow, then MLs the day after, and leftcoms the day after that.

I am not okay with the nazbol ban.
If they're constantly banned, they will never be radicalized.

I-is that the night man?

I guess we should just skip all of that and ban you now then.

This btw

how about you do that right now and banned lolicon, once and for all, and stop forced pedofaggot propaganda

Actually I just thought people could use the FAQ thread for feedback like they used to, so we could cut down on stickies. Is there a reason to keep them separate? I forget why I did it.

shouldn't we work on converting nazbols instead of banning them? at least they are considering some form of communal society. the same could not be said for Holla Forums

lolicon is banned, read the rules.

if the nazbols are so curious, they can just lurk moar.

I have


be honest, are you trying to get people to move to bunkerchan with these new moderation rules?

They are all old rules. It's just a list of the old rules.

but they need to be able to ask shit if they don't understand it.

The FAQ is frequently subject to confused retards, raiders, and arguments. Moderation discussion generally got drowned out by it, if I remember right.

Well the rules are being interpreted differently now at least. Why are pro-bookchin fags getting banned and deleted?

Bunkerchan is dead. The only real alternitive to Holla Forums is leftypol YouTubers

Still most of the times I’ve been banned the reasons were unspecified. If I was given a detalied explnation I would just wait for the ban to be over.

no u pedofag

And yet, there still lolicon/pedo threads and shit cp of faggot shitty catgirl being posted, look/search a little more in threads, plzz.

Nazbol is one of the most obscure ideologies on the internet. They clearly are not lacking for information. It's just Asserism in practice, which has been banned for even longer.
Ironic Nazbol shitposting is still a gray area like before.

I don't know the context of that ban, but if you're posting as a Nazbol, you're basically putting up a big "ban me" flag.

It's one single Bookchin poster who has repeatedly posted Zionist propaganda. He's ban evading now. The other ones haven't been banned.

So report it. If it's loli porn, it's banned.

I saw the post before it got deleted. How was it "zionist propaganda" ?

Fuck that guy, gives us a bad name.

I saw that guy, it was very clearly Zionist shit he was posting. Not sure if you saw everything but there was a whole thread where he was very blatantly shilling for Israeli apartheid.
no bump for double post

He has literally said on multiple occasions that Israel is preferable to Palestine, it doesn't get much clearer than that.

thank u mom

Imperialism Meme 2: Electric Boogaloo

one thousand socially necessary labour hours in mspaint

where do i collect my labor vouchers?

Why is a huge turd in front of Snoop?

Nothing in that post said anything to that effect though. How do you know it was the same person?

because originally he's holding a large whisk and i decided to cover it with a coiled rope

Then why have the flag. Having the Nazbol flag is practically an invite.

Remove the Nazbol flag and I’ll leave leftypol.

Add a natcom flag

Trips mean you gotta stay

He had one post on that IP, and was using the same picture set he spams everywhere.

Why have a Nazi flag either? Makes it easier to ban people. Also enhances ironic shitposting.

New flags

Free territory
Black front
Warsaw pact
Libyan green
Cascadian flag
Southern flag
Socialist Unity Party of Germany/east Germany flag
Fascist flag
Eurasian flag


There were many flags that died with the old thread
Here's Esperanto, if you are enough to add it.
This is the one I saw the most requests for, so I went ahead and did it

if you care enough*



Not sure if this is the place, but the catalogue no longer appears to be cycling.

I got banned twice for "imperialism" for criticizing North Korea's shining record on human rights, I'm just going to keep dodging the bans until hell freezes over.

I just think its silly to ban him when he/she didn't say anything wrong in that post. What qualfies something as pro-zionist? Is criticizng hezbollah or hamas pro-zionist?


Why do you think you have the right to impose rules that the users didn't agree to, and additionally, are oftentimes overwhelmingly against? We're the ones who make this board worth anything, you're just someone who claimed the name first. How do you reconcile being a Leftist while being blatantly anti-democracy, or being a Socialist while treating this board like its your private property?

The disconnect between the mods and constituency is disturbing.
Was there ever a time you didn't ban people for having even slightly dissonant opinions? I agree nazbols should fuck off, and nazis should be allowed to debate as long as they don't, say, spam "nigger" over and over again.
Why are these🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 not shamrocks? What's happened since the BO flipped and wanted to move to bunkerchan? I've been gone since then.
What happened to you leftypol?

You're not going to get an answer, because the BO runs and doesn't come back for days the moment any criticism shows up.

Why has discussing Asserism sometimes gotten me banned?
The ban never lasts because of my appeal but why am I getting banned for it? I just want to discuss it

Strasserism as a economic and political model is interesting. It's like democratic market guild socialism. It alone can be a good transition. I am an ex-strasserist btw.

Same. I bought Germany Tommorow and I'm halfway through it. His world veiw was quite interesting.

The second half is the best in my opinion.



With them (or him) being S.trasserist/s, there's gonna be a banhammer coming knowing how uptight mods are nowadays.

I'll have to read more into it. Right now I'm rereading the part on the dismantling of Prussia.

I was a Asserist. Now I just identify as a Socialist.


I'm an ex-strasserist. I gave up being one once I realize the right will always defend private property and thus Europe would be "destroyed" either way. Either by glorious revolution or capitalist self destruction.

Respectable amount of effort if you are samefagging imo.

I suggest heavier chemo of ironic reactionaries like NazBols as they provide an exploitable spring-board for ideological intrusion through Holla Forums and stormfront.

Oh, I'm glad there's another rule arbitrary created and enforced. I'm sure the moderation of it won't be incredibly arbitrary.

What the fuck are you doing BO? Who the fuck do you think you are?

What theory do you think the board volunteers have read?

we must unite in solidarity with the fish to combat imperialist forces of human pollution of the sea

any talk of supporting humans will be punishable by ban


If it's okay because of a drawing, other forms of pedophilia would be okay because its just a monitor screen since pixels aren't people.

to produce actual child pornography, one has to abuse a child
to draw a sexualised picture of a child, such as lolicon pornography, the artist needs only to use their imagination and time, no actual person is abused
user please, this isn't difficult

Technically, it's a fictional child, so there was a kid being fucked. Argument was that it wasn't a real child, so it was okay.

It's like saying drawing gay porn isn't gay because there aren't actual male people in it.

Right, fictional. Not real. Or do you think gamers are murderers for killing NPCs?

It would still be pedophilia. It's definition isn't necessarily kids getting hurt, but just intercourse. No kids got hurt, nice, but it still makes it pedo. Just like gay drawings are gay.

As for gaming, for there to be murder, something has to be alive in first place.

no user, the equivalent argument to that would be "it isn't pedophilia because I'm sexually attracted to fictional children instead of real children."
But that isn't really relevant. What is relevant is what happens in the real world. Allowing real child pornography allows for more demand which leads to more children being abused to produce child pornography. Allowing drawn fictional child pornography leads to some artists getting their bills paid and no children are abused.

I find the premise that porn can influence people that much questionable.

Then, gay drawings aren't gay then because men who like it are attracted to fictional men.

You're arguing whether it's good or bad. I'm arguing whether it's pedophilia or not.

Everything we do affects our lives. Even things we see changes us. It is pretty much certain that porn influences people, one way or another.

Are you fucking serious right now, mods?

You didn't posted. You spammed and you were not even funny or clever just retarded. Good riddance bitch.


Does drawing dicks on things in middle school make me gay?

Goodnight, Sweet Prince. You deserved better.

Look comrade, as we've grown so has the raids, the spams, the random dumbasses who show up to shit the bed and only come to trigger/bait. You know what I'm talking about.

People complain that the mods need to do more, and for all I know this has been the case. But then you have people who get banned and don't believe it was done justly complain about it. Which does not make sense to me because there IS a ban appeal function to explain your case to the mods in case of mistakes or misunderstandings.

Lolicon is not allowed in consideration of comrades in countries where such images are illegal not because we care about what you fap to.

Holy shit, the thread is even still up.

So Holla Forums b8 = Okay
But shitposting in Holla Forums b8 = Ban

Wow mods.

Why on earth does it matter if its pedophilia or not?

Eh. You probably just got mistaken as one of the shitposters with your incessant spamming.

Yes, God forbid I didn't give Holla Forums b8 the proper time of day.

The appeal to ban is pretty pointless when the BO can just ignore it, continue to ban and delete somebodies posts and then lie about why they did it.

Yugofag the closet anarcho-primitivist pedophile

This is pretty cute!

>Implying it's still child pornography, with the porn and child
Go back to masterchan

rip dub


You leftists are fucking retards

Also your memes suck

absolutely fucking terrible

i wonder why..

Becuz ur dad never loved u

All mods have access to ban appeals user. BO can do all of those things true, but that doesn't mean it's "pointless" to. Because that would assume that BO and other moderators don't have the board's best intentions at heart. And before you snort derisively I would like to point out that despite our mistakes I think the mods here have shown throughout the board's existence to be not sectarian, lenient, and responsive to user's concerns.


BO activity ITT > vols
gives me hope

Sure didn't seem like it for that one guy. Now, if it was true that he was supporting Israel etc then fine, but nothing about that post indicated as much and you pretty much told him to go fuck himself when he appealed. How is such behavior by the BO and mods "in the boards best interest"? Seriously, when is it ever OK to delete somebodies posts appealing their ban?

There was a thread on communalist theory. Why was it deleted?

I personally think that you guys are doing a decent job. Holla Forumstards are allowed to post here every so often until their threads devolve into hot take central and then they get rightly banned, and Nazbol memes are funny and all but I think they belong on Holla Forums too imo.

The only thing I wanna ask though is

Oh yeah and please ban all the gay porn spam. Ty


In the real world, people can have opinions on more than one subject friendo


Fuck that shit mane, just gimme the Cuban flag already


how can you determine the age of a loli girl? they don't have a birth certificate

Stalin stache was banned for being skeptical about climate change narrative like ages ago

if not for ease of ban evasion with tor, I would've stopped posting here long time ago

lmao, so what?
the whole point of why pedophilia is bad is because it gets kids hurt

It's the same reason confiscated ivory is not sold for a profit by the government: it creates a market.
You don't want ivory to get popular and normalized, and you don't want lust for little children to get popular and normalized.
Eventually the "lol no1 harmed" might incur in actual harm.

So the question is not "Will lolicon directly harm irl children?", but rather "How much will lolicon make weebs lust for irl children?"
Almost nothing at all though, but it's important to ask the right quesiton, and idgaf about loli

But this is not a porn board.
Unless your lolicon conveys a very specific communist message, that isn't gangrape, it serves no purpose here than to get (you)'s, whine and pick a fight

loli porn creates a market for child porn?
they're substitutes, not complementaries

eventually any action might incur in actual harm
why don't we ban all action, huh?
this fucking mentality of attack is best defense is a straight road to witch hunts
Presumption of innocence bitch

you answered this question for all people already in your head it seems
it will lead to the same bullshit like that british dude who got a jail term for buying an underage looking doll

actually agree with this tbh

hahaha, yah no.

Mods Guess


You whole post is about taking every single bit I said and stretching it to the point of absurdity, and then passing it as reasoning and concluding what you want to conclude
And you seemed to have skipped my "idgaf about loli", and "Almost nothing at all"

I wasn't even arguing against loli, I said that you failed to see the point in question, because it's not about direct consequences.
Tastes drift and it's easier to gravitate towards CP if you are so comfortable with loli. I'm even a bit surprised you never heard about this happening.
Lastly the point of it being out of place on Holla Forums stands.

This is the cuntiest thing I've heard in a while.
aka having an opinion
And an extra dash of cuntiness
how? Everyone has their own opinion. You are being dramatic, equating me having an opinion with being a dictator. You just don't like the idea that you don't make the laws yourself, and that other people having a different opinions might endanger your liberty to do stuff you like. IMO it would be sad if the law doesn't convey the morality of the people, so tough luck living in a world where loli is hated.

Again, I wouldn't ban loli, but would approve confiscation and fining.

Please tell me this is the man you are defending.
He was not jailed for the fucking doll, but the CP he had

can you add these links back to the OP



Up the standard of quality.

- Don't tolerate shitposting-as-threads to the extent you're currently doing, theory/practice heavy threads are taking the damage by this and that's directly detrimental to this borad
- Take a harsher measures to non-socialist posters, whether they be social democrats or turd positionists.

Actually no. The short-term memory only holds so much, after a certain point we forget things we think are unimportant when we transfer it over to long-term memory. And if that was true, you'd have to censor fucking everything even moderately entertaining, and wind up with bland, inoffensive drivel that would probably make people violate muh NAP out of sheer boredom and disgust with the crapsaccharine society they lived in. And like every other form of censorship, the people in charge would abuse it to hotpocket whatever they disliked or made them look bad. I don't feel like typing more of the same shit for the third time in as many weeks so have a pasta.

So the daughter of Vietnamese immigrants who fled the war in Vietnam, and had every detail of it in my god damn head, got banned by a white Doritos eating dumb fuck who thinks they know imperialism better than their board.

For making a joke about US imperialism if they nuked guam because I've been there, and my parents entered the United States via Guam

Jesus fucking Christ mods what the hell is your deal. I'm about here with your shit, you think you know Imperialism

but all of you are probably third generation US immigrants or live in Europe

Tell me you know Imperialism's effects better than the daughter of two parents who actually dealt with their family fucking having the effects of agent orange

Go on mods, do it. Fucking do it. Say you know Imperialism better than me.

There's no need to be sly and say yes, you fucking don't. I don't even know most of my extended family and for all I know they're dead.

And I got banned for fucking "Imperialism" for making a sarcastic joke?

What the fuck, who is running this board?

I'm not going to stop posting here because some hotpocket little fuck thinks they know what Imperialism is better than I do, because I like this board. I fucking like this board and I'm not going to stop posting.

It's easy, stop breaking the rules and you won't get banned.

I didn't break the rules. By making a joke.

It's easy, stop banning people for imperialism when they might know its effects better than you do. Being sarcastic, is not rule breaking.

What don't you understand? Stop breaking the rules and you won't get banned, it's easy! Using your mystery meat as a shield won't work here, hon.


I'm geniunely confused how making a sarcastic joke about supporting the US if they nuke a place I like is breaking the rules. It was clearly in jest, I go further than most about US imperialism because I'm the actual product of Vietnamese refugees.

What the fuck do you even mean by mystery meat.

Why are "the rules" so concrete when it's obvious when someone is being sarcastic? Is sarcasm about the topic just not allowed?

The mods do a fucking terrible job about explaining how these rules actually work and what nuance exists with or without them


hoochie, are you drunk again?

About Imperialism. You forgot that part.

The part where I'm Vietnamese and both my parents lived during the war and told me stories about Imperialism. I do not support US, fucking Imperialism.

In the context of this, yes, it's a bit fucking funny that someone who's born from refugees from the Vietnam War would be banned by an American or a European

About the topic of Imperialism

That's not my argument.

In fact I would say US vets of the Vietnam war who opposed it who were white know more about Imperialism than I do.

You're just distracting from the point the mods do a shitty job explaining what is and is not breaking the rules, and apparently ever being sarcastic about US Imperialism is breaking the rules

So what the fuck kind of board would that look like when sarcasm isn't allowed

On top of me knowing more about Imperialism directly than you do

Pick one

Then why did you bring it up in the midst of the stuff that was your argument?

Because I was banned for "Imperialism", when my parents are refugees of Imperialism, and left their family, because of Imperialism.

My argument is its a silly fucking ban of 9 weeks for a joke that was sarcastic in nature about the US declaring another war on an Asian nation. By people who think they know Imperialism better than I.

I don't even know a significant chunk of my extended family or where they all went. Alive or dead.

So me being banned for Imperialism for being sarcastic is just, it's ridiculous to me. For a number of reasons.

Namely also that I didn't even know I was breaking the rules by being sarcastic, I mean obviously I don't fucking support war in Asia to any extent. That much is clear so it's obvious by saying some silly shit like "I would 100% back the US if they attack Guam" because my parents immigrated from Guam

It's just a dumb sarcastic joke. It's not fair I get banned for 9 weeks for it on the grounds of me supporting Imperialism I clearly do not fucking support.

It's a comorbid issue of the mods not explaining the rules well enough or not judging the length of a ban well enough, and not taking the context of the post in if they should ban something or how long said ban should be.

Because 9 weeks is god damn ridiculous

Not what I asked you. Why did you bring up the mods' race and gender? Stop trying to change the subject back to your spergout and answer the question.

I brought up my gender for no real particular reason and I brought up my nationality, not my race, to say in context since I'm actually born from parents who escaped late in the game of the Vietnam War that I could actually know the specifics of what US Imperialism looks like.

And nowhere would I ever condone it.

That's my point.

It is not about race or gender, it's nationality and progeny.

Plus context

She never brang up race. She mentioned that she was a victim of imperialism. Being a victim of imperialism isn’t exclusive to POC. Just look at the Russian 1995 elections for example.

You're also saying making a sarcastic joke from a person with my background is worth a ban of 9 weeks and that's just absurd.

I would take a week ban, but 9 fucking weeks?

What on god's green fucking Earth kind of logic would you use to ban someone for nine weeks in this context

Okay, then how do you know they aren't from the same background? It seems like you're a little over-eager to fall back on the image of de hwite debbil oppressor. Come to think of it, he do we know you're telling the truth abou your background when it might be advantageous to lie about it? Also you just so happening to bring it up when it would on """leftist""" sites more spooked than this one, be the equivalent of using your gender and race to to pull rank on somebody is pure coincidence, amirite?

Yes she did.
>got banned by a white Doritos eating dumb fuck
If you're going to lie at least makes me change tabs to refute it.

Skin Pigmentation=/=Race

She brought up ethnicity and skin pigmentation. Those aren’t race. When people mention the “white race” what the correct biological term is Caucasian which includes Persians and Kurds. People who do NOT have white skin pigmentation.

By saying White I meant Western European or American and I think in that context you don't have any real knowledge of imperialism

In fact never did I say whites couldn't be victims of imperialism. Eastern Europe and Russia, sure.

My point isn't about fucking race. It's about the specific context I exist in that knows more about US imperialism than you making a sarcastic joke

Which you keep fucking ignoring. Why would I actually support US imperialism

This has nothing to do with me saying whites are evil just that you know less about the topic than someone who has a significant chunk of missing family who arrived here

And you know what for all you know I could be lying but that doesn't dismiss the context this particular ban is about. There could be someone like me in this exact circumstance banned for nine weeks who in fact


Exactly, I don't deserve to be banned for nine weeks over making a sarcastic joke. The only people being unreasnoble here are the mods by not only mocking my arguments but refusing to acknowledge other parts of them and hyper focusing on a stereotype I'm not, to now banning based on doubt.

Just admit the nine week ban wasn't fair and we can argue specifics from there

Why isn't this guy banned?

Your identity is irrelevant in any case, but doubly irrelevant on an anonymous imageboard. Moreover you could claim to have any identity or history. Nobody cares.

If you got banned for a joke, it's not a big deal. I'll stop banning you for evasion, and you can avoid saying "I will support US intervention," in the future.

Fair enough. I was just ticked I was banned for imperialism

go away pedogaggot
it was banned from da begaining

There still kids you dumbass, there need real thing

*they don'ts need real thing

You're splitting hairs. She's still trying to use an accident of birth to pull rank, and that's still dogshit that shouldn't be tolerated.

I'm not "pulling rank" I'm saying that banning me for imperialism for making a joke is absurd given the context.

You're the one splitting hairs

What "rank" could I possibly pull anyways this isn't a fucking forum this is an image board

I'm broke and college usually doesn't accept Asians as much as they do whites, the price of living here is ridiculous, how exactly am I benefiting from "society" being a Vietnamese immigrant than a white frat retard who majors in STEM…?

You should be banned for more than that


Nigga the fact you're living in the first world means you're profiting off of third world exploitation whether you like it or not.

And so are you. There isn't any ethical consumption in late capitalism, everyone should know this by now.

Yeah but I'm not the one denying it unlike you. Dumb tripfag

I didn't deny it. This retard said I was benefiting from a vague something or other by being a "shitskin".

Denial of ethical consumption problems were never the topic


That's a legitimate question. Because colleges accept blacks, whites, and hispanics, more than they do their Asian peers. The same goes for higher positions, like becoming a professor etc.

It isn't identity politics on my part, it's identity politics in the US college system.

My point was for being a "shitskin" in college, I rather have the shit end of the academic stick, and yet I still perform well. This has been a problem in the US University system for a while now.

That was my point. Not whether or not I was denying there was ethical consumption in late capitalism.

Die retard

I bet your grandparents fled because they supported diem

You're garbage benefiting from imperialism twice over

For the millionth time everyone, lolicon is banned out of consideration for comrades who live in nations where such images are illegal.

I'm broke af so idk how I'm benefiting from immigration

And no, they didn't. They remained nationalistic in the Vietnamese way, and are more or less neutral, they just wanted to have a family away from what they saw a war torn nation.

But that's a bit too sympathetic for a stupid "shitskin" who's benefiting over you somehow someway right

Tripfag idiot, I don't give a shit whether you get to go to college or not. I highly doubt you have the intelligence to get in either way.
You were challenging the idea that you were benefiting off the society you live in and I showed you you were. So stop strawmanning and shut the fuck up when you've been proved wrong.

Imperialism is not immigration Jesus Christ you're dumb

How am I benefiting from Imperialism? Because my parents moved?

I'm already in college.

Not in the way you were describing

That isn’t what people are talking about. There talking about how you guys over-moderate and.

Stop squealing about college then.

As I've already said, because you live in the first world.

Ah yeah pedantic much? You're just not "benefiting" in the way you'd like to be right?

That's homophobic.


No, it's a legitimate problem and I was responding to someone who said I was benefiting over them in my position in life, and I have a right to respond to that.

So do you, and this point isn't where the topic started.

Are you intentionally being obtuse rn

I think you're intentionally being obtuse rn

You're being pedantic by arguing in favor of a nazi who's post was deleted and warping what I'm saying to mean something entirely different.

No you don't. You're complaining about something you have no problem with.

Yeah yeah play dumb. As if the fact that you claim your family were victims of imperialism yet you profit off imperialism every day isn't disgustingly dishonest enough.

Lmao what? How does that even make sense. I don't care about the Nazi and using him to discredit what Im saying is a pathetic excuse for an argument

Lmao, what?

How? I was responding to your claim that I have no porlbems related to my position in class, and as someone who's fucking broke and trying to get by I really do take offense to that. That does not mean I do not know about late capitalism's ethics.

I'm not ignoring that fact, that just wasn't the point of the argument you randomly decided to jump into.

They lived in Vietnam, during the Vietnam War. I don't know how close you can actually get to being aware of US Imperialism than that.

That again, does not mean I do not understand my place in a first world nation requiring dubious ethics.

You are being very obtuse and we're going in circles.

It's the argument you randomly jumped into.

Is this one really justified?

i mean its a pile of shit but ban worthy?

Can you just change that picture to more revolutionary you fat cow?

mods are fags

and niggers

do you know which are those nations by memory? lolicon as in the anime art?

hmm amazing how stupidly authoritarian a state can get but what you say is understandable, will respect.


UK, ausfailia, other places including I think Canada

then eventually MLs are gonna be considered non-left and then anarchists are gonna be considered non-left and then this place will become the next /r/ultraleft

One of the main Holla Forums YouTubers is already leftcom.

marxist leninist nazbol solidarity pact

You understimate how easy is to misinterpret someone on the internet. If you post sarcastically don't get mad if someone doesn't get it.

But it sound you were literally triggered by the word imperialism
I'm going to use this in the future, thanks beauty

You are fucking deranged, I like you

Candlejack-posting should make a comeba-

there is some Holla Forums autist who posts gay porn late night when mods are sleeping. I think he does this every night.

honestly the child of traitors to a true socialist republic is probably lower than a 1st world white leftist lol

I require reinforcements on against the nazi shitposter before I go off.

Forgot flag


Holla Forumsyp is posting gay porn. Permaban please.

Mods please ban.

Mode, cucks are screeching in my leftypol, bring out yer hammer

Why are mods such massive faggots?

Why aren't the mods doing anything?

Maybe that banned Bookchin fag was a zionist, but a one state solution is a thing actual zionists hate and support for it shouldn't be banned.

You mods are utterly fucking useless.

Can one of yall cycle the aut-right rally thread?

dumb Holla Forumsyp mistaking us for liberals.

what about catgirl lolis?

mods don’t ban people who spam porn but ban people like Hoochie. I think something is fishy.

The "progressive left", everyone. Fuck you. No, seriously, fuck you. Stop policing people's bedrooms.

Stop enabling pedophilia

Are you an Ancap?

Fuck off. The capacity to consent to sex doesn't magically appear at whatever age your government tells you.

Fuck outta here.

The age of consent doesn’t appear at the age your goverment tells you. It appears at the age your CULTURE tells you.

Stop watching Anime

Sorry, some of us believe in objective facts. If taking away freedom "for their own good" is what your culture says to do, then fuck your culture.

>fuck your culture

If you don’t like my culture fine, but don’t go to places where my culture is practiced. After all YOUR the one who dosen’t like it.

y tho

Is it the pic?
I literally said the pic was bullshit, did you even read the post?

It's a discussion on semantics on two very important ideologies, fuck you
The thread is literally one of the most well-behaved in the fucking board.

Explain why the fuck was it bumplocked
Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you? I could understand (but disagree) banning on ideology if you only want leftists to post here and ban conservatives/nazis/whatever.
But how is a discussion about the usage of the terms fascism vs racism not relevant to a Leftist Politically Incorrect?
It doesn't even go against the groupthink ffs

There was little to no discussion on whether race was important or not, rather its perception.
There is more blatant racism on music threads ffs.

Why was is bumplocked?
You fucking paranoid cunts think that everything is bait or Holla Forums or nazi if it even mentions race, or apparently the mentioning of mentions of race.

Can you make the Charleston thread cyclical? Thanks.


both lolis and catgirls are banned on reddit, I believe it's our revolutionary duty to allow only catgirl lolis.

No but it might align with cognitive and emotional development you sick fuck.

kys you sick pedo

Gud for them, reddit didn't do something gay like u

Today has been intense. I hope Shorosh gives us extra hotpockets for that

So I am assuming that you guys have been raiding 4/pol/? Along with Something Awful?

holy shit


Stop banning the topics the community wants to discuss

Fuck off, me hearty

I think the fact that nobody has come rushing to your defense shows that the community in fact doesn't give a shit about your thread.

Hoochie should be banned for good.

Here here!

You eat turds out of the toilet.

Besides the point.
Not a reason for moderation to bumplock a thread that was on topic and with civil dicussion, bootlicker.
And It got 20 replies within the hour, before it was bumlocked.

The community gave a lot of fucks about some threads I made, and gave no fucks about some others, and each died in it's time when the discussion ended.
If you care, I even sage my own threads when they slow down, when I want to reply without putting it on people's face if there's no longer much interest.
So I'm not forcing anyone into the discussion, why is moderation forcing people out?

I don't care if you don't give a fuck, but I came to a moderation feedback thread to ask why was it done.
Or you want me to keep making threads that break some obscure rule I don't seem to know?
Or do you like to keep moderation unaccountable?

If it crumples your rumper so much then leave and don't come back. Take your thinly veiled fascist rehab threads with you.
I don't care, fuck off.


I which way do I come across as a fascist?

Okay, fair enough. I guess you'll just have to wait until a BO chimes in. My guess is that they thought it was an attempt at fascist apologia.

Ugh, Grow up

I think this guy needs to get banned

back to reddit

How curious, I feared it might have come across as racist apologia. #NotAllRacists

So here we are, arguing which is worse, while moderation thinks I was arguing which is better.

The fuck am I reading? Asians are over-represented in universities especially considering their population, Asian Americans are pretty much one of the most "privileged" groups of people in America.

This claim might work on reddit or tumblr (which I highly suspect you came from) but it won't fly on Holla Forums

Affirmative Action is the most harsh on Asians.

Nazbol is right. Affirmative action is the harshest against asians. Asians tend to perform better academically.

Who deleted the posts in the Rojava General and why?

hahahahaha no

god dammit why the fug is the board quality so awful right now?


Gee, I wonder who could be behind this.

Feel free to ban this shitposter anytime now, mods. Or is he ban evading?

what the fuck even was happening?
What the fuck was spammed?

Just some Holla Forumsack shitting up the thread, challenging everyone to answer his anti-commie questions, while making the same statements over & over, then ignoring any argument against his statements. He was just there to meme, not have any debate. Glad to see the posts were deleted. Nothing of value was lost.

This is a big turd post. LARPing Communists are fairly useless.

Did you just get owned in the academic agent thread and decided to blow off steam here?

Might be a good idea to mod someone available on the 3-6am EST timeframe?

When I wake up in Europe the board quality is absolute trash.

I'm a euro, how do I apply for mod? I'm tired of seeing the board go unmoderated in the morning.

I get it, you don't want walls of text, but atleast make it 100-150

Finally jesus christ

Nice to know hurting settler-colonialists feelings is a bannable offense on this white supremacist board.

Why was the thread on Settlers deleted? I was just going to post a criticism of the book.

Because the mods and much of this board are made up of white supremacists.

If you think this board is white supremacist your an idiot. For fucks sake Nazbols get banned.

Of course this board isn't white supremacist. Just its users. Che taught us the way with regards to the other races.

Go shill your shitty book elsewhere.
/r/socialism seems to be a great place for that.

If only.
That's a joke.

mods never do their fucking job and are always asleep
we need more fucking mods

who's gonna be there when they start spamming CP?

You know Che was a racist.

a racist communist is still a communist

Mods constantly ban people for stupid shit. What board are you browsing?

Droped your flag.

kek, not at all

First they came for NazBol…

Stop unicycling the Rojava threads BO.

Che changed his mind after going into the Congo.

You see this list. It shows something unique about Holla Forums. When the mods ban people on other boards they tell people why there banned. On Holla Forums the mods don’t tell people why there banned.

It really is one of the worst things about this board. I just got banned for no reason, so how am I supposed to know what I say when I make an appeal? 4 weeks for a joke thread, yeesh. The only joke here are the mods.

Not shown: the posts that got these people banned or the numerous posts with reasons attached.

Ban all nazbols. Show no mercy. Amen.

So which genius post was yours

The former. I thought it would be amusing for people to take the piss out of my boomer grandpa, but I guess Holla Forums is for serious anti-imperialism discussion.

Since you seem confused, I'll help you out.
It even says, right in the FAQ

I don't know how you imagined it sounding in your head, but your post looks and sounds like it came straight from some Holla Forumscuck's keyboard. It has the same fallacies, the same tired propaganda, the same stupid shit that gets posted here every day, sometimes even multiple times. There isn't anything in the OP that even hints at it being sarcastic either. You might not have intended for it to be bait, but it looks, smells, and tastes like bait.

So there it is. You pretended to be retarded and and ended up being treated like a retard. There isn't any part of this equation that should be surprising.

Can any mod here conclusively say that the acting Board Owner right now is the same Board Owner that created this board?

Gee, was that so hard to put in the ban message? I guess copypasting the rules like they do in 4chan is too hard for our overworked mods. The poor saps, they put themselves out there for us all the time and this is how we repay them.

Jesus Fucking Christ stop deleting all the posts of someone banned. Not only does it fuck up a thread having a bunch of dead quotes, it's also affecting people like me who just use the same VPN but get our posts deleted along with the fag actually being banned.

How about not banning VPNs anyway? The bans do nothing and are easily circumventable, but just poses inconveniences to the non-retards here who don't post without one.

Too much work, sorry. Especially when Holla Forums is shitflooding us like the past couple days. infinity is so slow that banning one guy takes like a minute or more of page loads. If the software wasn't shit, we'd have preset ban reasons, but as it is, we have a rules list now, so people who get banned can just go read that.

We genuinely do read the appeals, user. If you were genuinely just sharing a story about your dumb boomer grandpa there's no problem unbanning you. We've been under constant raids from Holla Forums, so some innocents are bound to get caught up.

We barely even communicate, so no. However, I definitely still am the original BO.

Mass-deleting is good because it prevents people from shitting a thread up with replies to banned idiots. We usually try not to mass delete obvious VPNs (or TOR for instance), but it often can't be helped.

y tho.

I just wanted to laugh about my grandpa without anybody knowing about it.
you deleted all my posts too

Is it so hard not to be a stupid fucker? If you can't even do that much then where do you get off demanding more work from others, you defective?

ACTA OP here. A bunch people have been derailing ACTA thread with low quality bait about "notsoc entryism" while idpolers continue to argue in circles. We keep telling them that we oppose white supremacy, that we want to end biggotry through class politics but they just keep telling us we're TURIGGERING WHITE MALES that think we can just IGNORE OPPRESSHUN

Reddit must be "raiding". How cute

So you're saying the mods never have to give a reason when they ban "stupid fuckers". Got it.


Holla Forums is having another tantrum because we hurt their feefees again.

You could pretty much make that the perpetual Holla Forums underheading

is there any way I can privately communicate with you mods? I have insider information on the Al Gore raids but I don't want to reveal it here (since Holla Forumsyps will find me out kick me)

Can the volunteer giving the year long bans for basic bait and shitposts chill out? Basic shit like that shouldn't even be banned, just ignored, but if it is, it shouldn't be more than a week.


Sup, Holla Forums?



“everyone who disagres with me is Holla Forums“ Shut up.

Oh, I'll need extra hot pockets for this
Like if today wasn't shit already, I'm cleaning the report cue, refresh the page and there are several new reports there, the shitposting has gotten way too intense.

There's also this thread where more info & link to code is. Someone's saying if you click it that it installed spyware, but I can't into comprudas, so I dunno if that's just shitposting or not.


Turning off TOR posting temporarily. Don't need to make deleting this autospam more work than necessary.

If someone can confirm that TOR posters are required to fill CAPTCHAs for every post, I'll turn it back on.

I observe that the spam posts are deleted immediately after posting. Are the posts logged where Holla Forums mods can ban the bumper of the thread afterward? Is there some way we can help identify threads that have been bumped using the bot if so?

they are not, at least not when I posted via Tor in the past.

I will go to bed soon, is there anyone around to take my place?

You guys are pretty cucked tbqhwyrn
You try to spam Holla Forums because you know you won't be banned but the second it happens back you shiver and shake and cry begging for mods to ban anyone who doesn't respect your autistic failed ideology

To be fair this is such a dead board that you guys have to hide away in other dead boards.

You're out of your mind to suggest Holla Forums doesn't ban any & all forms of wrongthink. At a much higher rate, too. Anytime you randomly look at the banned list it's clear. The amount of projection in your comment is staggering. Lurk before making an ass of yourself.

No, that's .pl
We're one of the top 3 boards here & are steadily climbing further. Not to mention the fact that you & others are so triggered by our very existence you constantly try to shit our board up in any way possible, lmao. Hold this L.



Can you ban that Nazi posting with the Stalin moustache already? He advocated uniting with the nazis in and can't stop whining about how we are liberals for opposing fascism instead of working with them.


I second this.

I'm reviewing his posts, and while some of them are dubious I don't think he's Holla Forums. I'll keep an eye on him, though.

Thank you for your vigilance. The number of Holla Forumsfriends shitting up the place has spiked lately, so reporting suspicious posts is very appreciated.

t. BrocacolaCheckQuads

Somebody's butthurt their le ebin raid didn't work.

where do I apply fam

Why did you delete the thread on Russia?

Why were my posts deleted?

Can we give Hoochie something like a daily posting allowance? Like 10 posts a day or something. >She can make great posts whenever >she puts in the effort, which is almost never, and 99% are worthless one-liners that make Reddit threads read like Wildean wit.

Hey, those worthless one liners take effort

Can mods make a containment thread for Charlottesville stuff? Half the threads created this week have been about the same shit.


Both of you, suck my cock. I'm not a nazi

What happend to: >>1986351
I can still open it via link but it says "Thread specified does not exist."

Thread was/is full of good polemics, now you can't post.

I "archived" it in any case into a similar thread. Just heads up that I'm not spamming.

For the mods who deleted me:

I'm dubiuos but this yugoposter that here is spouting liberal venom that is so liberal that looks Holla Forums is ok?

Weird that's exactly what a nazi would say

Good argoument.

False flagging Holla Forumsluters can't stop saying "our movement," maybe it could be filtered to something funny.

alf-left should be filtered more than anything

Was it you jannies who deleted this thread? It seemed to be legit and I was even typing a big-ass answer, but the thread died before I finished it.

Also Jesus, threads quickly fill up with trolls trying to drive newcomers away. That has got to become a bannable offense.

Yeah, I deleted it. Maybe I should have anchored it instead, but it had the misfortune of having an OP with no post history, a bunch of shit that is answered in the faq, and the unfortunate timing of being in the middle of a flood of a bunch of useless Holla Forums spam.

Well I'll try starting a thread with my reply, in case the poor fucker is around. He said he was going to an hero.

Yeah, sorry for the trouble.

Mods, please start clamping down on the Americans. I appreciate that there's a lot of shit going on that could justify three threads on the front page, but I don't think having the entirety of the front page dedicated to various aspects of Charlottesville/alt-right is a good use of the board. It has been several days since we passed the stage that some of the threads have users confused as to what is going on, and another thread is fully up to date, as the users are coalescing into various threads and cross-talk isn't happening.

yeah, all the good theory threads are going down the bottom because half of the board is filled with this shit

Even if we can keep our autism contained to a few thread, Holla Forums can't. Mods really ought to make an antifa general or some shit

But will that even do anything? Those dimwits can't even read the faq, so what would make them check the catalog?

Can't hurt to try.

Please wordfilter
Jews = lizard people
Muslims = great old ones
alt left = macho men social club

white supremacy/superiority = super saiyan

Why was bumplocked? It seemed pretty reasonable, and a far cry from the halfchan shitposts that were rampant two days ago.

mods should also wordfilter Nat socialism to national capitalism/national capitalist, that pisses them off more.

Why hoocie min can post?

You really want to filter white supremacy when the entire country is mad at Nazis right now.

I have a few suggestions of my own

kek = premature ejaculation
race is real = I never got past 6th grade biology
14/88 = I desperately want to make up for disappointing my parents
cuck = every night I let Louis Farrakhan fuck my sister while I viciously masturbate in the corner
snowflake = I am excellent at projecting
dindu nuffin = somebody please give me validation

I'm ordained by God.

n*gger = I believe the stereotypes about black dicks and that makes me insecure
sandn*gger = I masturbate to Kamala Khan




Can mods just anchor every forced Cockshott thread and direct the posters to the cybernetics general (>>1911339). This is getting obnoxious.

These two threads are somewhat alive

While these are dead but haven't 404'd

nah it doesn't work like that, the filtered word has to filter to its own category i.e. verb to verb, noun to noun
cuck => savior of the working class
snowflake => projection of myself

I like this one a lot.

fuck you, I want to keep "kek" and "nigger".

Dindu was filtered as "ebin meme" at some point.
Also it's worth thinking about the context and sentences words are typically used before filtering them if you want to optimize the efficiency of the joke…

Seriously, that 4 week ban for a joke thread is still a pain in the ass.
It's nice to get an apology from the BO and still stay banned. Maybe I should have sucked up harder? Four weeks seems ridiculous even if I was being totally serious and thought communism really did kill 100 billion.


Unironically filter "spook".
steiner posters are cancer

Some anons around here are brilliant at coming up with word filter proposals. A lot of them genuinely make me laugh out loud & are quite effective. I wish I were as witty. ;~;
My personal favorites are
irrelevant shiting
anuddah shoah

I.Q. ?

damn it

Nah, Stirner pisses off outsiders a lot. It got me when I first started posting here. The anger it caused me because I didn't understand it & some wobbly-poster was insufferable towards me since I didn't made me stick around longer & lurk more.
Although if it's classic low effort shitposting or Holla Forums false flagging then it should be addressed, imo.

It was just innocent shitposting

Yo mods, they're at it again.

Nigga that's not innocent shitposting. Those are pretty serious accusations actually.

Well it was fucking bait. I didn't even get a fucking (you). So it was pretty innocent

t. Spooked 'stash

Why'd y'all delete the first tranny thread anyway

I thought it was pretty funny.

Thx user :-*

cuck and dindu nuffin need to stay. How will we counter signal Nazis?!

Holla Forumslack here. I've come to enjoy my time on this board, and have had good discussions. I haven't encountered anywhere near the censorship here that goes on at Holla Forums. Just wanted to extend my appreciation on the toleration of alternate viewpoints. Kudos.

Are you actually a Holla Forumsack and an ancom? Interesting

anchor this garbage please


we are being raided again, pls delete this guy's pasta threads. I think they're trying to steal our 2m get, maybe also do capcha for posts?

Hey faggot, you're in an anonymous imageboard, do you understand what anonymouse imageboard ev-

Hey I just finished serving a 2 week ban for being against mandatory vaccination. Is this really such a reactionary position to be disinclined to trust the pharma lobbyists? I'm genuinely confused- I don't think any serious historical leftist of note would have advocated for the proletariat to trust the corrupt health officials.

That's not real pharmaceutical activism though, this is

Disregard this post, it's just to know if Polish is filtered.
Polish people, Poland, Polish
P.olish people; P.oland, P.olish

These threads are also necrobumped for no reason other than to have them constantly on page 1:

Mods, why did you delete his >>1996060's smexi yiff? He spoilered it. Is furshit not allowed here? cough*weneedwrittenrules*cough

can we maybe anchor this fedthread?

Read the full FAQ post:

Very much seconded. Dunno who made it, but def not from around these parts.

Are we allowing this American exceptionalism mixed with apologism to imperialism on this board right now?

Tbh it's best/important if someone explains to them how wrong they are & why. If they continue to shit up a thread, aren't willing to listen & overall continue to be that stupid, then I'd report, personally.
They could be gotten through to. But sometimes people are really set in their ways. That post is screaming for someone to educate them.
I do agree though, the post is obscenely arrogant & ignorant.

He just seems to be rabidly anti-taliban more than anything.

I haven't read the full context, but his grasp of US foreign policy is atrocious. Major blinders on.
Also if he's talking about taliban he should say that, not just label Afghans in general as savages, imo.

He's pretty brainwashed about the whole america army thing too. I can't think of no one on this board who can say unironically that the most moral army is the american one. That's zionist tier-bullshit. That's pragerU tier bullshit. I actually don't want him banned I just need help schooling him. I lack the language skills for that and I get to personal when it comes to that shit

He does go on to specifically say the taliban, but yeah he does have a rather bad handling of US foreign policy. To be fair though, stalin stache is a complete edgelord larper talking about how all US soldiers are ebil baby killers when the reality is they almost exclusively come from poor working class backgrounds and don't really have any other chance for social mobility besides fighting and dying in the army

"According to a 2008 study by the Heritage Foundation, enlisted recruits in 2006 and 2007 were actually more likely to come from middle or upper class neighborhoods than from lower class ones. In fact, the numbers showed that Americans who came from a neighborhood where the median household income was lower than $40,000 were underrepresented among military recruits during those two years, while those from neighborhoods where the median household income was above $40,000 were overrepresented. There data showed that representation among said recruits increased as neighborhood median household income increased."
Don't eat the propaganda

I know men who got kicked out of their parents house and ended up having to resort to prostitution to survive. That study is absolutely meaningless, especially since 40,000 is definitely a working class income.

Honest to fucking god, what is with you mods?

We're being raided.

ban this spamming autist pls

I was temp banned por posting this.
The powerful are supporting antifa because those brainless retards are a wonderful political weapon for the democratic party. Pic related

You can ban excellent posts and turn this into reddit. Go for it i dare you


Kek, further proof if any was needed that mods are fags and bronies too.

Just want to let you know posting through tor doesn't work. When attempting to post a new thread through tor you get "sorry tor posters are not allowed to upload files on this board". When trying to reply to a thread it shows you a ban page. I know that the ban ends in 1 day but be sure not to ban that IP again.

This. The mod just banned everyone from Tor! and Tor posting over the clearnet is forbidden as per 8ch policy…

remove fedthread and stop banning my proxies

third atempt to post this because you don't understand how technology works

Eastasian buzzbombs Holla Forums shitthreads are being deliberately let through to take the attention off your fuckups spammed again

The post dosen’t break any rules. It is NOT underage.


Shh, no more tears now… only friendship


mods confirmed for self-hating burgerclaps

Ok, I'd say it's time to anchor this race thread, now. It always ends up the same way, with Holla Forums shitting it up with their centuries-old pseudoscience.

Anytime, now, mods. Also ban the nazis who won't listen to any reason. Most people rightfully just abandoned ship. That's a godawful thread.

Great OC user

But I would replace
with something about believing in all these tinfoil conspiracies though and their retarded methodology in general

I can't take credit for it. :) But whoever made it, I thank as well.
And yeah, if anyone has better shopping skills it's definitely buildable/editable.
Always gives me a chuckle, too. Nice touch.

God, what the fuck is with all those newfaggots recently?

It's all the drama we've had over the past year. Been building for a while, now. Mainly most recently Holla Forums mass-flagging, then taking down Bat'kos channel.

So there's a mod that's been online, as I can see by the public ban list. Yet the thread here in is still not anchored, remains nazi shitpost central & none of them have been banned? Please explain.


Not all people here are interested in the petty bourgeois concerns of our stupid american comrades. Pls do something. It's been more than a week now

Not all people here are interested in the petty bourgeois concerns of our stupid american comrades. Pls do something. It's been more than a week now

why do i feel there's an even bigger influx of shitposters from the rest of the chan around here? oh yeah, the overchan.

tbh this shit seems great for disrupting other opinions (ie us)

They're out of ponies, now they're spamming gay porno. I'm as surprised as anybody it's not interracial.

hey hotpockets are you gonna do anything about the gay porn spam or not?


Every Vietinamese that immigrated during this time hasn't this same bougus sob story.
Your parents came here on the "Indochina Migration and Refugee Assistance Act" got citizenship and a bunch of government gimmdats from subsided small business loans to preference on cushy federal jobs. All because they were faithful lapdogs to imperialists.
Coming Fromm that stock it's no wonder you are so mentally ill.

Why was the thread where an user asked for sex from female anons anchored. There was some real comradery over capitalist alienation going in there.

Delete the pony threads please

Whos actually behind the pony stuff, it seems to be back again?
its really low tier, are we dealing with kids or tards? :/


Do we have like one active mod on duty today?
Cause we still have a fucking wall of pony spam to deal with.

The absolute state of this board rn, smh tbh fam

Mods, please ban this thread and the OP for Holla Forums spam.

please anchor obvious b8 thread

and maybe consider filtering 'alt-left' to 'Reptilians'

Can we filter nigger to fine young cannibals

Why were these replies deleted?
Was it an accident as they were the last 4 comments?

They are still there though

1. Removing bait and shitposts isn't censorship you retarded dickchimney.
2. Post some actual lefty stuff on Holla Forums and let us know how that goes, idiot.


/pone/ is leaking

Sorry about that. I think I got the bulk of it.

Thank you to everyone diligently reporting these threads. Your vigilance makes removing spam and keeping it down much easier. You're doing a service to Holla Forums.

My apologies for not getting to them sooner.

why was this thread bumplocked?

ideological echo chambers just give you positive feedback loops of presupposition-laden bullshit that very quickly loses touch with what the average person believes and is willing to consider. You need dissenting opinions, even retarded ones (looking at you, tankies), in order to shape your beliefs through the crucibles of contemplation and introspection. There's a diversity of thought to this board not present on Holla Forums, but that can go away very quickly with mod-sanctioned viewpoints and bans without rationale.

"They came first for the Nazbols, and I didn't speak up because I was not a nazbol…"

Holy shit man I hope the authorities get a hold of you before you actually abuse a child. I'm about as libertarian as they come, but children can't consent. That's a whole Pandora's box of fuckery you'd be opening. 16 is fine, developmentally speaking, but if you don't like the laws you can vote with your feet, as I would if I took any problem with needing to have sex with actual adults.

The ponies are back, do something mods.


pls delete n ban

Do it.

Thank you

There is another Holla Forums pony raid going on.


fuck off

mods, you are fucking garbage at weeding out Holla Forumsacks falseflagging as idpol radlib SJWs
I report them but they don't get banned

I'm sorry you're not finding your posting experience satisfactory.


What was so Holla Forums about those 2 threads?

Banned 3 months from leftypol for unespecified reasons

Still posting snowflakes

Funny thing is, no you triggered mod i'm not poltard. Have you tried to not make this an echo chamber and allow sligh disent in some topics you retards?

I hate having the same ideology than you do, because clearly you are the loser horse in this war

Needs hot pocket wrappers scattered about

please anchor obvious FBI thread

please nuke interracial granny porn thread

read the FAQ
the former is to protect our Bong users right? But why the latter? Does that fall under the global rules now?

it probably falls under spam

nobody sane posts bestiality unless they're spamming or losing an argument

please anchor thread blaming joos for something or other to do with WW2

Really Mods?

and another b8 thread to maybe anchor, why does it have 50 replies?

and another shit-tier b8 thread submitted for your consideration to anchor or nuke

You're right.
Weird, must be dashchan fucking up.


why did mods delete that ancap thread with trends? stop turning this board into a safe space

IMO >>2015280 was overkill
(and it might have been started by AA from )


Can we get some European mods going on

What the fuck is up with the BO + mods trying to turn this into an echo chamber during the past few days?
Trying to rationally explain the material reasons behind people joining the military is ban-worthy now? Not seeing Stalin as the red Hitler will get you purged?

For everyone's sakes, stop trying to turn leftypol into an safe space. We can deal with people's "meanie" or undialectical opinions thank you very much.
If a post rubs you wrong and you can't actually reply in a calm rational manner then take a fucking break.
And again, please. Just focus on deleting spam. Unless some polyp or lolbertarian is creating multiple threads in a row there really isn't a problem.
If it's bait, just anchor it. If the discussion turns into anything good people can always ask to have the bumplock removed.

We really don't need plebbit-tier moderation here. This is probably the most active anglo socialist-oriented forum on the internet. Don't fucking ruin it.


If the mods don't protect us from doubleplusungoodthink, then who will? Ourselves? What, do you think this board has anarchists on it or something?
I hate that this is the ONLY board I ever need to turn my VPN on for because the mods are so fucking trigger-happy.

Hear, hear!
Or just fucking hide the thread or the post if it's so offensive.


Hiding posts and threads is a function implemented in 8ch. VPNs aren't.
Your analogy is flawed.

Lol, yeah, sure.


Why the fuck did you ban gorillaposter you stupid fucks, they are one of the last persons who actually posts threads about theory instead of the endless shitty "muh sexual markets tfwnogf," "let's please Holla Forums by saying stupid shit about antifa" and "lmao ecelebs are cool/stupid eksdee" threads.

Gorilla threads actually spark interesting discussions about theory.
Can't say that about 90% of the rest of the threads.

Flawless comeback.

Sometimes they do, yeah.

The OP of this most recent thread has a long post history with several threads of varying quality, and also it includes the current gorilla thread which is also about services.

I just deleted another duplicate thread about that reddit sexual economy topic. Given the circumstances and ambiguity of gorilla posters intentions I was concerned that another round of spam and shitposting was on the way that a public bad might deter somewhat.

If it were up to me I would summarily remove those but people keep posting them and get severely asshurt when they aren't allowed to shitpost in them. I'm sure Holla Forums can be counted on to decide what content they want on the board though. Don't want to create an echo chamber, after all :,)

A little late to the party, per and , but I promised I would be available for discussion in the ban appeal.

There are a few things I would like to bring up. This includes the (ostensibly) erroneous removal of multiple poster.

First, I would like to know what was ban worthy about my post (attached). For everyone's benefit I added a snippet from the thread and the rules for context.
The only rule I could possibly have broken is: “deny the problems of climate change or imperialism”. At the time of writing I assumed it would obvious my comment wasn't an endorsement of the U.S. army (or any state militia), but evidently the intend needs to be clarified.
All I meant to express in my post is the following: it is hard to find better military training (or officer education) outside the United States army. When the class war inevitably comes to blows we will need people with military understanding. Ergo: I believe it is merely logical for insurgents-to-be to get military training as preparation for the inevitable conflict.
It is entirely possible you disagree and want to express your opposition, but this can be done in thread by post. Banning me, for what genuinely appears to be contention over the point, on the other hand… that is just poor form and stinks of pettiness.

Part 2

Which brings me to the inexplicit removal of several posters. I have made a compilation of all posts (attached) that can reasonably be linked to the thread – – from context. One of these has been reposted here and is still available.

All of these posts are connected by their support of military personnel – a position the BO seems to believe implies a support for imperialism. As with my original post, I find this claim contentious at best.
It is narrow-minded to coalesce a desire to utilize the material reality that soldiers exist, with a desire to propagate imperialism. One may have humanist concerns for the psychological well-being of these soldiers (expressed here , and ) . Or, someone may see the revolutionary potential in spreading class consciousness in the army (as expressed in most of the posts attached).
None of the included posts explicate a support for imperialism or its praxis. To make such a claim is to interpret the post; to ban someone on that claim is to make a ban on assumptions. This is poor moderation. If you do not want the military to be discussed at all, make it a rule that the military may not be discussed. Do not make (evidently insubstantial) assumptions about someone's position and then formally act on it: codify the content/behavior you want prohibited and then act on it.

On a more personal note: what truly stings me is the is some genuine effort on display in some of these posts, all of which was snuffed out for who knows what reason. Although I found my ban rather dimwitted, I put little effort into arguing the point. Some of the other posts carried weight, however. As I wrote in my appeal: do not remove people because you disagree with them – and if you insist on doing so at least provide a ban reason.

Part 3 (final)

Before I dive into my final point, I would like to ask other posters to show some clemency to the board owner. The board has been under strain for a while and I imagine it becomes confusing and tiring to differentiate between malevolent and benevolent posts. What follows might be harsh, but I am trying to be polite as possible and hope others follow suite.

That said, I think it is for the benefit of everyone if you take a serious look at your temper. This is not the first time you have acted on a whim – the “forced move” fiasco is still fresh in memory – and every time it leads to conflict with the userbase. If you are not able to canalize your frustration/discontent, you are not fit to do moderation tasks and will continue to act sporadically.
Furthermore, and it is a shame this needs to be said, I would like a new board owner. My trust in your ability to moderate and provide for the community is rapidly diminishing, you have proven yourself unreliable before and you seem frustrated with Holla Forums to boot. I doubt this carries any weight, but: it might be time to hand the torch to someone else.

Wasn't that the thread where multiple "comrades" were mocking the grievances of third world sufferers of US imperialism? Or when faced with counter-arguments on why it isn't really your material interest to join the army they went "nuh-uh"! It was a thread where ex-army socialists basically tried to defend their crimes against the people and walk out as national heroes.

I was in the thread so I know for a fact you're full of shit. Pointing out that most of these soldiers are ignorant and face impoverishment is not supporting imperialism or the US military, it's supporting fellow proles who got duped into fighting for something they don't understand and for reasons that would compel anyone to join. Get over yourself, you're not morally superior. You're typing on a computer made by slaves.

I'll be available on IRC for a little while if you want to yell at a volunteer share with me your innermost feelings.

t. BrocacolaCheckQuads

dear god it's worse then I thought

It's something that everyone has available and no one has to download anything or trade secret crypto codes.

I'm around if anyone wants to talk with a volunteer and share their thoughts about the board, or whatever. It's not ex cathedra or nothin' but it seems like there are some people that aren't happy with how things are being moderated, so I'm making myself available.


If you ban Stirner post quality will improve.

Considering all the terrible moderation is coming from the BO at the moment I don't really see the point.

Is he a somethingawful goon?

Certainly feels that way sometimes


This needs to be updated


when did this gay porn thing start? I'm pretty sure it's when the Bat'ko - Murdoch Murdoch drama started.

The imperialism ban-affair, revisited:

It's been here from the very beginning.


Can we maybe anchor this thread? It's another Holla Forums internet toughguy thread but it has over a hundred replies. Kinda wish the Feds would crawl up Holla Forums's ass as much as they did the 'some of you guys are alright' threads on reee9k

Also why is the boxing thread a thing? Isn't this the sort of thing for /leftyb/?

Add Turkish Communist Party flag and Galiyevizm (Nationalistic Communist Ideology of a Turk who took an ethnic part in the Bolshevik Revolution) Flag please

Can we make it a bannable offense to post news the poster knows is fake, or news with a headline that misrepresents the article?

no ring

Those standards are too iffy comrade.


disgusty feminiss

Okay, then I have some bad news: lizard people are taking over the government and the only way to stop them is to buy a pair of hoffman lenses from me for $1000 a pair.

please nuke offtopic spam thread


The censorship outside the US is going to get worse before it gets better. What countries are we going to take into account, US/EU/UK/Canada/Australia? I don't think we should pay attention to anywhere other than US & Philippines, as Holla Forums does.

Not sure we should draw the line exactly where you say but agree with your argument against trying to make this board compliant with everybody's laws generally. I've seen DeviantFart censor alternate history crap because it offended some Indonesian dictator or something, or really non-sexual bikini pix presumably because it offended somebody in Dubai or wherever. Weirdly they still have drawn lolishit tho.

remove Holla Forums offtopic shitposting

and spam thread

That first post is actually a joke, he posted a Warcraft video (orcs vs humans)

Please go back to reddit and let actual leftists take this sub over. You SJWs already control everything, why did you have to ruin this too? I understand you're a bunch of children who are used to having total control over your subreddits but you have to realize how much you hurt leftism when you permaban anybody who slightly disagrees with you. Leftists get dismissed offhand because everybody thinks we're thinskinned idiots who can't defend our views and throw a temper tantrum anytime somebody disagrees. And you validate that view

already happening, mods are literal redditors (they came here from reddit, not 4chan) on a complete power-trip and not only ban people who disagree with them, they give out permabans/long-term bans

they aren't removing bait and shitposts they're just removing anything that hurts their feefees. They'll probably remove this comment too, because criticizing moderation in a thread about their shitty moderation will trigger them
I do and they don't censor me because they aren't thinskinned redittors like the mods here. They usually make fun of leftists for needing a safe space because of people like you and the mods here who demand that leftism exist in an echochamber so nobody can take us seriously

Your post reads like someone who's very new & it's extremely generic.
But anyway,
What evidence do you have for this claim? This is actually a Holla Forums delusion that they keep trying to spread. We don't promote on reddit & we don't have bots to up our PPH/regular user counts(also Holla Forums fantasies).
Back up this claim. That makes no sense. Most posters came here from Holla Forums(because you can't talk leftism there w/out being banned) or other boards, such as myself.
You should go back tbh. No one here will take you seriously with this shit. Holla Forums is notorious for their shit moderation. We're not even comparable; just like with "leftist" subreddits. Lurk more, please. We're not thinskinned. There's been more mod action over the past year here because of all of the drama(much of it r/soc & Holla Forums targeting us unprovoked; triggered by our existence alone apparently). It has attracted many more posters. Things will die down again soon, as it always does after these periods.

I do have some grievances with the mods/BO here sometimes. It happens. But your comment is just weirdly… generic. You have an unhealthy obsession with reddit, comrade.

Also if you want to talk censorship, talk about Google/Youtube. That's actual, rampant censorship. My socialist & commie comments get censored more often than not nowadays(shadowbanned, mostly). Most "regular" people use those sites heavily, so it's important to be able to spread some education or combat the false propaganda flying at us, 24/7. It's really maddening when you're not allowed it. Plus rightists think they're the only ones targeted which of course is just flat out false.

Sorry for another 24+ hour sleep deprived rant, guys.

He won't because he can't.

Is it okay to post an image of Crazy Frog fucking Pepe's ass if neither of their genitals are visible? Asking for a friend.

of course it's fine, just put a spolier on it probably

It would be really nice if someone would get on top of deleting all these "boogyman" threads…

There's an allegation that a denial of service attack against 'Pewtube' was organized here. Can any mods confirm or deny pewtube related threads being deleted?

we're being spammed, pls b& the faggot doing it


Nevermind found the thread on a second pass.

Why was the OP of banned? Is classcuckery a bannable offense now?

It always has been.

You know it's hard to debunk Holla Forumsypism if you outright delete those threads right? Can mods please just stick to bumplocking shitposts and locking threads instead of trying to protect people from wrongthink?

Instead of responding to shitty bait why don't you make it respond to better threads?
Oh I see it's because you have brain damage.

Even if it's bait, it's relevant to people lurking this board that happen to believe that.

One of those interesting things about this board is that even the worst shitposts can lead to interesting discussions. Case in point: the entire ML-Ultra thread.
I don't see why it can't just be bumplocked. If we have this thread every day, we might as well have one cyclical that you can unlock if it actually has good discussion, and bumplock if it's unironic Holla Forumsyp shitposting.

Then like I said, make a quality thread about "race realism's" bullshit instead of validating pol's shitposting with replies and letting them set the conversation.

If you're so gung ho then go make a thread about it instead of insisting on the right for Holla Forums to shit up the board with their endless bullshit.

Ask me anything

Are you this much of an attention whore in person

hey mods fuggg you

What kind of high does this give you

please anchor shitty samey obvious Holla Forums b8 threads

>porky media has always been at war with Eurasia suddenly turned against antifa, my fellow degenerates

Unironic anti-deutsch zionists (or pol false flag):

Could someone please purge the assorted porn threads Holla Forumssmokers keep shitting into the catalog?

There is so much sectarian shitposters with no history that I am not sure if cointelpro or not…

Holla Forumsintelpro

If I may make a request, I have an idea (Now I have never been much one for the word filter but since we are using it anyway and given AnCap support for child sex slavery) why not filter the word ancap/an-cap to pedophile and vice versa?


I think there's some kind of a raid going on, though its so pathetic I'm not sure it can even be called a raid

please do your jobs and delete this meme threads.

What's with the mass anchoring of any thread perceived as bait? This one definitely does not look like bait to me, it looks like an attempt to make an open discussion between tendencies.

No post history, and the same poster made


within minutes of each other.

Is it just me or is Holla Forums employing a new strategy to create discussions about topics like immigration, how good Trump is and anti-semitic conspiracy theories? To me it seems like all these threads follow the same pattern:

They all smell like Holla Forums trying to come across as lefties in order to steer the general subjects on this board into Holla Forums territory. If the Afroplasm OP actually is Afroplasm then I guess he is just stupid

Just want to say mods are doing a pretty good job recently :) very few shit threads.

Why is Democratic Cops of America word filtered
If you're shitting on my boy Danny Fetonte I will be so unbelievably angry

I thought BO was hiring? why are there still gay porn threads?

implying there's anything wrong with liking traps
Go ahead and point one gay thread out.

Today's a national holiday in Burgerstan, and that means bored Holla Forums brainlets are going to be spamming the board. Please help keep Holla Forums clean by reporting

by bringing your concerns here and linking them in this thread, or better yet flagging them via the report function.

Thank you~

shut up gay

Well, I'm not sure why it took so long, but at least I don't have to fuck with my VPN anymore, that was annoying.

lmaoo, at least temporarily this would be funny & garner some salt from snek posters.

remove low-energy b8

remove >de jooos spam

remove tinfoil

do eeet

remove obvious Holla Forums b8

Why was the family thread deleted? It actually had some interesting discussion about how the family unit relates to capitalism and how communism would transform it.

can we maybe anchor this wankstain's blogpost thread? he seems to think we're liberals and also appears to be samefagging


remove shit thread

Shitposting and spamming

I have been banned twice (both have long since expired) for spam. But I am under the impression that was done because I don't agree with leftism
Banned for baiting
Banned for spam.

I don't feel like your sticky post that says you encourage opposing views to come here is true, since I feel like you just ban others who don't agree with you.

Either change the sticky so it says "No evil porkies welcomed" or explain what I likely did wrong.

some master trole posted this shit thread again, pls anchor

Its not trolling I just want a discussion. I want to know why is it opressive to have to work to survive.

You have come to this board more than times already and been banned everytime. Why haven't you taken the hint that your particular brand of shitposting isn't wanted here? There's no discussion to be had with you at all.

I want to argue with leftists, I don't come here to shitpost. I want to better understand the leftist mindset, and every time I get banned I usually assume its that you guys want to shut down any opposing views. And just label me as shitposting idiot because you disagree with me.

If you are the same autist who always posts answering to every single sentence then you by all means should be rangebanned permanently, because not a single post of yours has been made in good faith.

pretty sure there are multiple autists who come here to do that, besides me.

I think range banning would ban some of your regular users since I live in a pretty leftist area.

Sure, liberals don't come here and aren't welcome here anyway, so it would be good for all of you to be unable to come here altogether.

Your using the equivlant of a nuke to remove 1 person in the open.

A sniper rifle (single ban) would work much better, since I actually respect the two week bans and do not evade them like a faggot. and you would only be stopping me and not another potential leftist recruit.

Ah, better, then I'm going to request the mods give you a permanent ban if the board can be rid of you that way.


Ridding one of the few outsiders who just simply wants to ask questions.

enjoy your echo chamber.

With pleasure. Debating is a waste of time, especially with liberals.

can't you guys just ban Nazis

pls no a bunch of posters are on the same proxy

>the one person you're arguing with represents all of Holla Forums as a whole
Don't be retarded.
But if you're not arguing in good faith, consistently(I dunno, haven't seen your posts & I'm not a mod… yet *fingers crossed*) then it's considered shitposting to most people, on any board. If you're not open to any critique on yourself or open to having your mind changed either, then it's pointless to debate someone who just wants to waste time. Surely you can understand that.

If you've been banned that many times in such a short period, you should obviously look inward. There's obviously something you're doing wrong. Our mods are not very heavy handed.

the fuck does /monster/ arguing about skub have to do with leftism and why is this thread still up?

We've got a raid going on

So, uhhh . . . . . Why are we being raided by /pone/?

Someone cleverer than me think of some filters for LARPer/LARPing and roleplaying.

Someone take care of that guy spamming smiley faces

because living standards fucking plunged in the years after the break-up, not even the dirtiest porky propagandists dared to unironically claim the FSU was doing better when they transitioned to a market economy


Overall, you just gave the best response to that poster. Just wanted to say that for the record. I hope they read it.
This explanation, especially.

anchor autism pls

Since it is usual that the denizens here have a hard time discerning bait and sophistry, I propose mods both ban the ancap sophist derailing every thread AND DELETE ALL HIS POSTS. That way nobody can keep feeding him and he will leave faster.

Nah, I wanna laugh at him some more. It's clear he's just a pseudo-intellectual trying to blow himself.

Oh, so what you mean is you came here and said a bunch of contrarian "prove me wrong" shit and then got asshurt because no one here has any patience for your amateur hour bullshit.

Pretty much, because I want to read what they wrote. Since that is legitimately what they think. I am now more confused as to what the fuck leftisim is about, but at least i know more about what your arguments are, even if I think they are trying to fix the wrong problems.

requesting cyclical on

'LARP' to 'Pretend' and 'roleplaying' to 'ERP' maybe?


Thy wish be granted.

anime sucks

Can we please ban that one ancap idiot? I'm all for letting people who disagree with us say their piece, but this guy does nothing but argue in bad faith, put words in other peoples' mouths, throw tantrums, and utterly refuse to understand what it is that people try to say to him. He's not even debating at this point, he's just engaging in unearned moralizing

Please remove bumplock from.

fuck off I can back up every point I've made so far.

I've yet to see you attempt do so without resorting to strawmanning.

Define strawmaning and whatever points I strawmaned and I'll adres my wrongs.

Constantly misrepresenting your opponent's views for your own convenience. Which you do constantly.

can you point a post?, the closest thing in which I would be misrepresenting of conflating or wathever would be the confusion I had on why would some people confuse revolution with terrorism, in which I will admit I was wrong and was pointed out that is mostly edgy kids that are shitposters. But other than that I would say I've refuted other people points competently so far.

Like I said, if you can point out a post or thread in specific it would be very helpful.

A couple of days back, where your entire set of arguments basically consisted of loudly insisting we're all statists over and over again?

I think that wasn't me.

I never used the word statist.

The word statist is kinda useless imo, is basically "everyone else" and doesn't really work as an insult.

"you air breather"
"you water drinker"
"you pillow flipping to the cold side in hot days"

Did the mods actually fucking delete the Rick and Morty thread?
Why? It was hilarious.
I fucking hate you hotpocket shits.

Top of the screen

What's with the new influx of Holla Forumsacks recently?

I wouldn't mind so much if they weren't clearly here in bad faith at best and not outright edgy morons at worst

probably mad and blaming us for something or other gone wrong with their lives or their waifu Dolan again

Report Holla Forumsacks when you see them unless they're arguing in good faith

Why are stras,serites who engage is serious political debate banned, but shitposting like >>2071911still allowed?

I ment like

Why the fuck did someone pin the Rick and Morty thread? The whole thing is a steaming pile of shitcancer.

Hello mods, could somebody please stop the new cybernetics thread ( ) from being cyclical? We'd already been over the arguments for and against it during the previous iteration. Making it cyclical means losing the content of the early posts in the thread. Considering that the stuff discussed in that thread exists basically nowhere else on the internet, I'd rather we didn't lose it. Saving and iterating when it reaches the bump limit is a better solution for this thread.

Thank you for the quick response.

why are the mods deleting these?

they don't like chihuahuas

Why did you delete the aluyna les porn, i wanted to see it.

What Alunya porn?

It was some thread about blacked\alunya crossover porn.

there was at least 2 posts at the bottom of the thread but i couldnt load the pics because the posts had been deleted. Im sure they didnt break any rules. Maybe the users did themselves but seems odd more than one post was.

New mod, just wanted to say that I really appreciate that people actually use the report function. Even if you're not sure if someone's just shitposting or an actual (falseflagging) Holla Forumsack, make sure to report anyway cause we check post histories.

Someone banned be me for allegedly being a fascist because I posted a picture of a DPRK flag next to a desk which has been posted here before a couple of times and which was unrelated to the post. Please unban me, that's just ridiculous. Is this r/anarchism?

You already sent an appeal, evading isn't gonna help your case. That being said, I have no idea why the other mod banned you.

This-This kid was great. We used to call him Little Jani Hotpockets, I swear to god, he'd make your board look like fucking reddit. He was terrific. He was the best and He did it for free too



posts are getting fucked up. I don't know if its general lag, DDoS attacking or what, but replying to a thread sits on 100% for ever, there's tons of duplicate posts as people obviously try to reload the page and get the post to go throw, I've gotten flood detected errors as well.

This is bringing me back to the early Hotwheels days where everything would break in at least four ways daily, but without the good company.

Nerve center. It mixes Holla Forums threads in with threads from every other board on the site.

It's like they wanted Holla Forums to have a bigger grip on all boards just as their influence was decreasing.

They wanted little board to have more traffic they are just stupid as fuck

How would the nerve center increase traffic for smaller boards?

so why exactly was I shadow banned earlier for this post?

Since when making fun of trannies is bannable? And it was so mild, as if they're not familiar with the ">she" joke. No really, what did that nigger of a mod expect, waltzing into a chan and then banning people for using slurs. I hope the BO kicks out the crypto-redditors.

This. Hotpockets are newfags who should lurk moar

Not a mod but if I was I'd ban people for derailing threads with bullshit transphobic posts. Well deserved tbh

where do you think you are?
Ah, you clearly think you're on r/socialism
I suggest you return to a certain site called "reddit" where you will find like minded individuals. Please, go there and never return.

Yeah, if you were banned for that post, that's definitely not a bannable offense. Some mod just let their personal feelings interfere with their job. There was a mod who posted a while back in a different related mod thread saying they think the trans/transphobic issue could be a problem for them being impartial. I hope BO or other mods have made sure that was addressed. It's good they were honest, but should also give responsibilities to someone who can be less biased or controlled by their emotions.

Thank God you're not a mod, then. Making that admittedly tired joke =/= transphobia necessarily, either. Could be innocent shitposting. If that was the only post they made about it, that's not derailing, as well.

Yeah, we've gotten a lot of new posters. Sometimes it's hard to tell between Holla Forums false flags & actual r/soc types, tbh, if they're subtle enough. Most times Holla Forums way overplays their hand, though, so it's not too hard.

Looks like some doxxing in Unruhe thread. Send help

I've been on *chans longer than you faggot. Your post was clearly derailing and contributed to the thread turning into a shitfest

I don't see your ban showing up on the list, but it was reported like 6 times earlier today. I'm not sure if another mod took other action on it though.

lel so fanny joek zD


fuck off back to Holla Forums you worthless retards

It's you who should leave, user. Holla Forums has never catered to your sensibilities & never will. We'd be like every other shit leftist place online. We come here to get away from you pussies.

made me smile

Newfag mods, repeat after me: "Good bureaucrats don't have feelings!"

I'd like to hear the justification from the mod. I'm not going to stop using content that has been used and appreciated multiple times for two years just because you recently got mod powers and you personally don't like it (as you said).

You are not hired as taste-police.

I fully approve of the mods going ban crazy in comparison to how it's been the last few months. The retards we've picked up recently need to be turfed out and if they evade they should be inconvenienced until they fuck off somewhere else.

Reminds me of the bureaucrat aliens in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. They were dull & lifeless, but by gum, they were good at their jerbs.

I felt similarly recently, but don't want friendly fire to engulf us all. With the new addition of mods, I think that'll suffice.

I unbanned you first time, I have no idea why would another vol ban you for that. Should I unban you now or you want to wait for vol which banned you to tell you why have he done that? Also, can you report those pics?

*can you, please, repost those pics
fucking hell

Who cares? Here's the robust user's guide to dealing with the consequences of your shitposting:
Before being banned:
1) Don't repost the same unfunny joke implying that it's posted for comedic effect and not to derail threads like COINTELPRO on a budget over and over
2) Stop being retarded. Trolling imageboards is possibly the lowest form of trolling (and a lazy way to hide your actual opinion) since there's a high chance you're just going to get trolled yourself and there's no face/name to the "victim"
After you're banned:
A) Sit out the ban and maybe write a decent non-TL;DR appeal 12 hours or so later
B) Evade the ban, without acting like a manchild by drawing attention to the fact you're evading the ban or immediately repeating the action you were banned for

It's really quite simple. The majority of people getting upset over the increase in bans and crying reddit don't care about the massive drop in board quality because they're contributing to it and just want to continue acting like a 13 year old who just found Holla Forums - you'll also notice all the people complaining about their bans have been banned for posts which add nothing of value in any form.

I'd prefer to have his/her answer first. Not providing a reason for the ban and multiplying the sentence sevenfold is pushing it, imo. There's a lesson to be had here somewhere.

You guys need some team building excercises.

What do you mean?

sorry typo, repost them, they are deleted and I'd like to chuckle on something

I will, after it's lifted. (dont have them on mobile)

Someone takes cartoons very seriously here.

Someone has a very high opinion of themselves.

Is this some kind of superstition I'm not familiar with? 5 years of drought befalls my village if I appeal sooner, or something?

What if the ban was illegitimate in the first place? I sometimes wonder if some mods wouldn't also automatically delete the posts what the community reaction would be. It's a safe bet to leave obv. pol posts in the open with your funny BTFO ban notices attached to them Now try the same with lefty posts.

Yes, massa!

still waiting for that reply by the banning mod

The ban was removed and a new one was made on another post (2078687) with no chance of appeal. Your colleague is on a rampage.

Increases the chances of the mod that banned you being AFK and getting it reviewed by someone in a different timezone.
When this happens to me I put it down to a mod being in a bad mood and let it go. Doesn't mean I won't do it again in the future but doing it immediately after is pretty much guaranteed to get your appeal denied and bans placed on you whenever you make your presence obvious for the immediate future. This falls under the "stop being a manchild" part of the guide.
Considering multiple people are apparently reporting you and I'm not one of them then I would say given the complete lack of replies in the space of time you manage to rack up multiple reports is that people just find it tedious.

I looked at ban list, he's doing pretty good job. You were simply unlucky

what do you mean?

he's banning Holla Forumsyps and redditors faster than I'm capable of refreshing website.

So… the vol that has banned me 3 times today for the same set of posts isn't going to address my question, I presume. Looking at his sneaky tactics (no reason+increased sentence; unban-reban+no appeal) I'm getting the impression it's either you unban me as per or nothing would be done.


That's not something positive: the type of posters that tend to be lambasted as "redditors" on here are usually posters with a softer edge or a vociferous interest in civil rights.

There were plenty of quality posts that were, evidently erroneously, removed during this fiasco . Consider that moderators in any community are capable of making poor decisions and the fault isn't always on the user.
On that note: moderators are responsible for the bans they hand out, not the users. Posters are well in their right to complain about illegitimate sanctions.

it's done if I could get finally request without server returning 503if not, reappeal againalso, try to not post those pictures again, I'm going to sleep and I'm not going to unban you again

I'm not gonna defend him giving you examples, but those posts were awful, most likely by /r/T_D trolls. No value has been lost for banning them.

forgot flag

Still banned.

re appeal then, faggot

I already told you that he intentionally made the last ban with no appeal allowed.

Thanks, solved.

well, I cleared your ban from ban list, but sys.8ch is constantly returning 503s so try again later.

Thanks, solved.

I'll reply to this bowl of vomit tomorrow.

g'nite, comrades


You're preaching to the choir, bud. I'm not defending chronic shitposters, but someone making a simple joke & being banned. Your post is not warranted in response to mine.

Yeah I noticed that someone who didn't deserve removing got removed but the amount of people complaining is greater than the number of people who shouldn't have been removed. A quick look at the ban list and you'll see that some of the people complaining about "banned for no raisins" were actually banned for ban evading a ban they had coming and it simply wasn't stated in the last ban message, so they're just using it as an excuse to bitch.

Stay mad joker.

I know, I was just making conversation. It's not like there aren't people in the thread who couldn't benefit from reading it.

This is the second time today the Democratic Cops of America wordfilter has fucked up a youtube link and every time it's happened there are around half a dozen posts about it. It's now a dated wordfilter and pretty much derails any thread a youtube link trips it in, so could we get it removed?

Considering that the cop was removed, we don't have huge e-wars about Democratic Cops of America anymore, and it's disrupting threads, I could get behind this.

He is a tranny
He is a redditor
He does it for free
He takes his "job" so seriously he bans people for a single word
He thinks everything that isn't on topic is derailing
He actually seriously uniromically wants strict posting rules on a chan
He knows he only says that because his tranny sensibilities were hurt and not because he cares

Well, one good thing to come out of Hotpockets is proof that you don't need an economic incentive

Funny joke friendo

I couldn't think of a better reason to ban you. This time I'm doing it because you're evading.

There's no need to wait for your appeal, but you are definitely right about not reposting the same old joke over and over again. Holla Forumsacks who make 5 travis threads get banned too.

The "recent posts" function helps a lot

I didn't delete any of your other posts, quit lying. And all bans after the first were for evading.

Our favourite red-brown alliance advocating Stalin poster came back from his ban only to continue spreading his fascist apologia:

You should have permabanned him.

In this board: One man and his bruised ego when he is told he is not funny

This is a meme that started when there was the Cville thing and I started sperging out because I didn't like American antifa. There is nothing apologetic about that post, is a legit question. Why don't you answer me on what actual threat they impose instead of reporting, making adhominem attacks and namecalling me?

Pls don't ban people like
Just let other users dismantle and own them and that
Usually when these places stop being neutral they become full of purges and purity tests
So pls dont

Straßerism is bannable, I'm just enforcing rules, I don't make them. Not that I disagree with that rule, guy had it coming.

also checked


test, site is dildos

why does my peerblock block X S S cross-filtering attempts whenever I try to post pic related in the Benny G thread? Third attempt to post this too.

lol XSS crossfiltering isn't fucking up the site and people talking about it aren't being hotpocketed if this posts

Did anything ever came out of this?


Isn't that the guy who writes for The Goldwater?

except that never happens
ban them and their defenders no mercy

so the pisswater wants to interview a gommie or something?
the goldwater ad they're running now has a hammer & sickle lmao

Cycle a leftist foreveralone thread pls. Mods aren't consistent in how they treat leftist foreveralone or incel threads. It shouldn't take up leftytrash either, as these people's concerns aren't trash.

They should just be relegated to /leftyb/ and every thread here deleted

No one uses the other lefty boards. Alienated people/workers need input from socially successful people otherwise they just descend into violent or suicidal or nihilist thinking.

Also, foreveralone threads here get like 300 replies, it makes no sense to try to suppress that. When you have multiple threads with 250-300 replies about a topic that mods don't want multiple threads about, the rational thing is to cycle a single thread.

They're just more trash threads cluttering up the board and bringing down board quality.

Good, hopefully they'll follow through with the suicidal part.

Why are Holla Forumsyps that are interested in honest discourse or overcoming their spooks banned on sight? People come here because they're turned off by the hysterical neocon cheerleading on Holla Forums, only to have the doors slammed into their faces.
How the fuck are people supposed to overcome their spooks if no one is willing to engage them?

I'm not talking about Holla Forumsyps and ancaps that just vomit bait all over the catalog.

Then can someone talk to the BO and ask her to reconsider? Asserism might not be socialism, but people turning away from Holla Forums is only the beginning of a journey.

See . Hell, if you were right I'd still be a polyp. People ruthlessly deconstructing and debunking spookery on this board is what changed my mind. If you don't allow that, who do you hope to convince? People aren't born communists. And right now reactionary and neoliberal discourse is far more prominent.
If you ban them here, where will they go? Dark web stormfront? /liberty/? r/socialism or r/fullcommunism?

It's hard to sympathize with your point when your example thread seems to make it pretty plain that the OP isn't interested in "honest discourse" so much as he is venting his antisemitism.

You're not wrong. That sort of discourse can be a good, illuminating thing. As a mod, I try to give Holla Forumscucks the benefit of the doubt and see if they are actually having a conversation about their dumb Holla Forums bullshit. If I had to pull an estimate out of the air though this would be about 1 out of 100 users that get reported. Most just go from thread to thread posting shit about niggers or kikes or feminists or whatever stupid bullshit Holla Forums is in a froth over this week. It shits up the board and I don't have any patience for it.

To be honest, I increasingly don't care because the majority that come here and post aren't interested in learning or having any kind of discussion. They just want to compensate for their political impotence and inability to stick it to the kikes, or flaunt how much contempt they have for the board by seeing how much of their stupid shit they can spew before they get banned.

Even the ones that are sincere unfortunately have to overcome the reputation created by the actions of their retarded compatriots. If they want to come here and talk politics then they have to hold themselves to a higher standard than "how do you expect to have communism with niggers?" one-line shitposts. That shit should fuck off and stay in Holla Forums. While they're here they either need to be on their best behavior and in general keep their Jews and Niggers shit to themselves or they can leave. It's not welcome and it shouldn't be made to feel welcome.

This, seriously. I wasn't gonna ban OP until he already pulled the jew card in the second post. It's clear he didn't come to argue in good faith. I frequently let nazis who "are on their best behaviour" post without banning them.

Just take

for example. I haven't looked at his post history yet, but this isn't really doing anything to make it seem like he's in it for "honest discourse." On the surface of it he looks like a garden variety Holla Forumsyp that thinks he's liberating minds from Jew programming. Even if it's ironic/"ironic" shitposting, it's still shitposting.

please crack down on Holla Forumsyps

He's banned now. That's definitely an example of a bad Holla Forumsyp. I remember there was this nazi a few months ago who was reading the society of the spectacle, pretty funny. Those kind of people can be converted.

Use the report function. You also just made a Holla Forums-tier post, mind explaining that?

ewww, accidentally tripfagged

Fair points. I figure my misunderstanding stems from only seeing unconnected posts in a single thread.

In moments like these I actually like the word filters.

That's alright. You should always question things we do.

Thank you. You make good points as well, and I agree with you that posters shouldn't just be banned out of hand for having the "wrong opinion." At the end of the day though this is a board for Leftist politics and discussion, and if Rightists want to continue to be guests here then they have to keep their shit in line.

please word filter youtube to hooktube. That is all

Support of Hillary is criticized wayyy more here than support for Trump. Care to explain that one buddy?

Trump's consequences for the world are drastically lighter than Hillary's. Friendly reminder that he's backpedaling on some of the more retarded decisions he made, and killed the TTP (which, from a socioeconomic, political, and environmental standpoint was apocalyptic) when the Dems were happy to invite Disney and the pharmaceutical industry to draft the copyright sections and force it through at all costs.

Other than that, Hillaryfags come off as drastically more smug, malicious and annoying than Trumpniggers, who usually come across as deluded and funny. I think it's more that you've nestled yourself into the 'other side' rather than anyone here genuinely supports Trump and the US political shitshow.

What the fuck is up with people making three threads every minute?
The worst part is they aren't even shitposts as to justify deletion, but still they're sliding the fuck out of the board and leaving threads to die with less than 20 replies.

To slide the fuck out of the board because they're "not against the rules :^)"

The catalogue is glitched for me right now, what threads do you mean?

Are you looking at it from the mod console? For some reason that never works for me, and I can only see the catalog when looking at it from rather than the sys.8ch or whatever it is.

none in particular, as I said, the threads are completely fine content-wise, but they're just so many with so few replies it almost makes me believe the Holla Forums narrative that there's someone botting.
I'm mostly just annoyed because it hinders long-term discussion and kills good threads.
I remember several months ago when someone was literally copypasting threads from /r/leftcom and I'm afraid they're doing it again.
The right way to fight it would be to check how many people with no post history are making threads and how often the same poster is making threads in any given day, even then it's complicated since most people are too shy to create whole topics and the bots are probably using proxies.

Make sure to report those then.

Is it just me, or are there are a lot more Holla Forums shitposters lately?


It's been pretty bad today, yeah, especially about their Jew shit, but what can you expect from racecuck brainlets.

Just report them and their faggotry.


please anchor obvious Holla Forumsyp fasleflag

The janitors should cease the mods of production

You have nothing to lose but a few hot-pockets

What did he mean by this?

There's two active Jason threads that should be anchored and discussion moved to /leftytrash/:

Stop anchoring every thread

Fuck off.

please anchor this guy's shitposting thread

This ban was stupid, you could have ban me for the antifa stuff at least. I meant it honestly, mao was bad. Now I evaded to explain my reasons on why mao was retarded and I send the complain to you mods too, but you probably won't read it. Ban me again now, this is fucking retarded, I'll stop posting when this board is full of americans. This kind of stuff happens only at this hour

That was just the post someone reported. I took a glance at your post history and saw a bunch of shitposts. In particular, I saw

without context, in your post history, concluded you were a Holla Forums shitposter, and banned you. When I saw your post in context I thought I might have made a mistake, took another look at your post history, saw what looked to me like a bunch of shitposts and bragging about ban evasion, and so I decided to let it stay until you appealed, and let whoever reviewed your appeal decide if you should be let off or not.

And to be honest your little bitchnigga tantrum kind of makes me think I was right.

The brag about ban evasion was an episode that happened a lot of days ago when I got banned in a thread about pornography, i kept evading because I wanted to respond to the (you)'s after the ban. People are making fun of that episode because i got banned 4 times in a row in that thread before stop posting.
Problem here is that I do a lot of shitposting against american, and i'm one of the only two stache posters on here. Problem here is when I'm alone and surrounded by americans (rightfully) I get shiposted back. Problems like this don't happen during the day, only when I post late at night. Solution to the problem is simply to remove the stache and counting to 10 before posting. I'm not Holla Forums btw and honestly I didn't even shitposted that much today.

I know is a typical case of RAFB. But it's sort of a common misconception. Can the thread be unlocked now actual theory is being posted?

Just for clarification, when you guys mention ban evasion, you mean other than this thread, right? If you dispute your ban here in this thread alone, that is fine? Been here for a long time & that's how it's been thus far. Now, I'm compruda illiterate, never use VPNs here(mainly other sites since India likes to ban things online willy-nilly, most notably they like to ban porn every once in a while which is the height of ignorance, but I digress) because I'm not a chronic shitposter & never get banned. So I'm guessing to post in this thread after a ban you'd have to use a proxy or something, but it's excused because of the thread's function?

Anyway, just thought that may need a clarification based on recent posts in this thread. You can further appeal here/bypass if you think a mod banned you wrongfully or just has it in for you for some reason. Rarely the bans are reversed, but sometimes they are, once brought attention to. Only in this thread, though, because that is its purpose.

RIP in peace, Stalinstache. Your posting is really annoying tbh. You were really shitting up the /leftytrash/ thread over the past couple of days. Calling anyone who disagreed with your taste in women as "faggots who could fuck off", etc. It's apparent that you're bringing in an attitude from other boards with you. It's really abrasive & uncalled for. Just calm down a bit? It really has nothing to do with being anti-American, as most of us are that way here, towards the American exceptionalism attitudes & horrible daily government actions.

That's correct. Sometimes we get it wrong or shoot from the hip and there's nothing wrong with coming here to tell us so. Some people will sperg out and spam threads about the injustice of their ban, and those'll just get deleted and the ban extended.

I would recommend that you consider not shitposting so much because it makes you look like an asshole, and it doesn't really help you when you get reported. I'd also like to encourage you to dial it back a bit because it does look like you're capable of quality posting, and Holla Forums always needs more of that and less shitposting.

I never wrote you deleted my posts. Did you check my hash? 👀

my bad

Thanks for clarifying. ^ ^
Also, holy shit, that Flintstone Zizek
Whoever drew that is fucking awesome; love it.

Papadripopolis, a local drawfriend. He does a lot of Alunya art too.

Aw, hell yeah! Thanks again! I love Holla Forums & our community more & more.

No prob my dude. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Does anyone have the Stasi comms that ordered communists to go underground until capitalism started to go off the rails? I used to post threads and posts about it but nobody cared so I stopped, but now I'm too drunk and perpetually braindead to find the evidence myself.

I've been banned for reposting OC making fun of tankies accusing DFSNS of being imperialist. The picture does not say anything in support of imperialism, but it makes fun of the suggestion that they are imperialists and nationalists. I don't see how this is "minimizing imperialism" simply by making fun of people misusing the term to their own ends. I ask, respectfully, that my ban be overturned, or at least further elaborated on.

BO is just a fucking mong. Your complaints will do nothing to stop them being a fucking mong.

I don't see any reason why the BO is unable to engage in a calm, productive discourse on board policy. I more then most people have been critical of him, but I think it's time to let bygones be bygones and have a mature conversation like adults. Shitflinging gets us nowhere. I can simply evade and continue to post, but then nobodies happy. Not me, not the board owner, not other members of the community. I sincerely hope the BO can see this as an opportunity to reconnect to the community and maybe we can work something out that leaves all parties happy.

Haha, yeah. Good joke fam. This is their property and they can do with it as they please. They own it, and you're just some fucking nobody visiting what they see as their home. The only good argument on this board against statism is our schizoid BO, who for the best part of a year has been a complete cunt. They're probably an intelligence asset at this point, due to their drastic shift in behavior after the April hack. They don't even take part in minor maintenance of the board, like uploading flags and keeping wordfilters up to date. They just force the mods to do shit they don't want to do and call it a day every few months.

You could be right. It could be pointless to try, but then again what do I lose by trying? I'm willing to give BO the benefit of the doubt, and assume that his intentions are good. Nobody wants to see this place become a hotbed of reaction or apologism for imperialism, and the idea of the ban is not bad but the implementation of it so far has been. This can easily be fixed by elaborating on what really does constitute imperialism and support of it, and having it clearly defined as part of the rule. The ball is in your court BO. I might make a thread outside of this thread to further discuss the issue, just so more people can be involved

If you haven't already, can you maybe give this guy a brief timeout so he can go read the FAQ?

Done and done. For future reference though it makes dealing with that kind of thing easier if you report them instead of just linking them here.

This. Someone on the mod team is looking a bit triggered tbh.

What did you fuckers do to the male insecurity thread? I was blowing minds over there

BO you fucking idiot
turn on torposting, there are places where 8ch is banned
I struggled 30 minutes to post this for fuck's sake

That's Imkampfy (Now HotPocketX). I'm not even sure why that retard posts here.

Can't you get a VPN?
I agree though, there are places where you do not want to post on 8ch without a VPN/Tor

what shithole do you live in fam?


pedo post please ban

Do you guys live in china or some shit?

requesting ban of this spamming faggot

and that 'antifa are the real fascists' be filtered to 'please fondle my bum'

damn who removed the thread about nazi ufos? it was entertaining, Posadist tier

Your OC is 100% retarded, but you only got banned for the ">muh imperialism" part. Take it out or I'll keep mass deleting you when you post it.

Oh, I turned it off during the Charlottesville raids.

It's not my OC though. Why didn't you just say this to begin with instead of deleting all my posts and banning me for a month? I still fail to see how making fun of people abusing the term imperialism is the same thing as "minimizing" or supporting it.

I mean think of what this logic implies. Is saying the word nigger now "minimizing" or supporting racism? Is saying faggot minimizing or supporting homophobia now? Context matters a lot.

Im not going to act like im from here, im not. I've been sitting back for a long time…just watching. Not just watching here, but everywhere else you communicate as well, IRC, Discords etc; I did this because of invasions on my homeland as well. I don't fuck with infinity, too much shit goes on here that I don't agree with. After sitting back and just lurking I have come to an understanding. Your just as retarded as us over the 4th, not much different at all, just different views in certain key categories. You are being raided by 5 places right now ,we all are.
None of the above originate from the 4th, and never have, im there all day/night, I know wtf we get into. We don't give a fuck about you, your ideologies or your convo's. You like being able to have your convo's and research in peace…correct? So do we.
I have a feeling we ALL (As in 4chan, Holla Forums, Reddit, VOAT, and even old ass GLP) are being raided from the same source(s). Pretty sure the coordination is all by American Bridge/MMFA (Media Matters For America). David Brock who ran CTR and currently runs MMFA got 60 million for 1 year of internet spam campaigns (Can post proofs of spam campaigns if requested). Not just through forums and image boards…but social media as well. They have entire teams that do this 24/7. And I think that they are just mad that you guys didn't turn out to be that different from us. I really didn't expect to see you guys saying cuck, faggot and nigger here.
*Imagine* if we ALL came together to destroy the true spammers, the paid shills, so we could all go back to being retards in our own way, on our own boards again. 1 joint OP. 1 week of peace and cooperation between us all. And I promise you, between infinity, the 4th, plebbit, VOAT and even GLP (if they can get out of the wheelchair), It would be over in 1 week. We all have mutual enemies right now. I've read "The Art Of War" and the best thing I learned from that was "The enemy of my enemy is my friend". It could be a good line to live by. Just a thought. Either way, keep your bullshit off of 4pol all we do is make fun of you. I mean it can't be fun taking the kind of beatings you goys do when you come to our house trying to spam your bullshit. It does nothing but make us laugh at the weak ass attempts.

I see y*u too j*w girl. Do me a favor and type the word "god" real quick, prove your not a kike. @OP/MOD she's one of the cross spammers. She's is paid to be here. She also comes to the 4th to get her feelings hurt.

Have you ever considered that Holla Forumsacks spam and raid here because, well, they hate us? It's business as usual, you might not care about raiding but 4/pol/ has a huge amount of traffic, there's plenty of people who like wasting their time raiding us.

I'm tired of posting via iphone where it's a pain in the ass to do anything on.
I would like to appeal my "Blacks" thread, and I'm banned until October 17th.
People always assume that what I post is the worst thing possible, so I'm here to clarify my thread.
What I meant is "Is the black community mainly support leftism or not?" and the reactionary mods ban it for "Lol Holla Forums nigger thread XD"
Also, I went on #bunkerchan irc but the channel is eerily quiet

Truth is that most of those are Holla Forumsacks false flagging breh. Sometimes we get raided too and it's exactly the same style with the same content. Ban them. But traffic on cuckchan is too high. Btw reading your post is clear that you think of this place as PC central or that the commies want to cut your dick. Stay here a while instead of going back to Holla Forums. Lurk a bit and ask questions in good faith

this is not how you make a ban appeal, cunt

Friendly reminder that you need to do your part too.

ebin, simply ebin

I'm sorry, I really couldn't help myself. I hope your day is a little better because of it.

take your meds

You may want to talk to a therapist.

get a room!

Why was I banned, and without any reason?

Is it wrong to have an unpopular opinion that goes against current standard morality?

If you read my whole post, you'll see that there are actually positive outcomes of this, such as accurately testing chemical toxicity or medicine, instead of testing it on tiny animals who are different species.

My mistake, I wanted to say "falseflagging" but forgot to actually type it.
Now shut up and stop complaining or we'll range ban you

Even if you aren't a Holla Forumsshit you deserve worse than a ban. If I knew you IRL I'd kill you.

Please ban this edgelord, he posted similar responses to me

I didn't post in that thread. I guess multiple people wanna kill you now.

How many hot-pockets do you get for an hour labor voucher?

good to see the other hotpockets pick up the slack, a few days ago like half of the ban list had my name on it

We are paid in-kind at a rate of 3 hotpockets per hour, labour vouchers are utopian.

Oh, can't you please

I swear to god, this is all just a plot to force people into using "free" honeypot VPN
this or pay for VPN services
fucking lobbyists everywhere

Do you seriously not get what ">Muh Imperialism" means in this context?
It's about LARPers denouncing workers accepting foreign arms because their lives depend on it. Unlike certain some people's childish "Good VS Evil" fantasies there is no 'choice' between accepting aid or not accepting it. If you don't, you die.

It's same way the Soviet Union had to accept western aid because it would have otherwise resulted in the deaths of over a hundred million people in Nazi occupied territory. One important difference though is that the Soviets could actually push back due to their own economic and military cloud. This isn't the case for Rojava, which is a small impoverished landlocked region who's previous dominant economic activity was subsistence farming.
If you live in Europe consider volunteering for a refugee assistance and find out yourself of what these people are facing.

Jesus fucking christ, this makes me so fucking mad.

Can we start banning Incel threads? They never offer anything productive to this board and they pull over virgins from Holla Forums to complain.

Honestly the constant flood of "MUH M-L" threads are more cancerous. Pretty much the only way to get rid of incels is to ban talking about sex in general, and I can't say I agree with such a proposition. Mind you that I'm not saying we should ban M-L threads, just delete or anchor duplicates

but user, the USSR never had US bases stationed in their land. lets just ignore the fact that they invaded another country with the Nazis :^)

please anchor Holla Forums falseflag thread

can you at least clean up this Holla Forums propaganda leaflet/thread?

I always check the reports first, I can't keep checking the mod feedback thread. Use the report function.

This thread shows up in the catalog and it's on page 7, but goes 404 when I click on it:


it is on dumbass

truly the worst

Saw a Contrapoints thread in catalogue, I'm not particularly interested but I clicked because I was bored but it 404'd. It might not have been the best thread but I've seen worse. Why delet?

duplicate thread

Can y'all clean up the contrapoints thread.

Aww come on, there was no tiddi

It's a fine ass my dude but you oughta know better.

so some faggotron permabanned me for "pol" for calling ex-owner of leftypol discord a pedophile kike

what's the matter, triggered by some slurs? are you honestly defending pedophiles? people have the right to know about this autistic circlejerk

good I always use VPN and have dynamic IP anyway

you should have been banned anyway for being a faggot

Can we do something about all the retards who have turned up recently high off the ideology of Stefan Molyneux's new book with absolutely no idea how to argue but absolutely insistent they incorrectly use babba's big list of logical fallacies?

Other mod, hope you don't mind I unban this guy.

use the report function

My problem with this is actually describing someone being a moron doing this in under 50 characters.

don't worry, we'll check post history
just keep it short like "bait", "Holla Forums shit", "falseflag" etc.

I'm glad you guys let Holla Forums post here constantly but ban people for being mad about borderline/crypto-Holla Forumsyps for their shitty, lazy transphobic posts.


Please. Like I would ever expect the mods here to ban people for being bigoted dicks.

No, the problem I have is that there is an obvious double-standard if Holla Forums is able to get away with more than someone whom Holla Forums labels are idpol. More so considering that Holla Forums is considered by many here to be a form of idpol.

Holla Forums's idpol is more tolerated than the idpol of people who actually suffer a greater degree of violence than other identity groups (for whatever reasons you might ascribe that to).

Why do we have a mod who is banning users silently? Isn't at least part of the idea to set an example of the acceptable limits of behaviour on the board?

I think one of the other new mod prefers shadow banning. I like adding custom ban messages though.

the Cat alunya thread reached bump limit I believe. maybe add cyclical for the drawfriends?

Many requests left to do but pretty consistent with the OC creation and bumping and that. Instead of making other thread and make 124523 dump again.

Who says I can't do both? In all seriousness, you are somewhat right n1x, glad you actually appealed, I should crack down harder on Holla Forumsyps. Here, have your freedom.

Unfortunately cyclicals auto-purge older posts when it has hit the bump limit. Have you uploaded your stuff to the booru? That way you won't have to dump everything whenever somebody asks for it.


I'm more worried about the deliveries and requests and that.

Yeah cyclical purges older posts but some anons are still waiting requests. Is better than start all over and all thread deliveries gone anyway.


Alright, made it cyclical, have fun.


I'll grant you a free drawing

i think you got banned because your posts were unbearable in that thread
you can't claim victim status and maintain ironic distance at the same time

posting is slow

stop using the servers to host second life furry rooms

Can anyone even use that garbled mess to track you? It's not like it's your actual IP

Can you guys please ban this /r9k/ turbo autist?
He has been shitting the board pretty hard these past few days.

Banned, but I wouldn't be surprised if he just comes right back with another VPN or whatever. Just sage and report whatever stupid bullshit he posts.

You are no better than the Alt Right. You should feel ashamed of yourselves.

Punishing a dog for shitting on the floor isn't a contravention of "free speech" you stupid faggot.

let's just seize all moderation and quality policing since this guy wants his peaches frozen

Why the suden change of mind in the cat alunya thread.

like 2 people didn't think it was a good idea, and thats about it, not even like it was a bad idea or people disliked it or anything.

unless is just a shitposter. if thats the case carry one with the hot-pockery

h-how did you know?

that poster is not a mod, don't worry

Why are there suddenly so many anchored threads?

Why was this anchored?

too much spam, I unanchored the cities one but there's literally 2 threads about "hurr right wingers are cucks" next to eachother



we are being spammed witrh cheese pizza, pls remove cheese pizza and spammer

Please filter Femoid to "My Mother".

The fuck is femoid?

Why is the Rojava general still uncycled? What's your reasoning BO, and please elaborate on it instead of just saying "it's imperialist" or something akin to it.

Anyone else experiencing glitching right now?
Also test post

Why is there no accelerationist flag?

all is well

Why was this polyp banned? Which rules did he break?

I'm so frustrated with the mod team lately. Stop banning everyone or make it clear in the FAQ that you aren't allowed to post here untill you've read at least 50 books on communism.
Useless fucking cunts.


And this thread

Honestly, volunteers, you need to gulag yourselves asap. This place is becoming a horrible echo chamber

I'm asexual tho you dip

I understand you man. Just got banned for a day for posting this in a thread where OP searched for original. "image looks pol", seriously is the board unironically propagating black nationalism now? While anchoring all regular nationalist and zionist threads? Nice idpol preference.

The newmods are such shit. I literally browsed and posted on the board without problems for years, yet now gets banned for "pol" for whatever the newmods don't like.

Just like the newmods ruined Krautchan experience for me, they seem to be ruining leftypol now.

I really wish they would stop doing this in front of my children

Well now it's just adorable.

Can't see this ban in the ban log, I think it must have been removed or successfully appealed.

This, however, is nothing new. Zionists have p much been banned (silently mostly) since the foundation of the board. I think it's hotpockety as fuck and serves to stifle free discussion, now that the zionist shitposting clique is gone, but there's not much I can do to change it.

You should have appealed it, that's a ridiculous ban on a board which routinely refers to blacks as niggers as per imageboard edginess. Not to mention that there are no rules against it.

t. new mod, old poster.

So what did he do wrong apart from using the Z word? He advocated for turning Israel into a workers state, he was clearly just confused about what Zionism means.
I see no reason to just ban him.

Would you prefer that the people here who wrong-think hide behind false ideologies so they can post without fear of getting banned?
So many bans are because of "falseflags" - Well, I'm not surprised you'd think that when they need to pretend they're something they're not just to be able to have a discussion.

When you have a nazi who is actually interested and argues in good faith, we don't ban him. If he pulls out the jew infographs, we ban him. If he uses the anfem flag to shitpost about white men, we ban him. It's that simple.
You have to be behave, and be honest.

Wrong, they are being banned daily. That is what my entire rant is about you mongloid.

>still too fucking new to successfully link to another post on the same board

I wasn't trying to link to a post :^)
The ones that were banned were the OPs.

Use the global report function.

You know what OP stands for, right?

Original post(er), yes.

You speaking for yourself?

I've never been banned from leftypol since I'm a good lefty boy.
My theory is that a lot of right wingers that come here have far more potential to become solid left wing theorists than some of the leftist shitposters we have. I don't want them to get banned when they ask legitimate questions that could educate them.

I don't think the OP you want unbanned was asking genuine questions. Everything about his post screamed dishonest Holla Forums falseflagging. Unlike these unanchored threads that seem to have been created in good faith:

I suspect you're just saying that because he used the nazi flag. He might've been uninformed but whatever.
Wouldn't have minded if the thread got bumplocked, but banning him was retarded.

I honestly just think the mods have had a massive boner for banning people lately, finding some sense of meaning in their pathetic lives by pretending to be the protectors of leftypol.
And yes I am projecting.

And nothing of value was lost.


This. Stop being gullible faggots and learn to internet

remove dogshit Anfem H8 Anime Thread #496706750964809567482 pls

jim kicks ass at web design

Why this dogshit of a place lags so much? Jesus, 4chan has double the traffic of this place and run smooth as fuck.

Just press return page when your post is at 100%

My thread 2117390 was deleted.
Probably antifa mod getting mad.

I said antifa hurt us lefties and give us a bad name.
I get called antifa in debates when I say I visit protests and it's hard to get taken seriously in debates when they throw that at me to make my arguments invalid by association. Debates I would have otherwise won easily.

Posted an example video how antifa attack a group of homeless and peppersprayed them in the face in front of a group of workingclass people.
This is the shit that makes everyone think all leftists are idiots.

suggesting Holla Forumsacks to be banned from creating threads
leave them open to reply but the topics of "race and Autism Level" are done
just prepare a copy-paste reply you can put into the ban message

stop deleting comments for literally NO reason

Hey mods, I think it's about time we started treating Nazbols like stormfags. They should be banned due to the lack of contribution they make to Holla Forums aside from "le nazbol gang meme XDDDDDD"

most nazbols are actually recent converts from Holla Forums. still awful retards imho but idk I agree with you depends on their shitposting history. Banning most will surly make Holla Forums cleaner from boring shitposting.

Define nazbol. This could be just an excuse to ban everyone that has, socially speaking, mild conservatives ideas. Holla Forums shouldn't be an hive mind. People with different opinion make this board great

If anyone should be banned here, it's you


eagerly awaiting the asspained diatribe about the magnitude of this grave injustice

Nazbols already ARE treated like stormfags. If they start blithering on about how Jews and Niggers are why they can't get a gf, they get removed. If they stay calm and contribute, they stay. Under what extra criteria do you believe they should be banned?

Are you one of the original Albaniaposters? You seem oddly familiar

Again, banned for doing nothing wrong and the mods being retards again.

Help! A mod banned me for 13 weeks for “board-sliding” all I did was make two threads different days that said >how Holla Forums reacts to “shills” and one that said >do you trust human-genetic-engineering under capitalism?

How is that board-sliding? I only made 1 thread. Why am I banned for 13 weeks? Wtf sometimes the mods seem fucking delusional.

2 threads I mean

lol what the fuck, the vol who banned you should kill themselves

Yeah the mod that banned you has overdone it, but overly shit or simple threads in a short amount time can be considered as board sliding as Holla Forumsyps occasionally do this with Gorilla/shitposting. It doesn't help if you don't post in those threads either. Try appealing your ban next time and sorry for any trouble.


Ban incels

Not the banning mod, but he should be unbanned today.

Can someone filter "Sexual Free Market"?

Suggesting "the sexual free market" filters to "Ladies Night"

Fuck yeah. Please, mods, this filter idea is on the level of "Autism level" chuckles.

this needs to be done

Don't delete incel threads just because some people
act obnoxious in order to get them deleted


He's not genuine, it's obvious.


He's so obvious that it might actually be genuwine, though.

Let's not bring him into this, user.

Thank you :3

So if avatarfagging bannable or not?

I also would like to see this happen

I think it's fairly obvious that Holla Forums is using the anarcho-nihilist flag to false flag

Surprisingly, this is not the case. Maybe a third of the time, it's used by Holla Forums users to unfairly caricature anarchists, but the rest of the time it's used by genuine retards, like that tripfag n1x. Suffice to say, an-nihls are just retarded.

remove third milopedo thread and ban faggot OP, they're spam atp

It´s an easy electorate to manipulate, what is the big mistery?


Could you guys anchor of delete
It's a really bad shitpost. And these days we are already full of shitpost

Nice safe space lads

4 weeks for pointing out the fact that reactionaries are reactionaries

What's the context of that post

Let's find out

fugg :DD

Do it.

BO pls.

Since when did the board stop supporting tor-network posting?

ayy mods can you give babby a brief timeout to go read the FAQ? he keeps saying we're pro-shitlery SJWs

Why was the Rojava thread deleted and the poster banned?
The poster was criticizing those that oppose the Rojava revolution out of shallow fanboyism rather than as an opposition to the genuine failings of the socialist movement in Rojava. (For which can be provided plenty of examples) Since when is it mandatory to support governments that aren't even nominally socialist, and borders drawn up by western bourgeois empires?

The importance of opposing imperialism is because it is capitalism, not because of the sanctity of non-western bourgeois governments.
The "sovereignty" of Syria, an independent Kurdistan, Spain or Venezuela and other bourgeois nation-states - past, present and future, western or non western - isn't important. What matters is the communist movement and the class struggle, and opposition to all forms of exploitation. You can support Rojava as a movement of previous disenfranchised and exploited workers & peasants clamoring for emancipation, while still criticizing their cooperation with western governments, or presence of liberal values. (Such as the right to private property)

It's disgusting that self-proclaimed "socialists" demand that the workers and farmers of Northern Syria (not just Kurds) should get back into their pens and act against their own self-interests, because it might otherwise offend the fragile sensibilities of internet nationalists and bootlickers, who only support a perverted "anti-imperialism" as long as it lines the pockets of indigenous capitalists.
Read Lenin.

Also anyone pushing for conflict between the YPG and the SAA doesn't care one fuck about the people in Syria.

Why can't i start a new thread? This shit keeps popping up.

remove Holla Forums falseflag praising vegas shooter pls

I mean I use the NazBol flags for the memes

Please filter all variations of "Femoid" to "(my) mother".

again, I also would like to see this

That's fucking golden. I've been seeing that term pop up recently. It's stupid & deserves a filter. Just like
BO pls respond, the salt would be so great.

also can we filter america to "the hamburg empire"

Moderators are out of control. Congrats on turning this board into yet another leftist torture chamber. Truly, leftist censorship is as inescapable as death.


Every single post in the ban logs is bad and you should feel bad for making one of them. Get a girlfriend.

I don't know if this is the place to post but I couldn't get the daily news thread to post today. After the 3rd time trying, it looks like it posted in the catalog but I get a 404 when I click on it. Idk if mods should delete it or what. Is this more of a /sudo/ problem?

I fixed it for you.
You can fix it yourself if it happens again by following the instructions on the 404 page (or in this screenshot).

wow, I should really read. Thanks for this!

Jim's website fucking sucks

I fucking hate Jim's website so much

By now I have a fair amount of experience with each of Lynxchan, Infinity Next, vichan/Infinity/OpenIB/the name Holla Forums uses this month, and 4chan's software, and I think good imageboards just don't exist.


pointless test

One of the servers is broken. The people who know which one are all asleep.


mods suck down with the bourgeois

I wonder if posting has actually sped up.

lol, half the ridiculous time it was before. May as well just keep pressing [Return] as soon as the reply button says "Posted!'

polyps came with a visit and as usual they dindu nuffin

Why have bans stopped being placed/why has redtext stop being used?

probably because no one felt like using them

I use it most of the time. Some others don't.



Requesting removal of bumplock for














Internal Communiq-gay for NazBolacks, Kocab exitnode is now down, use one of the alternatives

Protect us from Zionist scum and JIDF infiltrators!

I think there's too much visible hotpocketing going on tbh

I'd prefer it visible to invisible, it helps keep them honest.

which one is it fellas

requesting that the bumplock be removed on this thread

use leftytrash

Is the leftcom saging every thread with "Read Bordiga" the same person?

shut up, opportunist. tbh, it's sometimes someone else

Holla Forumstards are infesting this thread. Needs a bit of a cleanup.

It's a fucking mess. I have half a mind just to anchor the thing because now it's just a vehicle for Holla Forumscucks to epic troll leftists by disparaging black people and collecting their (you)s when people reply to tell them how stupid they are.

Even though it has never been tried, putting the mod hash on and threatening people that respond to ban evaders could work.
Some mods are spergs that like clearing post history for regular users and silent banning people - these people are unironically the shittest mods in existence. Moderation done sparingly but visibly sends messages to lurkers and as long as the mod doesn't react in any real amusing way then it becomes effective.

I'm tired of Holla Forums freezing, going on ""maintenance"" every 3 days and being unable to post





And what crimes have this user committed that you would bring him before this tribunal?

Really nigger? Two whole pages of bumped dead threads with half of them being just one word?

For all I know it could be some drunkposting faggot. He dropped the spaghetti from his pocket and revealed that it was a piss poor raid attempt, so it has been increased.

Give Asserism/NazBol/NazCom discussion a containment thread m80s.

turd positionists should either fuck off to Holla Forums or despook themselves

Holla Forums won't accept it yet.


Seems to be several thread up shilling different forms of fascism or at least left-fascism. Smells like a targetet Holla Forums attempt similar to how leftypolers would shill Nazbol on Holla Forums:

Sorry bro, I think I accidentally gulag'd your reports.

Duginanon is genuinely trying to get his points across in an honest way, and hasn't tried to le epic redpill jewquestion anyone yet, so he can stay. The National Syndicalism thread was a genuine question thread by a confused user. The last guy is a total faggot and can come back in a few days when he has calmed down.

see pic.
does this mean that "google bookchin" posters get banned now and the volunteer stops fucking dismissing every report on nazbol and pol pot shitposts?

Holla Forums has shat its pants, so I can't go into the ban list and remove it. I think it's best to wait for the banning mod to come into the thread and explain, because I absolutely do not think shitposting is a reason for a ban, since the board has been full of it since day one.

fellas, you should add ban messages more often, I keep getting reports for posts which already got people banned

Unbanning through appeals still works, probably.

A.W. admits that he's here to troll and intentionally mislead. in this commentary, he explicitly says so, around 4 minutes

As far as I see it, someone who is intentionally trying to mislead people about Marx has no place here. there needs to be an absolute minimum requirement of good faith participation, especially in threads about theory and education. I've already filtered A.W. by name and trip, but at the same time, I don't want to see well meaning people misled, and I think A.W. and anyone conforming to his behavior should be banned.

Requesting for wordfilthering social democrat with social fascist.


why did the thread on muke & garyjohnson get 404'd

Give timestamps.

why am I surprised?

It's pre 4 minutes, watch from one to four.

0:59 and 1:34

A.W. was a brainlet all along.

A.W. has been banned. Would've been about damn time.

I never would have known because any time I see a post with AW attached i know immediately that there is nothing within that post of any value whatsoever and just skip over it.


He thrives off of attention and spergs out when his brainlet mind can't understand something (which is all the time, going by archives), I think four weeks is a bit too lax. Good job beating me to it.

In memory of our king lolcow, here are some archives.

why is he using a different tripcode?

Can someone ban this "user" namefag already? 99% of his posts are bait, so it's not like he's contributing to anything

can a volunteer explain this

It's possible they've already been banned and they are superfluous reports, but I haven't looked yet.

i assumed this was the case, but the last ban recorded in the log seems to be unrelated since the "nazbol" made another post since it

nvm it's resolved


Reports don't dissapear unless the reported posts are deleted, which is why you'll see them as dismissed. Most of the time the poster does get banned though.

ayy mods can you maybe anchor this thread

since its OP is an exact duplicate of

that or anchor them both since they're obvious b8

What do you say lads?

I think we need a comfy purge of the liberals. No language policing or anything, but we also extend the Asserist coopters ban to radlibs.

I agree.

Do you really trust the mods after the huge drama that happened with the imperialism bans? I get a horrible suspicion that any new bannable offence is going to result in people using it to prove a point against it and certain mods using it to remove posters they have a problem with.

hell yeah!
purge the chapo thread
like in good ol 30s

what did he mean by this?

Requesting to world filter A.W. to anal water.

I honestly do considering idpol is a much more clear cut issue amongst Holla Forumsers than the geopolitical clusterfuck that is the Syrian Civil War

1. it was bo banning people for imperialism, not the mods in general
2. there wasn't any "huge drama," most posters didn't notice or care

Hello, what is the reason International Holla Forums thread been anchored?

Stop shilling discord.


It's the largest left-wing chat after all.

Next shilling post will result in a ban.


Is connecting left-wingers considered shilling here?

If it's via discord, then yes

Why is there a prejustice against discord?



Hanlo can jannies clean my room?


Yo mods, the people in thread are 100% right. Don't let 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧them🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 allow us to forget 🍀🍀🍀THEM🍀🍀🍀, yer dirty sassenach!


Test again

Guys can you stop anchoring and deleting threads. I came to leftypol precisely to get away from the paternalistic reddit socialist sites and don't want this place becoming a mirror image.

Take this thread for example. Just because Op might be misconstruing something doesn't mean the whole thread should be thrown out.


Seconding this; we need the clovers back

that's why we use the good ol' anchor instead of outright deleting

>stop enforcing the rules and trying to keep your board clean guys you wouldn't want to look like REDDIT would you? :^P

That's why anchors are better. The board's slow enough that the discussion can continue for a while without staying alive and hogging the front page. You can always un-anchor a thread, and even when the mods over-reach they tend to fix it pretty fast when someone bitches at them. Pic related. This ban got removed almost immediately after I appealed it (just now). IMO that's a good approach to moderation. Contrast with reddit where the mods are cliquey and if someone fucks up they'll double down on you.

Third. Anglo hate isn't as funny as Hibernian hate (it's also not ironic in a lot of cases).

holy shit that ban

Eh, I've had worse. I only lost about 10 minutes of time because it was reversed so fast once I appealed it. Putting myself in the shoes of a volunteer looking for cancerous reddit posts I can see why it got the response it did.

I little overreacted, so I unbanned you today.

Please wordfilter ethnostate to safespace

how about you filter your face Ya pinehead

Stop bumplocking every second thread

Those threads belong on >>>/leftyb/.

This tbh.

Dead meme.

please dont waste my time with petty shit like this

mods duck dock

Post genetic makeup to see if whether or not leftists share common genetics.

Just served my time. Why is the BO so fucking stupid? Read the posts next time. My ban was in a thread about the LA shooting and I replied to a poltard and told him that I knew he wished that the shooter was a muslim to further his narrative. One month ban from the BO. The reason given was just "pol". Looks like the hormone treatment is starting to rot your brain you fucking freak. Just stay away from the bans and let the vols handle it.