Statement from DSA

Official statement from DSA on the cop.

This is pretty much the left wing of the DSA v. the dems in red, I think the latter will win.


I'm trying to like the DSA but
sounds pretty liberal.
The problem doesn't solely lie in the racism. If it were a non-racist police state it would not be okay either. sad!

6 Momentum + 5 Praxis = 11. Left has a majority on the 16 member NPC now.

which faction is the cop in

He was nominated by the Southern Caucus, I believe.


In America race is shorthand for class (especially among old white people.)

Dengist Socialfascists of America

Incomplete screenshot.

lol, what the fuck are you even talking about

Describing it as a racist police state is just adding an extra descriptor that bears relevance. It's not like calling a ball a red ball changes the fundamental nature of an object (i.e., that it is, in fact, a ball).

the problem isn't that we think he's racist though fucktard. the problem is that he's a fucking cop, which are capitalist henchmen by nature.

Dude you can't stop boomer "leftists" from inserting idpol into everything. It's best just to let them say their piece and then hope they die on their way out to the parking lot.


American police, as an institution, are overwhelmingly racist though, so it bears pointing out that he's not ONLY a capitalist henchman, but a racist capitalist henchman.

so why couldn't they bring themselves to say that? this is why I do not trust the DSA.

>objecting to characterizing the police state as racist because that's ~idpol~

this meme has literally gone too far.

What do you mean

"Racist police state" is pretty clear; an authoritarian, unjust violently aggressive state that is also fundamentally racist.

i mean like praxis, momentum, etc
or is that one of them?

the cop is on neither praxis nor momentum

no, it means the cop is free to go as long as he's not racist, since he's part of the non-racist police state :^)

It implies that a non-racist police state would be acceptable. This is why the neoliberal "left" refuses to die.

so he was one of the dems in red?

jesus no it fucking doesn't.

are you clinically retarded

yep he's basically a berniebro and he was on the news once criticizing sanders fans for being critical of hillary during the general. no idea how he won.


do you really expect me to fucking believe that after nearly a decade of nothing but idpol?

Idpol is when you ignore class in favor of identity, not when you acknowledge identity as a social concern

what the fuck is wrong with you? the police state disproportionately affects people of color, it's worthwhile to highlight how joining our cause will immediately benefit ~30% of the population


i dont even see the issue with this….
t b h i dont know much about U.S socialist groups but still
isnt DSA just social-democrats anyhow?
like who gives a fuck so the DSA put a cop on the steering committee
its not like the DSA is doing anything "radical" so how does it matter

Police officers should not be organized. In fact we should work with the bourgeoisie to bust police unions wherever they exist.

So they're liberals larping as socialists then. What's next, Bernie killing Rosa?

fucking wh?
like i know cops are fucking dicks and usually meat heads but cops are still workers at the end of it

kill urself

Police unions are the only unions the bourgeoisie activly defend

Cops serve as the bourgeoisie's domestic soldiers. Their "job" is to oppress and terrorize the working class. If you can't see this, you're retarded.

Every single cop that isnt some kind of subversive ot saboteur is an enemy of the entire working class.

The fact that the cop is still in the organization speaks about how inefficient and liberal DSA is.
He may only be kicked out because the internet is making a fuzz about it, but the truth is that most DSA members view the police as workers too, that's why their NPC is fine with organizing them. They see no contradiction in organizing the police.

interesting. tell that to Mao, Sankara, Castro and the Black Panthers.

While I do agree with you in that regard, I still see them as workers (of a sort). I think they should be given the choice of coming to our side, like everyone else. If they refuse, well, they are our enemy then

I went to a DSA meeting in Houston last night and the cop was there to explain his resume to people after the meeting and take down any concerns. The Houston chapter seemed based, though. Anti-Capitalist socialists and not soc dems

I was going to go but had family issues pop up. I've been trying to go all fucking summer and shit keeps getting in the way. Do you go regularly?

I hear there was 80 people there?

get off this fucking board. it's bad organizing. It's not inefficient. It's a democratic process.

This is extremely true. He only got on because he is from the South. He is also *coincidentally* the most right-leaning NPC member. He is true socdem dem party reformer.



Cops. Should. Not. Be. Organized. What doesn't this guy get?

He literally just balances out the bad with the good. And admits to returning to law enforcement organizing work later in life after leaving the CWA… meaning doing it even when his job didn't require it. Ridiculous. But makes sense considering he's the only NPC member who isn't a marxist and doesn't have any conception of class society and the police's role in it.

No one disputes that cops are economically part of the working class, but because of the role they play in society, they have a fundamentally anti-worker consciousness and they can't be radicalized so long as they remain police officers.

DSA membership is just more mad at him for this. He's on his way out for sure.

Makes some sense, he is being pretty aggressive. And he didn't refute what anybody said about him, he actually did organize with CLEAT independent of the CWA. I'd understand a little more if his contention was "I was just a liaison for CWA to CLEAT, I only interacted with CLEAT insofar as it was in the interests of other unions", but instead he just started out with that and then went on to say he worked for CLEAT organizing cops. Then he just berated the rest of the NPC for being cowards, the members that are angry with him and the chapters that are releasing statements. And him saying that he won't step down no matter what doesn't look that great. What is the point of being in a democratic leadership position if nobody trusts you or accepts you there?

Looks like all the more reason for him to get pushed out.

Real fucking annoyed by all the people I see on Twitter clamoring for no one to blame and harass the Austin DSA members, particularly @brutapologists. They should all be kicked out of the DSA and banned from all leftist groups. The immediate response to protect the reputation of chapter members who if they had a brain wouldn't have a fucking cop as their co-chair is damning. Why would I ever pay dues to an org like that.

Threadly reminder that the DSA is CIA controlled opposition


Nah mate, it's controlled opposition. Pic related.

This is true. Can you name one?

choose one

Please tell us what good party you endorse that isn't controlled opposition? Or are you just some LARPing tankie?


He is antagonizing twitter, the NPC and all the chapters who are coming out against him. The dude is going to get kicked out. The only reason they haven't done it yet is because they are "investigating". I think they may have been considering waiting to see if the anger died down, but now that Fetonte independently wrote up some aggressive bullshit I'm pretty sure he is going to be axed.

Nice spooks. Why would I endorse a capitalist party?
The only people LARPing here are the members of the DSA who LARP as leftists, and the CIA leadership who LARP as DSA organizers.

So you're literally telling us to do nothing? Fuck off COINTELPRO. Blatant as fuck.

It is damning of the organization that he wasn't vetted and that he wasn't immediately taken out when someone bothered to look into his past.
They've waited too long.
Every second they delay expelling him from the organization is another strike against them. I was seriously considering joining the org now that my town has a chapter, but not now. Anything less than a very public, harsh expulsion from the organization is unacceptable.

Nice try CIA. Read Lenin.

Read Marx you retarded tankie.

if it was controlled opposition, why would a cop join

So when he is kicked out the CIA leadership has some "credibility," this is fuckin obvious btw I bet none of the kids ITT knows anything about the history of American "socialist" organizations

fuck it. capitalism wins. lets all go home.


See, look at this drooling retard
When they remove him, he will crawl on his hands and knees to worship the based CIA assets because they stood up to the fascist police.

so if they elected a cop or didn't elect a cop, the effect would be the same and would still be onboard (assuming he is now or whatever). so there was no point in fucking doing it.

I assure you I have no intention of ever joining the DSA. The fact is that they are run by imperialists regardless. The cop is just the cherry on top.

well theyre not run by imperialists anymore

DSA is made up of liberals and Bernie Bros.
I went to a meeting in the west coast, and it was filled with id-pol transfeminists, BLM liberalism, and I even met a couple of girls pushing me to learn Esperanto.
It's a liberal cesspool, just like the rest of California.

sounds like my chapter in Indiana, except for the trans part.
We only had one Esperantist but he showed up twice after the election and never returned.

Overall identity politics is a problem but at least my local is clearly Marxist and pushing pretty good education on the newly radicalized.

mines maoists and trots

and anarchists

There are clearly some socialists in DSA, but I don't know how they tolerate the stink of identity politics. It is counterproductive and divisive.

I can sort of understand why we would help some local Mexicans fight for a better contract, and why learning some Spanish would be useful, but reading about feminism is literally liberal campus politics.

actually, appealing to the immediate interests of literally 50% of the population….well, it's good folks.

identity politics: more female CEOs!
not identity politics: capitalism fucks over black people way harder than everyone else

You can also appeal to 50% of the population by holding TV nights where you watch Game of Thrones with other DSAers, but it has nothing to do with socialism.

i mean, my DSA chapter goes out drinking and holds social events. but obviously feminism is related to socialism. as is anti-racism, etc, etc.

sexism, racism, and homophobia are ways by which capitalism fucks over specific groups of people.

For example, most women in the feminist working group are attention seeking aging liberals who only became radicalized because of Zionist Sanders. They talk about bullshit like sex-positivity (to make it clear that they're there to bang) and other stuff typically found in college campuses.
I get that we must educate people interested in socialism, but we can't let new people in leftism veer the organization into toxic tumblr identity politics. Or worse, Occupy rhetoric where "cops are working class too". Too many DSAers are protecting DF.

It varies a ton between chapters. Some are full of communists while others are ex-dems upset with the party.

oh you've drank the kool-aid.
talking about fat-shaming slutty women has nothing, NOTHING to do with Marxism.

Now this is subtle.

jesus you're dense. if you don't there's a distinctly capitalist/pre-capitalist property aspect to our cultural insistence on monogamy, you're dumb as fuck. even Engels commetned on this. being anti-slut shaming or whatever you want to call it is acting in direct opposition to ideological hegemony of capital

fat shaming obviously has roots in advertising and image and shit and i think it'd be more useful to talk about it in those terms.

it's identity politics when you think of this issues as problems of individuals to be educated away, not as problems of capitalism that must be destroyed

Go back to r/socialism if you need identity politics.
Marxist feminism is a real thing that should be embraced. The women I've seen in DSA, who are obsessed with identity politics, never show up for labor rights or political education. They only care about talking about the wage gap and abortion without a marxist foundation.

I think you are overstating it, but for sure we shouldn't be slut shaming or whatever. I don't think it is particularly important for our politics, but I generally expect to see this stuff with most irl politics.

It's identity politics if they talk about they're specific group is negatively affected by society without analyzing the root cause.

These women don't even care about child daycare, or the experience of working class women in the neighborhood. They care about middle class problems and their feelings.
This overweight comrade is always hitting on other men and talking about sex-positivity, she's in her 30. It's cringey and not productive.

DSA is a Democratic Party front. They are going to listen to his liberal, Lee Fang, and allow the cop to stay in the NPC.

They don't care about all the letters the membership writes. According to liberal parliamentary logic, since DF did not break any rules, he gets to stay in power for the next two years. If you disagree you are an agist and a tankie.

actually they still are. there was zero leadership change.

NPC has been taken over by actual leftists so you are full of shit. They gave up dem entryism years ago. Fuck off FBI.

DSA does not want to create an alternative party. Most of their memberships honestly believe that they can shift the Democratic Party to the left by applying pressure. They believe in reformism, not socialism.

You've got it wrong, I was laughing at the implication that fatties get to slut it up.

Redbull this Euro on why hijacking the Democratic Party apparatus is an absolute no-go. I admit it sounds pretty unlikely, but it's probably the only chance America has.

I'm sure they will kick the cop out and they've only grudgingly put support behind certain progressive dems and that was before the new NPC was elected. Some members may only believe in putting pressure on the dems, but that doesn't represent DSA as a whole.

Still mad about everyone bullying your Trot paper salesmen at the convention?

Fat women definitely do get to slut it up. I know quite a few fatties that do. Doesn't work that way for guys though.

Fair enough, the fatties in DSA probably don't, but they sure try.
And to be fair, there are some desperate people willing to fuck them in DSA.

I am being a bit crude, but the point is that DSA is not a place for recent college grads to pick up other desperate people. We are here to build a socialist organization in this backwards country.

If you form a real opposition in the party, they can just ban you, saying you're "not a real democrat," and shit like that. If you just attempt to reform the party, you become one of them. Pretty simple.

Moreover, Marx and Lenin were very clear that you have to
and you can't just take it over an expect it to work for proles.

They need to become more serious then. I'd be more likely to join if I didn't get the perception that the DSA is a social club for NYC twitter celebs and their online friends.

Proper fatties don't really get to, chubbies yeah but I can't see anyone wanting to stick it in trigglypuff no matter her personality and politics.

Picking up girls is definitely a European socialist thing.


I don't even think Lee Fang is a member. You keep making random shit up.

And? It's been like 4-5 days. For most people that included 1-3 days of travel. They only now received this statement from him.

This post/article pretty much summarizes why DSA is garbage.

forgot to quote:

They write the rules. The Democrat party is privately owned. They probably ALREADY have rules against hostile entryism (probably a rule against being a member of another party). Also, the Labor party in Britain did this to Trots who were trying to get into the party. They simply banned all Trots from joining. The DNC would have no obstacle doing the same thing.


So? Let them do their due diligence.

I'm not sure if I want the DSA to do anything at all tbh

is anyone else here genuinely surprised how many people here un-ironically supported Succ-Dems?

They aren't succdem officer.


cept it is full of succ-dems t b h

Municipal Socialist Department of America

DSA, SAlt, and the ISO have the same exact problem. New members who are no different than the Democratic Party progressives.

New people signing up isn't the problem, it's the way these organizations educate them that's the problem. Their introductory packets, if they even have them, are dogshit. The Black Panthers introductory reading puts it to shame.

what people on this board need to understand is that individual DSA chapters have so much autonomy that each person is probably going to have a very different experience with them.

That's a bad thing though. It means it isn't really a national organization, just a bunch of loosely-associated clubs whose main office is run by cops and socdems.

How is any of that a bad thing?

Organizing under DSCIA is a dead end. That's why it's bad. They can do the same organizing outside of it.


and to further add, DSA hurts the left by taking socialists from real leftist organizations. and after the Democratic Party becomes an obvious CIA tool, possible future leftists become disinterested in politics