Do we all agree?

Do we all agree?

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what's the light green vs the dark green?

I don't know who deserves it more, the An-Caps or the An-Prims.

Reminder that Ancaps are not actually anarchists.

Light is eco-anarchism
dark is primitivism.

the latter is I gotta say quite stupid. I have talked with a lot of primitivist, they're just primitivist because of beliefs. but whatever they don't oppress anyone, like the capitalist does.

Caps easily. Primmies are just dumb as shit not authoritarian.

I agree

That they go first? Sure. Prims, Fems and Egos are next though.

lol ok

edgy an-caps have no place in the world of tomorrow, you've been spooked


basic bitch level reading of stirner tbh

we got some of those here but they're rare tbh. people who don't read trigger me but whatever I don't condemn them.

You don't need to pour through much material to come to the understanding that Anarcho-Individualism and Anarcho-Collectivism don't fucking mix.

If you think you can knock some sense into them be my guest, otherwise they need to follow the sneks.

but seriously man

there's few people as spooked by author fanboyism as stirnerites

the author is dead and you can't speak to ghosts

What's your point exactly, because the only context seems be that we shouldn't read dead people writing.

my point is that "that's not what stirner meant at all!" is a nonsensical statement. for all we know the ego and his own might have been actually been about dandelion cultivation.

_°/° //


It sure as fuck doesn't mean collectivist. Egoism is almost as much of a meme as Primitivism, but at least the prims aren't fucking smug about how retarded they are.

dude… collective, individualist. do you know all that can change in the snap of your fingers?

do you actually THINK hahah the Union of Egoists is fucking each other over? well if it's sexual fucking with consent yes. But you don't understand anything about Stirner.

Read Stirner Critics.
You have been in an Union of Egoists at some point in your life, but now that you don't have friends. Idk man get your shit together go out more.

I hope you're on PC so you can read those images. Thank you for reading if you did.

Who wouldn't?

Here dude page 26. It's only 3, 1/2 pages what you have to read. Come on it's easy.



Sitting on buildings would probably hurt.

They'd probably just crumble.

How else would we smash the state? :^)

Because of Pacifist friends participate (in a way) as well.