Why do people here hate AnPacs?

Why do people here hate AnPacs?
I've even got heat from AnCaps


Because it's peak idealism.


We can use the Bourgosie's tool of elections against them.

Unironic anarcho-pacifists are genuinely the stupidest fucks. If you are an Anpac, you're a useless liberal.

what the fuck? how? they are always about enforcing peace and muh NAPs, you are virtually the same.

You don't always have to fight. You can be medics and stuff…I can teach my children and their children

I got called a dumb commie and how Marxist Leninists are everything about Commumism

That's not being a political pacifist. That's just following a pacifist personal philosophy.

ummm let's be honest man that is incredibly unlikely. Sorry if you aren't a burger, but to US electoral politics as an example, you think you can elect any politician capable of meaningful change?
First, you need money to run for office, money which generally comes from the Bourgeois itself. Good luck getting elected when your pitch is to destroy their power structures.
Secondly, our government was designed to resist radical change, we call it checks and balances. No one politician can get elected to office and hope to do anything crazy without having their laws vetoed by another part of the government. I mean its the Court's job to determine if your laws/acts are constitutional, I'm pretty sure its unconstitutional to dismantle the constitution.
And all of this is assuming the deep state doesn't assassinate you while trying to do any of this.

An unwillingness to struggle indicates a contentedness with the status quo

I'm a euro

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shut the fuck up. if an anarchist doesn't wants to participate he won't participate, nobody is his boss here, he can do whatever the fuck he wants.

A system that uses violence to maintain itself cannot be overthrown peacefully. Winning elections and getting control of the state just means that you have acquired a new tool for violence. Of course, liberal democracy would turn into fascism if there were a workers movement large enough to pose a threat.

Co-op Network could legitimately be a peaceful solution. All these liars pretending they glorify violence would never be a part of revolutionary violence in actuality and they all know it.

wait wait wait
is anarchopac the youtube guy like supposed to be anarchopacifist?

I think we all agree.

Thank you friend

so its really not all that different. NHS as an example in the UK is constantly at risk of being gutted. A nice reform to cancel out the bullshit of capitalism, nevertheless constantly at the risk of capitalism's push to privatize. Social democracy in Scandanavia faces a similar risk. Name one country in which you think you can vote the bourgeois away?

Pretty sure no.
Watch his video 'What do anarchists think of violence', which is pretty conclusively against the idea. He's just an AnCom intersections femimist, to the best of my knowledge