Just collecting my fives

Just collecting my fives.

5 golden manbabies to you good sir



Good day to you sir.

ofc our biggest god meme took them

All manbabies, golden or otherwise, already belong to me, but I appreciate the formality.

this is now an egoist board

This was always an egoist board.

Those digits could have gone to something meaningful, but congratulations nonetheless… I guess. Checked.

how do we stop this egoist menace? he's "taking" everything!

But they did. I claimed my property and through their use I have momentarily satisfied the desires of The Unique One.

It is too late. All property is already within my grasp. What remains is just for me to exert my will over my property, which will come in the fullness of time.

I believe you meant my fives.
Numbers are my property.

Actually reading Stirner.
This guy either misreads Descartes or is purposefully corrupting his philosophy ; he managed to quote him to make him say the exact reverse of what Descartes think.

spooked as fuck

no. it's you not understanding him. After you finish that book go with Stirner's Critics.

Where he points out on all the ways people misunderstood him. It's not easy writing the kind of book he wrote with the German christian language of the time also a lot of specific things get lot in translation, little things. It's good that you're not echo chambered at least. Keep reading.


There is also the chance of me being a complete retard, but to me, Stirner just quote-mined Descartes without actually looking into his metaphysics.
You'll argue that all metaphysics are inherently spooked, and I think that's a deeply materialistic point of view.

In fact, my main issue with Stirner so far is that he didn't consider that Spiritualism is something natural, he always views it as a man creation and destroys it on that basis.


Where do you think you are?

keep reading Stirner. It's doing you good, opening your mind to that thing you forgot about with indoctrination. Yourself.

btw download Acrobat Reader it's free. Do this so your eyes don't bleed. np.


Thing is, Spiritualism and spiritualistic ideologies have had a considerable impact on mankind through history, and I think it's simplistic to reduce them as fairy tales or a "greater thing which does not exist".

Some people like to give themselves to a cause.

I'll do, and keep a separate sheet where I write down everything I disagree with. At least he's entertaining to read, unlike Kant.