We should form a "manarcho-brocialist" movement just to piss off SJWs and all the idpols flirting with anarchy/Marxism.

- What colors would we be? Black and …? Maybe some pattern to denote that it's not especially serious (like a red bandanna)?
- How could we formulate it intentionally to basically be black/red without SJWs?
- Should we claim anyone to be /ourguys/ ?

tbh i dont think Google guy deserves all the shit he's getting.

v—– related reading —v

Manarchists and brocialists are basically boogiemen used by idpol neolibs to silence anarchists and socialists into confirming to their "politically correct" narrative and whatever agenda they push with it. So a manarcho-brocialist must be especially spooky to those types who are applying that label

He worked for Google, he deserves worse.

Feminism is bourgeois, it is only a reaction to bourgeois democracy.

The Google guy is a molymeme fan and a low key fascist. He deserves much worse.

I would normally agree with this, but he made it fairly obvious that he's a fascist, and ranted about cultural marxism unironically. So fuck that guy.

I guess it's only dialectically right to create a moronic ideology which will inevitably attract actual morons.

Zizek is really our only guy

feminism. OG feminism is anarchist.

feminism is about destroying the heriarchy that is in gender roles. The one of the boss of the house (male) and the servant of the house (female).

It also reject marriage and all that shit.

Read anarcho-feminism dudes. Don't be echo chamber just because Tumblr politics are a shit and a complete mess of idpol.

Coming from the right, I can't tell the difference between brosocialists and the skeptic community except for a great critique of capitalism.

Use dark blue and vermilion
take any marxist text you find and replace bourgeois with thot

Really activates my almonds.

Epic meme. Almost all cultures consider the household the woman's domain, not the man's.

tbh you should be trying to attract them and convert them by de-spooking them. idk why you don't care about making more friends.

more friends = more power, even if it's a morbidly obese bitter ugly woman.

pissing them off is contra-productive unless you're comfortable with the amount of allies you have already & you're gonna do it for lulz.

you didn't understood anything that I said lol. ok man.

No, I understood it fine. You don't understand what the phrase "to be the domain of" means.

We need to continue pushing them out of the left and branding them radlibs/radical liberals/anarcho liberals. It's been working well to discredit them and make them look stupid, we shouldn't adjust our tactics and branding to work around their faggotry - they need to go and it needs to be us that forces them out.

This is true. But I also feel that it is irrelevant. I don't much care if women are or aren't underrepresented among the wageslave coders and bloodsucking managers of Silicon Valley, and neither should anyone. I doubt many of these "feminists" of people like the google guy can be made to see it like that. Engaging with them at all has minimal value.

good way to divide people instead of moving them more in the right direction…
What in "workers of the world unite" don't you get?

What's the saying about acting like idiots and then getting accompanied by actual idiots? Of course the strategy is to convert those idiots into non-idiots, right? I hate to inform you that that has never worked.

His property. In the family hierarchy the man is the head, shit needs to be his way or else his inner wife beating redneck comes out to suppress his wife.

In the 50s this was 100% legal and unquestioned.
What OG feminism was about was to break that shit, break that heriarchy and look at everything at how it is she is her own individual Clauda and the husband is his own individual Fernando. There is no oppression or hierarchy between them.

That Tumblr practices a twisted retarded form of Feminism. That isn't my problem.

Well then you didn't even read what I posted because that's not what I said. Which is par for the course with feminists, who seem to have a hard time with reading comprehension generally.

Similar to how an-caps practice a retarded form of "anarchy".
If it ain't about destroying hierarchies it ain't anarchism.

Tumblr feminists aren't as big as a problem as people think. It's just a giant strawman of feminism. It's hard not to see the reactionary outlook of brocialists once being a reactionary myself. The hatred toward feminism is highly overrated.

Oh wow.
This faggot believes it is possible to convert and de-spook rabid coloured haired man hater "feminists" and mentally ill trans creatures.
Son, the very reason why they are so spooked and drowned in idpol in the first place it's because they are all mentally unstable and beyond saving. There is no cure for them and trying to get to them
will just result in more harm to us as it has already happened to pretty much every leftist movement IRL.

The liberation of females goes with the end of private property. Well ge got the liberation of females, now we have the power structures changing to the opposite of what was in the past. Feminism has served its purpose, now it works to preserve capital.

It's possible to de-spook everyone. The belief that it's impossible it's actually a spook. so suck it.

Embrace Stirnerism-Nechayevism lads

He deserves worse.
Not for the intended gist of what he wrote, but for the little asides that revealed what a stupid faggot he was.

If we abolish cohabitation then this problem would go away.
Can't have a hierarchy with only one person :^)

Agreed I don't see why give a fuck.
Brocalism or anything as such is the same shit Holla Forums does but with some lefty views. It's socially retarded reactionary attitude. Thats why you see it a lot in gamers and weaboos.

Irrelevant bs tbh "leel I troll u xD". don't count me in. You Brocalists reading this. You niggas don't even know how to troll hard. Bye.
Shit thread.

So we, Holla Forums, would do best to adopt more actually reactionary ideology to draw fash and pseudofash away from Holla Forums, seeing as how we're on Holla Forums, are of imageboard culture which has been taken over by Holla Forums a lot of the time, and are already regarded as excellent bigots by the idpol pseuds.
Invite retards and you get retardation, blackf(l)ag-san

Fuck that m8

Fuck off reddit. It's a bad idea but you're a faggot.

Liberal feminism was a mistake

Big fucking shock.

Liberal feminism was a mistake

Nazbols and tankies fresh from Holla Forums would genuinely and unironically be better than the fucking reddit scourge thats been killing this board. Attracting them would be better if we were going to adhere to that posters logic.
Both are retardation that drag it down though. But the fucks who post withthe black flag probably wouldnt be able to stomach the native form as much as mrs. pronoun problems.

This, the only place for SJWs after a revolution would be in a psych ward.


boy, those patently false blanket generalizations sure showed me.
you sound like a really cool guy I bet you're social and go out a lot we could all learn form you :)) :) :))

Nobody wants you mentally ill, obese, blue haired fucking dykes here. Fuck off.

Or authoritarian liberal. haha."regressive left"

dialectics, man

Pretty much. And they scare centrists/the right into believing that all lefties are the angry "check your muh privilege" purple-haired genderqueers who want to kill all cis men and this and that, this and that

There's actually an image in the OP about this issue.

it's not patriarchy ancom. That would make absolutely no sense.

Yes – you hit the nail on the head

To cooperate with feminists is to request a knife in the back.

Just dawned on me that the first pic looks more like the average feminists than the BROCIALIST

Yes, it's an anarcha-feminist attacking sexist anarchists, which … is a boogeyman construct…? Everyone knows that patriarchy is Porky. There's no way an actual anarchist could also be for institutional / cultural / personal hatred of women.

How did you fare on the "are you a manarchist" flowchart? I got over 5 points …..


We should stick with 'brocialism' because anyone who isnt a total autismo views the term 'bro' positively. It can get normies on our side.

One manarchist brocialist is still better than 1000 #woke neoliberals any day of the week

No, its retarded to make your politics to be based entirely in reaction, especially to such small grouping of political movement as this particular subset of the Western leftism or feminism

Fuck off.










Thats another thing all you bitches do is bitch and label. Eat shit.












We already have. There is no need to make ourselves into a caricature over it. We are not defined in opposition to them.

Paragraphs aren't "reddit spacing", also what's specifically wrong with what he said? I thought anarchists are against all kinds of hierarchy.

Oh, that arrangement that stopped existing in any meaningful way about sixty years ago? inb4 Saudi Arabia

Paragraphs are not one sentence long.

I don’t think the google guy should be punished for his opinions, he should be punished fro the fact that he worked for Google instead.


He should be punished for breaking solidarity with his fellow workers honestly. It's strange how out of all the creepy shit google does it is the whole "diversity" thing that bothers him. That along with the fact that he is apparently a huge molyneux fan says volumes about him.

I don’t call myself a brocialist because it’s cringy and it isn’t a true ideology. I just call myself a Nazbol because well she deserved it.

Google is probably trying to do divide and conquor so people don’t unionize.

A couple years ago a company in Texas had a memo leaked that detailed how to control employees, primarily young men and how to exploit them emotionally by contacting their piece of shit greedy wives and giving them joke jobs so that the wives are equally investing in helping abuse the men working 80+ hours a week. It was atrocious, classist, and targeted directly toward men. no surprise, no-one gave a shit. none of the SJW-left even noticed.

In fact, I can't even seach for it anymore because this is getting so much god damn attention.

Classism -> Racism -> Sexism (and it's against men)

Calling oneself a feminist is pointless and a unnecessary tag to attach to oneself. It only gets in the way of the true goal. Simply giving women equal treatment will not tear apart the system. Rather it will adapt. Capitalism is not white, cis, amd male. It is anything and everything it can use to keep it's claws embedded in the world.
We see this in company's pandering to lgbtq and feminists. They are seen not as a threat but simply as another target market.

You do not make more friends by surrounding yourself with people whose main operational principle is to alienate everyone. You make more friends by disassociating yourself from them.

lol, he's getting punished by YOUR side. You should be celebrating instead of getting assblasted, user-kun.

This garbage thread is sliding quality to the bottom

I'm all for forming a pseudo-group to troll them, but I'm afraid of spawning an actual retarded group. See Kekistan.

If Manarcho-Brocialism keeps itself to memes and trolling Twitteratti, great. Anything beyond that is risky.


This. Acting retarded on purpose is used against you like judo far too easily.


you are clinically retarded please stop posting

I can see why nazbol is so popular here.