How Would A Leftist Go About Successfully Red-Pilling A Guy Like This?

Had to screenshot the comment and post it here. The guy's *insane*. That's what years of Infowars, Stormfront, unemployment and feelings of inadequacy can do to a healthy man's mind. He's hopelessly spooked. Bet he ain't had a shower since last month and leaves his computer on overnight in his dark, dingy room littered with empty beer cans, Nazi paraphernalia and empty bottles of lotion.

Posting this thread cuz I dunno how to rep-pill people this far down the rabbit hole of white supremacy. Where do you even start when a guy thinks the Jesuits are crypto-Satanic Jews that wanna destroy the white race by teaming up with African communists to breed Europe outta existence?

Let's brainstorm this shit…

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Work around him and shoot him at the end.

Some people are not worth saving.


please use the proper word

Noice. Didn't even know that was a thing.

Why would we want insane people on our side?

Your arguments are shit and you know it.

Read Foucault I guess.

Holy shit

You're one of the schizos that writes walls of texts with no responses, aren't you?

I'm seriously sick and fucking tired of white people. Literally every single road block Socialism has ever hit was due to white people interfering and fucking it up. The moment any Socialist party comes to power the FIRST thing they absolutely must do is institute compulsory castration of every straight white male penis. The less chances for white babies to be born, the more likely it is that the Socialist society will flourish.

You retarded redditor, white people are just the majority population of the first world.

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Israel sold weapons to Apartheid S. Africa tho

Arguments only work on people that aren't crazy.

TIL that nationality is genetic and that as an American with mostly Anglo roots apparently I am actually British cause my ancestors left Britain in the 17th century.

They were also one of SA's main trade partners and a major boycott buster, they basically used the bantustans as SEZs.

Is that figure even real? While SA does have a high murder rate I've never read anything to suggest most black-on-white murders were racially motivated. If anything most of the murders seem to be black-on-black.


Its been 3500 murders of white farmers since the beginning of this decade and things have really cooled down from how it used to be. It also happened in Zimbabwe.

Is that actually what they're doing though? America did elected Trump.

Nah afro. Come up with your own arguments.

With a massive boomer vote in his favor, don't get caught up in Holla Forums's delusions of grandeur, the youth largely voted Clinton (with no grassroots support to boot).


To save them from themselves.


I dunno if this guy's a one man roadblock in the path to socialism, but yeah, he's pretty clueless of what actual communism/socialism is. Spooks are a Porky's best friend for a reason.

So did Burgerstan. The international Jews must hate communists of all colours. Who'd have thought?

Trannies ain't a byproduct of capitalism like class or the concept of race though so as Marxists we really don't have to give a shit bout that idpol nonsense to be honest.

So what if South African blacks are killing whites. After apartheid they honestly have the right to expel the white population.

I would seize his means of getting access to potent amphetamines.

eat shit and die you sperg.

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