Daily News Thread 8/10

Cuban diplomats expelled from US after US embassy staff experience hearing loss

The two-year-old U.S. diplomatic relationship with Cuba was roiled Wednesday by what U.S. officials say was a string of bizarre incidents that left a group of American diplomats in Havana with severe hearing loss attributed to a covert sonic device.

'Our Job Is to Scare People' about North Korea: NBC's Williams

Brian Williams is also known for describing U.S. Tomahawk missile hitting Syria as "beautiful."

Trump on ‘Fire And Fury’ Warning: Maybe Statement Wasn’t Tough Enough

Trump on his 'fire and fury' warning to North Korea: Maybe statement wasn't tough enough.

Trump Tells McConnell to ‘Get Back to Work’

President Donald Trump slammed Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for the third time in two days over the failure of Congress to eliminate Obamacare, escalating a war of words with a fellow Republican who is key to advancing the president’s agenda.

Merkel support slides six weeks before election, SPD rival even weaker

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, about to return from holiday, has seen her popularity fall by 10 points just six weeks before an election in which she hopes to win a fourth term.

China seethes on sidelines amid latest North Korea crisis

Angered as the United States and its allies ignore Chinese calls to calm tensions over North Korea, and distracted by domestic concerns, China is largely sitting out the latest crisis with nuclear-armed Pyongyang.

Beijing says US destroyer violated China's sovereignty & security

The US navy destroyer, which sailed closed to the island claimed by Beijing in the South China Sea, has violated international law and endangered China’s national security, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said.

With Bank Subpoenas, Mueller Turns Up the Heat on Manafort

U.S. special counsel Robert Mueller is bearing down on former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort as he directs a wide-ranging probe into Russian interference in last year’s presidential election.

Militants trapped in Raqqa center but Syrian Kurd commander sees long battle

U.S.-backed forces now have Islamic State fighters surrounded in central Raqqa, a Syrian Kurdish commander said, but he predicted that driving the militants out could take up to four months.

Tainted eggs in Denmark: 20 tonnes sold

Twenty tonnes of insecticide-tainted eggs have been sold in Denmark, the country's food safety authority says.

Amber Rudd falls for hoax email prankster who also fooled Trump administration officials

The email hoaxer who previously duped Trump administration officials, as well as the governor of Bank of England, has tricked yet another high profile individual into engaging in an email exchange. UK home secretary Amber Rudd is reportedly the latest victim of the email prankster who goes by the pseudonym Sinon Reborn.

Saudi Arabian singer hit the dab on stage - then got arrested and apologised big time

A Saudi Arabian singer was arrested after performing 'the dab' – a banned dance move – on stage. Abdallah Al Shaharani has apologised for dabbing at a concert in ultra Conservative Islamic kingdom.

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Why Some U.S. Ex-Spies Don't Buy the Russia Story

In 2003, when a number of former intelligence professionals formed a group to protest the way intelligence was bent to accuse Iraq of producing weapons of mass destruction, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote a sympathetic column quoting the group's members. In 2017, you won't read about this same group's latest campaign in the big U.S. newspapers.

From the FBI to NASA, Here Are Trump’s Research Cuts

The value of R&D contracts awarded by federal agencies has fallen 16 percent so far this year. This chart gives the blow-by-blow.

Rogue state, what rogue state? Burgeoning EU-Iran relations signal US adrift

The phalanx of European leaders, ministers, and dignitaries, attending the inauguration of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani last weekend was a stunning snub to Washington. It was also a clear signal the US is losing its thrall over Europe.

Why Saudi Arabia is attacking its citizens

The town of Awamiya in Qatif is one of the most vocal areas calling for reform and more rights for both Shia and Sunnis in Saudi Arabia explains human rights activist Ameen Nemer.

U.S. Pipelines Spill 9,000 Gallons of Dangerous Chemicals a Day


ah I was wondering when they were going to red scare again

Haha, piss off burgers, europ time again.

More proof that peasents are greater than megga-farms.

normie memes BTFO

how long until we start hearing news about mass starvation and torture in "Comkmie" Cuba?

You mean Guantanamo?


Quite a generous description of the US.

North Korea isn't a Saint and neither is the US. They both overlap in problems and to hold one to a higher standard would be hypocritical.

I'm saying that there are problems that the DPRK needs to solve on its own and this bullshit is just exacerbating it. It's making North Korea's existing problems that much fucking worse.

The US is being fucking criminally irresponsible with this horse shit

Can someone tell me what the dab has to do with smoking cannabis oil?


The way I see it out of everything the USA can do wrong on the table at this point they're taking the smallest collateral possible and basically condemning themselves to a nuclear holocaust that will leave them as a global oddity for the sake of Korea. Seems a pretty decent trade because I doubt any of the allies of them or the Norks will get involved with this shit at a nuclear level.
I would unironically trade all of Korea for no more USA, silicon valley, CIA, google, Musk, DC, Big X, and so on.

What is this, the fifties? The US goes to war with NK and becomes utterly paranoid about commie super science?
This idiotic march to war has to be resisted, stand with the DPRK and Venezuela against US imperialism.

when you take a dab (or a hit) sometimes you cough if you're new to it. The dab "dance" is an exaggerated cough.

An exaggerated cough? I guess I am a nerd…

Holy shit I never knew. Fucming normies god damn.

Wtf I love Saudi Arabia now

Lmao I love how journalists write about third world countries and the US completely differently. There was an article I saw once but sadly lost that was great, read like 'The American legislative body, based in capital Washington D.C., is stymied by personal rivalries and corruption, and the country is failing to provide basic services to citizens due to political dysfunction", and so on. It was great.

Bumping with some news from here:

Atlanta gym owner makes no apologies for 'No Cops' sign

"Despite the backlash, Chambers says he still stands by the message it conveyed.

"We've had an explicitly stated 'No Cop' policy since we opened, and we also don't open membership to active members of the military," he said.

For Chambers, a lifelong political activist, the sign and policy is a political statement outside a multi-use space which serves as a gym, community gathering spot and meeting place for activists in the metro area.

He says groups who work out there are generally minorities who are uncomfortable with the presence of law enforcement agents.

The Atlanta Police Department would not comment on the policy, but told 11Alive News, "Were we to respond to an emergency there, this sign would not stop us from lawfully doing our job."

"If they have a warrant, they can go anywhere they want, but we're not breaking the law," Chambers said."

Right now EAV Barbell Club is getting mobbed with negative reviews on FaceFuck and other sites. If anyone with an FB account wants to go counter, would be cool. Props to this guy.

Oh, shut up. That does not even mean anything.

lmao fuck off if you want your imperalist war, go somewhere else

Oh the state…. hahahahah

THAAD can destroy any shoddily designed NK nuclear weapon. There's 0 threat to the american mainland. The real worry for the US govt is that the kim family might sell a nuke to a friendly jihadi or iranian.

Requesting Virgin President vs Chad Supreme Leader

working on it right now

I feel like I'm being slowly and inexorably transcripted from reality into a sitcom.

Like there's a single damn difference between CDU and SPD.

anything I should add?

They ought to be commended for banning Crossfitters too.

already got made m8, sorry


You can if you have FB.
But you shouldn'thave FB.

Oh God send this to him.

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Nice meme but

I assume that was thrown in there to bait Holla Forumstards.