To The American Taxpayers Here

Would you keep giving a third of your income every year to a business that treats you like this?

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I'm saying there's an organization that you do business with. You pay them for their service, a total which amounts to 1/3rd of your yearly income. Then in return you get the kind of service the American government gives.

Would you continue doing business with that organization or would you take your business elsewhere?

what is the kind of service the government gives. what does that mean

That's the the concept of money. From wikipedia: "Money is any item or verifiable record that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services"

So I give an organization a third of my income it's not unreasonable to expect an equal reimbursement in goods and services.

yes but what exactly are you talking about? services like what? infrastructure?

I don't know. What if I don't want infrastructure. What if I want a blowjob from Nancy Pelosi. Why can't I give up my infrastructure muh privileges in exchange for House Rep blowjob credits?

This is not how money is supposed to work.

alright you've lost me completely

I'm saying I never chose to do business with this country, therefore taxation is illegal.

It's frankly no different from extortion.

And this level of extortion invalidates the very concept of money.

taxes are theft
but so is private property

Sure, but why not push the first angle first?

Because we'll get confused with lolberts and because extraction of surplus value is 1) larger and 2) a more primary form of exploitation.


Alright looks like you guys got it all figure out. Audios. >>>Notthissite

I don't want businesses at all. My problem with the government isn't that they're the equivalent of a shitty business. But yes, before you go further, taxation is theft.

Just like wage-labor.


we don't have a choice, state monopoly on violence and all.

pay your taxes, the railways aren't going to nationalise themselves.


because taxes are protection money
without state police Jamal and his mates would've appropriated your daughter and wife long time ago

I like roads tbqh family

I've always said we should for no other reason than to attract lolberts to the cause.

Is trading SocDems for Lolberts really a good idea?

What's good Holla Forums?


Your income has to be really high to pay a 33% effective rate.

Fine, I'm going off to join the Christian Democrats.
They've got wine, and nuns.

Don't talk to me or my election agent ever again.

What are you trying to say? The government sucks therefore socialism will suck?

With sales tax and other taxes factored in it's about that:

This is an example where arithmetic mean does not represent reality. Most self-employed taxpayers can pay half of social security and medicare just like regular employees. They can also write off their property tax and in some places their rent payments. A self-employed taxpayer who barely makes any profit will barely pay any tax.
Taxpayers who make a large purchase can report the sales tax that they've already paid in lieu of state income tax, then write this off in their federal taxes.

But I don't :^).