Naked Ape discord server

Found a discord server made by one of those skeptic youtubers, filled with lolberts that screech any time you make a positive comment about socialism.

They cant give any good arguments either, they just spout shit like "why r u entitled to my money"

Other urls found in this thread:

Naked Ape is a skeptic? That's disappointing, I'd assumed they had neoreactionary leanings, not just being another turnover from the skeptic community.

Oh God not that Naked Ape shit.

Can I get a quick rundown on this guy?

hes pretty much a run of the mill skeptic conservative youtuber but his fans consist of ancaps and lolberts that read hoppe and spout helicopter memes

Generic pseudo-intellectual faggot from the skeptic community.

content consists of attacking islam, antifa, sjws, feminists, and drama within his autistic community

standard low hanging furit

He’s a conservitive skeptic YouTuber

Just click on the link and you automaticly get invited. I already linked this.

They banned me

why would you say its a raid aaaaaaaa

join as guest


fuck you got me


- Naked Ape

Naked Ape is a gay faggot. Literly.

Intellectual post

Not an argument.

t. naked ape

That's not exactly accurate. Maybe if you want to call them "neo-skeptics" or "second-wave skeptics" which are mostly conservatives who are skeptic in the sense of "climate skeptic" as opposed to the "first-wavers" who were edgy liberals who (rightfully) shat on religious fundies who were actively trying to brainwash kids.

shut up they're all retards

He sounds like he's 15 and talks like he's a seasoned conservative that has seen a "decline" in the right. He makes me cringe.


Colonize the server

We will make this lolbert infested wasteland into a leftypol paradise

most of these liberals you're thinking of didn't refer themselves as skeptics, but "ranters"
I think the best way to describe it is that there used to be a ranting community - a bunch of secularist liberals - and the skeptic community which is what we have now: advocated against social justice or "cultural marxism" as they like to call it.

spammed a load of laborwave pics

could you maybe post those pics here?

Yeah, that's an extremely hard "no" from me. Maybe it's not something you're familiar with, but there was a real conflict worth worrying about there. Religious indoctrination is a serious problem, especially in the US.

I think the genesis of the "skeptic community" as it exists now was those ranters adopting the skeptic label and a bunch of conservatives serendipitously getting the idea to label themselves skeptics as well and oppose liberal idpol as "cultural marxism." The ranters stopped being "atheists" because that conflict was more or less over and they needed something to do to justify their continued presence.

I'll find the imgur album.

this Dude is not Worth anything.

Honestly the anti-socialism is probably the least egregious aspect of this server. If that was all they were guilty of I wouldn't even care, it's the racism and Fascist sympathizers that are the worst. Naked Ape spends a lot of time on Twitter courting white nationalists and racists and they all congregate on his Discord to espouse their ignorant and disgusting views without even the pretense of 'irony', it's all very genuine.

Actually a lot of fashies hate him kek

wtf I’m a fascist now.

I think the best we could do is LARP at that discord as the most abhorrent ancaps we could think of, like promoting child slavery and be capable of torture/rape them because "you have the freedom to do what you want with your property" or shit like that. Just to make the most soft ancaps hate Not Anarchism and push them to the left.

tfw am a fashie

They are just "fascist" larpers

they just call themselves fascist for edge points

neoliberals are fascists though. they are absolutely correct in calling themselves that.

was on it, arguing about their meme concept of "the left". just got epicly btfo'd with "strawman!! stop strawmanning!!" and being told i'm just saying

fuck my shit up fam