Anyone have experience with unions? I'd like to start a union where I work (Logistics warehouse)...

anyone have experience with unions? I'd like to start a union where I work (Logistics warehouse), but I don't know where to start. I sent emails to the ALF-CIO (yuck) and the IWW. Anyone have relevant information/advice?

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Only unions of egoists

I wanna know how to unionize people from other workplaces. Is such a thing even possible?

Keep your pimp hand strong


are there pro union songs? I wanna listen to them. fuck I wish I worked in an union.


sadly those are illegal, the State being the spooked retards they are. Are going to hunt you but they're possible just gather your friends, materials and have a good idea, Illegalism is for the badasses*

“It would be another thing indeed, if Hess wanted to see egoistic unions not on paper, but in life. Faust finds himself in the midst of such a union when he cries: “Here I am human, here I can be human” — Goethe says it in black and white. If Hess attentively observed real life, to which he holds so much, he will see hundreds of such egoistic unions, some passing quickly, others lasting. Perhaps at this very moment, some children have come together just outside his window in a friendly game. If he looks at them, he will see a playful egoistic union. Perhaps Hess has a friend or a beloved; then he knows how one heart finds another, as their two hearts unite egoistically to delight (enjoy) each other, and how no one “comes up short” in this. Perhaps he meets a few good friends on the street and they ask him to accompany them to a tavern for wine; does he go along as a favor to them, or does he “unite” with them because it promises pleasure? Should they thank him heartily for the “sacrifice,” or do they know that all together they form an “egoistic union” for a little while?"

forget it:

found a playlist.

oh yeah you're right sorry. I forgot for a moment that the union of egoists is something as simple as friendship.

but yes friendship with a wealth interest is illegal for the "no fun allowed" state. because daddy state wants you to buy "their land" and "rights" and shit they're not using.


It weird that Cowboys are pictured as pro-american retards, etc. But a lot of them were aware working class.

Well depends there were porky cowboys like those that owned black slaves "niggers" and abused their labor.
And there is the union cowboy worker, the WOKE af one.


this is amazing

Aside from the fact that the union is more concerned with symbolic proclaimations of solidarity than actual agitation, I've heard loud suggestions that the organization is filled with infiltrators. That's not to say there's not information worth grabbing from the training programme. The group is also shot to buggery with cancerous idpol filth.

One interesting thing I have seen in the neo-western film movement is a move back towards anti-capitalism: like in the new Magnificent Seven for example.

What ever happened to the unions…

WW2, Cold war, reagan, ryan, and so on


Cocacola Death Squads.

Got any evidence?

You're better off starting your own local thing. National labor unions are only in it for the money.

It wouldn't surprise me, feds have had over a century to infiltrate the IWW.