User-kun, I know you'll be busy with work today, but don't forget to do your reading...

user-kun, I know you'll be busy with work today, but don't forget to do your reading. You've got that big revolution coming up, after all. I'll be rooting for you!

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anime is capitalism garbage designed to sell toys, video games and other useless crap.
It does not desire to tell a good story, it does not desire to have good character development. It'ss pure capitalist garbage, the japanese version of hollywood.


That's the spirit, user-kun! It's good to see you so fired up already! Ganbare!!

I wish someone would care about me :(

fuck off weeb
my sister is a bitch who humiliated me with her idiot boyfriend while I was 13 and she was a grown up 18yrs old cunt

never forget, never forgive

shut the fuck up slutbag and never make this thread again

So people become tankies due to a deep-seamted trauma after being humiliated by their siblings ? Makes sense.

yea, people become radicalized because life is shit and perceived injustice is widespread

The Eternal Idea of Communism shines upon us equally, comrade!

I care about you, user-chan. You might not see me, but I'm still rooting for you!

I'm so sorry, user-kun! That's so awful… An older sister's duty is to take care of her imouto (or otouto as the case may be). That's just unforgivable.

Gods, how I fucking hate you weebs
it takes being a special kind of faggot to like jap meek anime subculture

go shove some eels up your ass like your beloved japs do

Based Badiou


YEAH!! the revolution will happen some day! Some… Day…. som.. day…

I agree but I'm so lonely I need mindless media to fill the empty space.

Iyaa, I'm sorry user-kun. I wish I could make it better for you. It sounds like you really have it hard!

Revolution doesn't just happen user-chan. You have to make it happen! Do you best, because I believe in you!! \(^0^)/

this tbh

you could
timestamp yourself committing seppuku


I want to be mad at you but I'm feeling shitty and the fact you're willing to rp as some sunny anime grill to make people feel better is making me feel slightly better
where did everything go so wrong?

Thank you OP


Hidoi yo! Anta baka, user-kun.

Taihen na, user-kun. The plight of working people has always weighed heavily, but we can overcome by supporting each other!

Yosh! Ike ike, user-chan! I believe in you!! \(^o^)/

Hanni-chan~•°* :3 is my favourite new poster 2bh

Do you like head pats?
This is an important question

It also serves as a pussyfying tool that transforms boys into faggots.

Hanni-chan do you support the Democratic People's Republic of Korea's struggle against imperialism?

Who doesn't??

fucking this. I don't hate anime because I'm some spooked normalfag, I hate it because it doesn't actually tell an engaging story ever, but rather throws a bunch of caricatures onto a premise and calls it TV. weebs can't seem to accept this and think I'm trying to hide some sort of perverted desire to watch it.

This. Hell at least with movies you have to leave the house. With anime yo don't even need to leave your room.

I will accept you in this board then my cute comrade

Uaah, sorry for double post, I didn't see

While I don't support the state of North Korea, neither can I condone a military action against them, least of all from the arch-imperialist American state. In any case, it will be the workers that suffer, and the season of suffering for the North Koreans has been a long one already, and with a bitter harvest. I hope that you find this answer satisfactory.

Arigatou yo, user-kun. I will try to make you proud!!

Politely saged

It is hopefully the workers of Korea can get some rest from the competing dystopias

I hope so too. I long for the day that all workers will breath free from the bourgeois states that enslave and threaten them. Hopefully we can create such a world! Together!!


Not all anime is moe, shonen, harem, ecchi, mecha, or loli, you know.



And when their bosses fuck with them they'll go to the bathroom and cry instead of standing up and fighting for their worker's rights because sissyfied faggots are useless pieces of shit.

For every sissy faggot there must be a dom my friend

I'm referring to anime you nerd

Have you ever had a boss? They're normally bitchy women or milquetoast inheritance guys.

Thanks kids I needed a good laugh today.

Same deal. There's shitty anime which floods the market, and then there's great anime, which you've got to go digging for.

I've spent the whole day shitposting and not read a single thing today, not even an article. Why am I such a failure?

You got more honorary aryan jpgs fam?

dude how many movies are there in the twilight series?
and how many moe, harem, shounen, shitnen etc etc animes are there?
you have Anno milking Evangelion to death now
even fucking Gibli is shit now

the last ok anime I've seen was Paprica

I don't think Hollywood is going to come out on top if compared by volume of awful shit produced. Admittedly I have something like 5 years of backlog to go through so I'm not sure how current anime is.

A few that I'd say are more than worthwhile for leftists:
Perfect Blue
Welcome to the NHK
Paranoia Agent

Kino no tabi is also must watch, or at least that part where he comes to society where everybody works not because they have to, but to have stress.

I don't know you for sure, but I found myself in that situation. The potential pain of failure frightened me into paralysis. Making useless posts online, like other distracting activities, can be a strong narcotic. You don't feel the pain while you do it, but it isn't gone, simply insensate. You might not notice while you're distracted, but for me when I was no longer occupied with trivialities the pain would be there still, and like a wound that festers the pain grew deeper and deeper. Then not only do you feel the pain of your previous shortcomings, but those of tomorrow, too. Sometimes people start to believe that because they have failed that it is because of an inherent flaw in them that puts "success" forever beyond their grasp. It hurts too much to bear, and because the pain is so vast to even think about it is frightening. Their prophecy is fulfilled, because even the peripheries of the wound are tender. Shame keeps them away from the ones that can help them most, and their solitude compounds their misery.

I am not yet fully healed, but the pain is bearable now and I can face it, with help from others. I do not know if your situation is at all like mine, but if it is then you have my deepest empathy.

絶望するな!Every day you have the chance to do better, and you can. You don't have to be a prisoner to the mistakes of your past self. Do your best!!


Also, not leftist, but if you are into cyberpunk or pre-NRx Nick Land, check out Serial Experiment Lain.
Truly the weirdest TV series I've seen (anime or not, including Twin Peaks) with awesome aesthetics and a plot akin to Neuromancer with a shy high-school girl as a protagonist instead of an formely-gifted amphetamine-addicted loser guy.
I don't really give a fuck about anime, but people who are talking shit about the medium as a whole obviously haven't seen this one or Tatami Galaxy (also a great anime with unique aesthetics and art, awesome if you are through feels when no gf), or else they would shut the fuck up.

You're a good person.