Pack it up boys, anarKKKism just got BTFO

pack it up boys, anarKKKism just got BTFO

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I just vomited a little

Post-colonialism is a mental disorder.

I'd rather crush all cultural differences between people and create a nice gray homogenous sludge.

Good to see the most IDPol catering ideology among us getting shit on by IDPol ideologies.

This is your mind on Marxism-Leninism


Remove the post-colonial jargon and this is indistinguishable from a fascist infograph.

It's great isn't it

Honestly, I'm for it. People have the right to celebrate their culture if they aren't whiney brats about it.

The drama of most people of colour in Western Countries is that they had no national identity because they refused the one of their host country.

There's a difference between celebrating your culture and basing your entire political position around it to the point where you go through the looking glass coming out of the other side as a reactionary.

Your post seemed to imply that any celebration of culture in any form was counter-rev.

How the fuck is decolonization bad? There are numerous historical instances of colonial whites fleeing their society to live among Native American tribal society. You can hardly find any examples of the opposite.

Native Americans like that are spooked as fuck… Jesus fucking christ.

Their hair is cool tho

You don't see how this is bad?

dropped immediately

ohh shut the fuck up please socdem.
have a "right" your shit is so spooky where did you got that creepypasta?

Post colonialism is pure fucking cancer

so yer a capitalist?

It's particularist pomo trash that's incompatible with Marxism.

How about you actually read Stirner ? It's not a spook if you choose it willingly.
Just because Stirnir doesn't believe in anything means I need to do the same.

I'd support amprims or MLs before these retards


look at the OP image, stuff like natural rights "reclaiming indigenous lands" are anti-communist and counter productive. No one should own land. Also Native spirituality is pretty blatantly anti-materalist.
I'm not even against natives organizing politically like the water protectors have but it shouldn't be immune from criticism.

Because something being indigenous doesn't make it progressive or in line with socialism. Traditional cultures are often quite the opposite, many indigenous people practiced slavery and there are instances of genocide among them like when the Iroquois wiped out the Huron. There were also some pretty regressive forms of government that consisted of gerontocratic oligarchies. Not to mention that "hurr durr muh tradition muh special snowflake ethnonationalism help me great buffalo spirit" is spooked as fuck and totally incompatible with internationalism. Natives can join the socialist republic as equal partners and let go of their spooks or they can go to the gulag.

Because the pic is glorifying 'indigenous' nations/clans/tribes and opposing the abolition of these things.

Literally 'systems of oppression are awesome if theyrr indigenous'

There are a few anons in the thread defending decolonialism. That said, I've yet to see a single strain of post-colonial or decolonial theory that wasn't a.) inherently eurocentric itself, or b.) essentially just a form of micro-nationalism. Maybe there's nothing wrong with that inherently, but it does run counter to what the actual stated goals and purposes of these politics are. I don't think Walter Mignolo would tolerate being called a nationalist, or having it pointed out that many of his presumptions seem directly underpinned by European ideas and theories. Personally, I probably don't hate idpol as much as the typical user on Holla Forums, but a lot of Decolonial theory is actively hostile towards Marxism and Socialism, it splits the Left. A lot of times these people don't have a live-and-let-live mentality on these issues, they really think their time and energy is best spent seeking sovereignty for tiny patches of land in the middle of settler nations, and they think any kind of mass movement, or solidarity with other races built along class lines is inherently pointless and counterproductive, mostly because they're drinking the Standpoint Theory kool-aid, as all of Left academia is these days.

The decolonization movement is heavily plagued by reactionary "blood and soil" and "Volksgemeinschaft" ideology which not only promotes class collaboration and segregation in multiple ways but is also deeply reactionary in general, just look how the pic from OP opposes human rights and no nations in favour of "natural rights" and "Indigenous nations".
It goes directly against the socialist idea of a united world.
Just read what these people try to do when they get even a bit of power:
And here's advice how to decolonize our "hearts and minds":
Full of "reconnect with the spirits of your ancestores!", "muh ancient traditions" "muh collectivist identity" mentality. How is anything these people promote compatible with a communist society where people can fully express their own individuality?
I'm not even saying everyone who engages in decolonization is a reactionary, there are actually several marxists decolonizers but currently it seems that there are even more reactionary types.

Reminder that liberalism is no less anti-communist as fascism and must be resisted proportionally.

So decolonization-anarchism is just "anarcho"-nationalism for brown people?

native americans are considered "red skinned" by racists. so yes it's ethno nationalism for reds. It's spooky bs.

read Stirner yourself. It's a spook if you let it control you, like religion. That image is implying a sacred task for Native Americans. It's ethno nationalist bullshit, nazism but instead of for Otto or Frederick, it's for Sitting Bull or River Wolf.

The Zapatistas are probably the only group that I can think of that succesfully combines some kind of decolonialism with a leftist ideology. Stuff like solidarity with other peasants and workers in Mexico and worldwide as well as with other oppressed people has always been important for them and they've always pointed at capitalism (and not imperialism or "muh ebil white men") as the main cause for their struggle.

But the pic in the OP is still retarded.

The same guy who made this image probably goes on Holla Forums and rationalizes native genocide.

I hate this shit, but I do come from an east coast tribe that Europeanized nearly instantly when contact occurred. Don't even have rituals or a language anymore. Acted so "white" that nobody bothered to round us up for the Trail of Tears.
I have way more in common with people in my surrounding community regardless of race, than I do to the native community as a whole.

I am interested in postcolonialism to the extent that it challenges the historical finality of western bourgeois society in ways that many classically Marxists do not, however this sort of decolonization just seems to call for an alternative, indigenous, modernity, much like how fascism called for an alternative, traditional, modernity.

De-colonization is almost explicitly reactionary, lel. I sympathize with the desire to reclaim lost culture, but all cultures are shitty especially as you go farther into the past. It's better to move on, accept the bad and good of your past and build a new future out of what you've learned.

Also, this pic at least is effectively saying "Hey remember that society we had that got absolutely crushed under the heels of imperialism? Let's try it again. I bet it will happen differently this time."

wtf is "deconstructing whiteness."

God I hate the decolonial milieu so much. These people don't realise how similar they are to the far-right, and how many positions they share with them. But of course, they aren't far-right despite their significant ideological congruence with them, because reasons.

google "Frantz Fanon"

I’m for it as long as I don’t get discriminated against. Culture is important.

you heard it here first folks

It's the same shit with a lot of idpolers. Honestly the classic "far right" manifestation is just a specific example of a cluster of behavior that people resort to when they get extremely spooked (both in the meme and non-meme sense of the word).

will all the ML’s support this

I agree completely. Like, where would you put someone on the political compass who:
1. Rejects universalism
2. Embraces essentialism
3. Embraces nationalism
4. Is against egalitarianism (I mean, we've all see id polers rail against people who call themselves egalitarian, so this is definitely a thing)
5. Are against reason

Strategically, restricting participation in empancipatory politics is a bad idea.
Attempts to reconnect with a mythologized past.
Sounds a little like Blood and Soil to me
Nothing wrong with linguistic diversity, but would speaking gaelic really improve the position of the Irish working class?
I don't believe that they actually want this, since they're so insistent about strengthening indigenous identities as part of nationalism, and without the specter of the external force corrupting their perfect social order they would be nothing.
What is the difference between this and "resisting colonization" in the anarchist column?
I-if we call the enlightenment evil and racist and imperialist does that mean that we can justify authoritarian traditionalism so long as brown people do it?
Why are any claims of land ownership valid? Every group conquered land at some point. You can either view the status quo as automatically valid, support the claims of your group against all others, or seek the abolition of the whole mess.
So nationalism. Got it.
But I thought the Enlightenment was bad?
You already addressed this
Given that this is set up in opposition to "perpetuation of Anarchism," I'm guessing this means radical traditionalism and a return to a pre-colonization social order
As if you needed to make it clear that you are just a bunch of authoritarian nationalists
T-theocracy is okay when we do it, right?

Well culture is very real. People tend to associate with people who share similar culture. Still Class is more importand, but to ignore culture is a fool’s erend.

What is primitive Communism?

Half of the water protecters were just environmentalists who just cared about oil. It isn’t a native movement.

this webm is exactly why I think when Fascism comes back it will be covered up as an act of "Social Justice" rather than "preserving the White race" as the average person would imagine.

would you call Stirner an extremely cultured person?

I agree they're all the same but
Political compasses are a recipe for a bad time. They're how you get shit like "our ridiculous ethnonationalism is leftist because it's opposed to the bad ridiculous ethnonationalism". Putting it in terms of one or a handful of spectra defined by a very specific antagonism (here it's basically not being a nazi) gives you absurd results and limits discourse in a controlled way that prevents useful discussion. You just gave an excellent example of that happening.

I agree, I'm really glad Gandhi came in and liberated his Indian countrymen from their British oppressors so they can go back and revert to their barbaric caste system instead.

Keep in mind that "straight white men" oh wait I mean "white men" (gays are no longer dis-privileged enough to count apparently) are not actually a majority of the population anywhere. The way people from every other identity configuration can shit on white men tends to act as though white men are the majority of the population lording it over the poor minority that is everyone else. I don't think there could ever be a similar result as anti-Semitism got, simply because our culture is too cosmopolitan and almost everyone knows better form exposure. What's more likely is just using us white dudes as scapegoats and instating discriminatory laws. Meanwhile the CEOs etc. will stay white dudes and give people an excuse to think that white dudes are at fault for everything.


Thats quite the americo-centric ideology you got there.

I dont want white americans here. Fuck off, we're full.

It's impossible to argue with decolonialists, because they reject the dialectic for a notion of radical alterity and unsurmountable difference. Ironically, the ideology can only exist in relation and in reference to a monolithic spectre of 'western thought'. It is a system that sets barriers to thinking, essentially trapping the 'colonised' subject in nothingness, between a vanished authentic native culture and a totality that is assumed hostile. decolonialism owes a lot to the concept of deconstruction, which was pioneered by Heidegger and Paul De Man, decidedly 'western' thinkers who also happened to be supporters of the third reich.

That name made me laugh.

>There are numerous historical instances of colonial whites fleeing their society to live among Native American tribal society.
So that’s how some of the Native Americans didn’t die from Smallpox. They were white.

there was a great variety of organisation among the native peoples of the new world. You had relatively egalitarian hunter gatherers and agricultural societies but also slave economies.



Why is this a good thing? Better than no gods? I'll stick to papa k thanks


postcolonialism doesn't challenge the finality of western bourgeois thought, it strengthens it. authentic indigenous thought is always defined in contrast to western thought.

Not all postcolonialism does that.

what is some good postcolonialism? so far, i'm familiar with Spivak, which is blatant petty bourgeois Derrida wanking and anti Marxism. Or Cicarello-Maher's 'Decolonising Dialectics', Chavez regime apologetics by a clueless white American academic. The revolutions of Latin America owed a lot to Spanish liberalism and the Courts of Cadiz.

Fanon (obviously), Mbembe (definitely), Aime Cesaire, Samera Esmeir. Also, don't dismiss Spivak out of hand, she is important for Marxists to engage woth and isn't as anti-Marxist as it may seem.

They call him Sitting Bull because he is horny and paralytic.

tbh culture is a spook. it's idea, belief.

A black person can very well adapt white european culture to his lifestyle and idk make ART in the European style if he wants, practices it and gets good at it, etc.

He is now an african who has european culture. Forget Tumblr they're retarded. Culture is something that can be appropriated, in fact black culture is to an extent my property. Ma nigga, so suck on my big black cock bitch.


Most of the indigenous movement is occurring in America and Canada where the Natives didn’t engage in slave societies.

How does that change the fact that Culture is important. Similar Culture brings people together. Diffrent cultures push people away. Race dosen’t matter.

The alien culture magic of that man's funny hat is sending me away from him at 10 m/s! I should have listened to the Nazbols!

Culture brings people together or pushes them away in theres of societal organization.

all I said proves that culture is not important at all. you're the one who takes beliefs THAT seriously like a retard. I'm not.

This holds true for ever last bit of the post-colonialist ideology

Fuck it I’m voting straight white male. I identify more on ethnicity then sexuality.

Cultural appropriation that

the right side of this image is proto-fascist, or at least ethno-nationalist. 'indigenous mind?!' have we all of a sudden reverted to 19th century anthropology?! i mean my fucking god, this is some really obscene shit here. indigenous nations, clans, and tribes! what fucking cack! yes, entire civilizations (or at least what's left of them) which have been exposed to modernity for centuries could realistically just return to their 'indigenous mind.' i would love to see how any majority of indigenous peoples (aka humans outside of the academic postcolonial trash heap or the internet) who have dealt with colonial advancements for, again, centuries, would feel about a return to this fabled indigenous mindset. reactionary politics disguised as leftism at its purest

you can't speak of an unified 'native' culture, that's like lumping together everything from China to Great Britain under 'Eurasian' culture. The missisipians did engage in Slave societies for example.

You’re wrong culture is important.

not when you put it above your own actual self interest

I bet you don't even know what "culture" even is.

It's a buzzword meant to invoke emotions in the populace, but so vague it's basically meaningless.

whoever made this didn't try hard enough to make anarchism look bad

This is a fucking goldmine.

Post-colonialism has officially gone full reactionary.

No no no, you don't understand. They might have all the same positions as blood and soil fascists, but they're different because reasons.

Damn. What tribe?

Jesus christ, quit being spooked

they also want to send white people back to europe so they can be volkisch too, how nice of them

How would this even work? Most American whites are of mixed ethnicity, barring Eastern European immigrants.

This shit is pure NazBol.

Any indigenists want to humor me on how this shit is any different, in principle or practice, from Zionism?

This was what Zionism was all about.

Hebrew revivalism.

Zionism attempted to do this too, only it was just the Gentiles not a general "whiteness"

Yep, Zionists were very big into this too.



Not sure if Jewish Law counts as "natural rights" but it's certainly metaphysical.

This is very Jewish and Zionist.

Did I mention there are many religious Zionists who literally want the Davidic line back?

This too.



From an indigenist standpoint, it would be counter-intuitive, since the influx of disgruntled white people to Europe would only make the continent more fascistic and create policies that would deprive Muslims of their rights to live in an economically stable environment.

muslims are supposed to go back to the middle east get in touch with their roots and make islamic nazbol, obviously


Do these people even know what they're bargaining for?

No natives south of the Yukon have rituals or a language anymore. All that is left is ninteenth century LARPers and some desperately poor people on the reservations.

Good news everybody. Being indian will make entropy go away.

It wouldn't. This nonsense is how postcolonialists actually think.

Horses are not even indigenous to the Americas. God, I hate these people.

holy fuck what is that image even trying to say? new age buzzword bullshit is so funny my man

It gets better




It's worse than just a mere lack of sense. By cyclical time, they mean the same concept of time as used by Evola and the traditionalist right.


Is leftism the last true bastion of white identity?



It's like you dumbasses still haven't realized that cultures are products of people being isolated from one another. The erosion of old culture is already happening. The birth of new cultures is already happening. You guys are already part of a new culture that was impossible even thirty years ago.

Jesus fuck people are dumb as a bag of rocks when it comes to "muh culture"

They have a FB page too:

Who are you addressing here?

Cultural exchange has been happening more or less always, which is why 'muh pure national' or 'muh pure indigenous culture' arguments are ignorant. Same stupidity is committed by identitarians on the nazi and the SJW end of the spectrum, with cultural appropriation and so on.


Yeah great anarchism there hoping for a return to indigenious forms of government and spooks.

Isn't that shit just 4PT like Dugin advocates?


well imagine my shock

What are you talking about?
People choose to be spooked all the time.
Read section about the atheist humanist or the woman on the train, for fucks sake.

Seems believable

this cant be real

The "Horse people" is whitey, silly

The site is trying to hit some euro chakra or something for us to rediscover our native animal spirits

It's basically rebranding NA spirituality into an Euro context.
I'd love to see a movie about this concept, but ethno-religiosity is the peak of spooking.

You are not doing it right if you don't feel the sudden urge to fuck off to your homeland, where your ancestors have traditionally been killing and raping each other for millenea.

Cumskins of Holla Forums what is your spirit animal?
I'm a crab