Holla Forums history

We should have some kind of page that contains all the great events in Holla Forums history, like when we won the Holla Forums football championship or funded that Wolff show and such.

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Leftypol usually remembers history a bit different than the rest of us.


More accurately?

Like when we found the milkman!


thats obviously photoshopped.

Nice try kiddo



I read it, nice try freddy boy

Who is freddy boy?

That really is the Milkman.

No it's not engels. Conspiracy theories are almost always wrong.

>infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Holla Forums




Why and when was this place founded?

Are they still taking donations to sponsor events? We should really get another drive started.

Things Holla Forums has done:

2014, when Holla Forums got so triggered by contrary opinions they banned all the leftists.

We should fund a Zizek lecture. Or try and get a Cockshott lecture going for the memes.

2014-09-21. You will have to ask BO why she created it, she probably had no specific reason though.

wasnt Holla Forums founded by /lit/ exiles?

Why won't Zizek spend time on twitter and youtube yet tries to get his message out on various news outlets? Nobody but boomers watches TV and they certainly don't give a shit about socialism.

All in all, a pretty full day.

In part, yeah.


Bat'ko the Manarchist is a cherished staple of Holla Forums history and culture.

His Holla Forums Choir has provided some of the best OC to bless this board. He helped cement a definitive identity for this board in a way nobody else has. He is one of the most recognizable and beloved personalities on Holla Forums, and the love this board has for him helped counter a devastating blow from YouTube's beyond-broken system. He is essentially immortal… because we empowered him with that very immortality. Our support made Bat'ko a god.

We must pay our respects for our board's greatest hero. Bat'ko is… dare I say it…


You forget

Whoever did the original albanian nights was amazing.

Lurk more, newfag.


I wasn’t on image boards back then. Did they ban nazbols?

Bat’ko did nothing wrong.

You forgot where we had Black Pigeon Speaks go on .pl

Holla Forums created awesome catgrills but then stopped giving a fuck about them when leddit started pushing the idea that anthropomorphic cartoons are wymyns objectification.

Because most of Holla Forums is ledditors in disguise
Catgrill drawfriend was a ledditor contributor
Papa… papad… I forgot his name was a ledditor
Every single drawfag here was a ledditor
Every ledditor here suffers from the internalized SJWism of leddit and cannot escape it(Your a virgin in disguise)

You just see them around less because catgirl drawfag isn't around as much as she used to be. Alunya is still /our mascot/.

Bullshit. Rachel just stopped drawing them as much because she wanted to focus on things that could help her move up in the art world.

You guys do know Alunya and Rodina were created way before Rachel even started lurking here, right?
She wasn't the only drawfriend we had.

Papadripopoulos still makes catgirls~ But unfortunately he like catgirldrawfag has had to spend more time making commissions, because one cannot survive by catgirls alone under capitalism.

I take offense to this, since when am I a ledditor

I still care about Alunya I just don't have money to commission drawings

Ye but she was the one who took off with it and made a lot of drawings, which creates a positive feedbackloop for more drawings.

Also the catgirl version of rodina was created by her if you are refferring to that.

Since you stopped drawing Alunya for us! :

Neck yourself faggot.

But most commies were Jews

And most of Holla Forums are spics.

that image

Not true. I came from YouTube. I never used Reddit.

That was supposed to be the purpose of this, but it hasn't been updated since 2015:

unitedchans.wikia.com/wiki/Holla Forums

Nah, only leftists.

No, it will make it too easy for newfags to fake being oldfags/originalfags.

Cause circlejerk the only thing than can come from leftypol after having lost the internet culture war


The football match is still the most hilarious thing in the board's history. The autism was legendary, and it made Holla Forumsacks butthurt enough to try to collectively scrub the fact that a tournament ever happened from their minds, while also simultaneously trying to claim we had rigged it.

just give us the source and no one gets hurt

I don't remember the artist's name, but they're on tumblr. iirc all they draw are femboys though if you were hoping for cute girls you pleb