In architecture the question of how ppl live in your city and how they move in what mood the city has is fam more important than the city look itself.

Why brutalism is the best thing ever?

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Labyrinthine tiered platform garden brutalism.

D00D i swear to god i have all these pics in my PC they are my fav….
Brutalism play with green is my thing tbh..
buddo check the Kyoto International Conference Center

I'll take anything over the kitsch Prince Charles comes up with. One issue I have with brutalist designs is that some of them start looking like absolute shit once they got a bit dirt and grime on them. Speer and Hitler talked about how buildings should look cool even as ruins. So, architects, be more sensible and be like Hitler, eeeeh or better yet somebody else who made a similar statement.

Classical architecture all the way.


probably the worst style

This is the comfiest one. You can actually feel the history of buildings around you.

Shit, I double-posted one of the images. Oh well.

What history? only ever the history of the ruling class. Integrated communist human buildings will be found in the new brutalist world.

Brutalism really is brutality to the eyes.
Only the 3rd pic is nice, and it still feels bourg as hell, because it must cost a few millions dollars.

Brutalism is alien, grey, uninspiring. It looks used. If you want to be modern, at least look for things that are inspiring.


Way to put words in someone's mouth. I'm just saying that your pics that occasionally look nice are mansions.
Contrary wise, with an Haussmanian architecture, you can have housing for everyone while still looking gorgeous.

First one looks like a convenient ship from halo and the 3rd one looks like the lavender town temple building.



I have a soft spot for hausmanian architecture in pairs, but only that and brutalism maybe some art deco

I fucking despise the metallic modern architecture that's found in Pairs and London, it has absolutely no unifying feature apart from "lets use the cheapest shit possible"

Your environmentalist overlords will make sure that you don't move too far. Work and leisure will be walking distance from residences. Long distance travel will be discouraged. The rich will get richer and the poor will rely on the rich to revitalize abandoned commercial zones.


Some good stuff over here if you like architecture

situationist cities

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Careful, you will summon Howard.

best aesthetic

absolutely gothic
the third picture is in Brittany, right? I really want to visit some day.


this one is nice..

good thread.

'Dat spiral fire escape – I assume.