Gun to your head, which one would you fuck

Gun to your head, which one would you fuck

I don't know what's sadder, Hoochie starting a thread with her trip off or someone actually being lame enough to copy a Hoochie post.

so, are we gonna talk about why the black Drump looks like he's drenched in blood?

It's me, I'm sad

Bumping this based thread

I choose gook trump

She's so fucking thirsty.

You probably deserve it, tbh.

It's true though


I thought it looked like blood

Looks like a frozen turkey to me

This makes me squeamish

Looks like foreskin, which is appropriate really.

i choos le cheeto hitlor!!!!!!! lel


Black Trump because look at his flesh hair and his sad expression. He needs the fuck or he will kill himself.

Poor deformed thing holy shit.

pajeet trump

I would kill the black one with the massive tumor on is head

I'm pretty sure I took a taxi ride with pajeet Trump not long ago.

You already posted this in LeftyTrash you cancerous tripfag runt.