Global Capitalism: Capitalism vs Socialism Today [August 2017]

1. What connects worker coops with socialism?
2. Capitalism, socialism and Venezuela’s history
3. As Trump fails them: where will angry workers turn?

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I like how in the beginning he subtly complains about summerfags

Richard "make the rich my bitch" Wolff

shitty economist

stop shitposting

you sound insecure, leftcom


Such mastery of bourgeois economics.


Having an understanding of bourgeois economics is pretty useful if you want to critique it, no? Or does it make him impure or something?

I wish he's do more of that, and less of misrepresenting marx's theories.

So you don't listen to Economic Update or the monthly Global Capitalism events? He doesn't talk about or even mention Marx much at all. It's a pretty rare thing.

The fuck is this shit all about? Wolff is always going on about his commitment to free content so he seems pretty serious about not having financial barriers for people learning about socialism.

Also relatively new: Dr Richard Wolff - The New Libertarian Experiment

To fascism, of course.

He mentions marx at least once a vid usually. Keep in mind he is aiming for normies to be converted not an already committed radical audience that just wants analysis about marxist theory.

The total amount of free content has been ramped up overall

u can hear the full show in itunes

But I'm not an Applecuck.

How the fuck you gonna analyze bourgeois economics if you don't understand it?

Giving us a "Marxian" analysis of current events is a side effect of using current events to classpill some normies. Advocating co-ops is part of the schtick. You gotta give people tangible examples of how to make things better. When capitalism ultimately crushes the co-ops it's simply an example of how capitalism/markets demand class.

Uuun, kore wa desu ne. I only wish Woruffu-sensei would make more of the latter too. But! He does nice work, and his success is heartening!!

Hanni-chan: new favorite trip-poster

Comrade, come on!

Obviously, there are no women on the internet
I just get a kick out of the roleplaying, really funny to me for some reason