Identity poll

Curious to see how much of leftypol belongs in a 'marginalized group'

pic unrelated

please kys and stop mixing me in with those snowflakes


"Visibly" only applies to nonwhite


Sicilians pls go

Why do you think there are ´´ around the ´marginalized´?



Does liking Futa stuff makes me gay or do I still count as straight 100%?

Am not straight but I'm not "visibly" gay either.

I can tan well but I get a farmers tan

As this is likely plebbit fishing for idpol whining reasons, which boxes do we tick for maximum oppression points?


Is the phallus of the feminine variety?

does being a sexual abstentionist who could only imagine themselves in a long term relationship with a man count as queer?

OP please add tumblr option

this is more a john major option
(if you're not british see illustration.)

"visibly" only applies to nonwhite you fucking autistic niggers

Presumably this means you suck cocks in public, right?

Holla Forums is probably whiter than Holla Forums

This is a manarchist board, tranny succdems get out!

why won't you agree with the muh privilege theories?

leftypol is filled with traps aka feminine dicklets ;-D

what if I'm a bisexual white male? the fuck?

All cute transgirls must gib hugs
Is your necessary contribution to the class war

you have no idea how scary and disgusting it is to hug an ugly motherfucker. I think you have even done it in your life. It's never pleasant.

this is regardless of sex and gender too. It's never cool for the individual.

Then you're for all intents and purposes straight and your opinion is worthless in the eyes of white middle class women and flamers.

I have tbh I've volunteered at homeless shelters with some people who look absolutely awful due to their circumstances.
Didn't have much of a problem hugging them besides the smell but a decent shower and it would be easy.

Good job missing most of the point why gender/sexual orientation identities are a problem.

then I won't vote in the stupidass poll.

knowing that some of these would like to fuck me would make me uneasy tbh. That alone. Thats why you can't hug strangers, shit gets you uneasy man, physically. It's gross.

tfw Holla Forums is more diverse than the sjws but less diverse than Holla Forums

That ain't clear from the wording.

Bisexual men have it the worst of the non-straight orientations.

Really? Personally I just don't feel especially uncomfortable with such ideas. Just because I know i won't have sex with them if I don't want to (unless of course they give you a rapey vibe but that's a whole nother issue)
If anything someone finding me attractive is nice.
i hope you didn't take my hug comment seriously lel

Any time you go outside you are probably going to walk by someone who wants to fuck you. There's a huge difference between someone who wants to fuck you and someone who wants to fuck you and doesn't care what you think.


I live in country so poor that "non-whites" don’t want to immigrate here. I have yet to feel that white muh privilege, please come here so we can marginalize you it would be such a joy.

Am I muh privilege or marginalized?

Being fucking poor is a much bigger factor than anything else regarding marginalization but the fucking idpolers never talk about "rich muh privilege" do they?

What if you white, male and bi?

i'm very oppressed

i was born middle class doe my rents just don't gimmedats

Seriously, do we make up half the board?

Wouldn’t surprise me.

I’m just voting for the first option. Fuck it.

What if I'm bi but funtionally gay? Since I'm in a monogamous relationship with a dude it feels attentionwhory to tack on "a-also I jack it to ladies sometime!"

I know this feel. It's weird when people assume and weirder if you try to correct them.

I'm visibly white and present mostly hetero but I'm bi? What do I vote for?
This probably needs a few more options.

I've had it both ways too since my last relationship was with a chick.

Exactly my problem.

You whites get that the nonwhites will kill and eat you the first chance they get?

Thats bulls..

If you are even engaged in this game you have already lost.

I would like that generational wealth did not affect my job prospects or that my existance is always an issue.

Does he even know what race Stalin and Lenin were.

I look like one of Holla Forums's "fashy" Wehrmacht icons tbqh

I would say 66 percent of that 33 percent are just shit posting because of the Visibly Queer line.


amazing, a screenshot of someone falseflagging