Why dont we try to radicalize Juggalos?

Why dont we try to radicalize Juggalos?

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Juggalos are too cool for any of us tbh.

"[Juggalos come] from all walks of life – from poverty, from rich, from all religions, all colors. […] It doesn't matter if you're born with a silver spoon in your mouth, or a crack rock in your mouth."

Hi, my name is J. Jonah Juggalo. I don't know how magnets work, but could you explain LTV to me? Preferably without going into witchcraft magnetism or using magnet-related analogies, thanks.

fucking magnets

Please explain what juggalos are for the non gringo

All right, but only if you post more of that semen demon.

This thread was made a month ago. Stop.

Fans of the Insane Clown Posse and similar Horrorcore rappers on Psychopathic Records that have their own little autistic subculture of social outcasts that wear clown makeup and like to think of eachother as a big family. I also suspect you're the OP since this exact same comment showed up last time in this same thread.

Imagine the shitshow that was "anarcho-punk" but with worse makeup. Crimethinc took years to get over lifestylism.

juggalos are great. anti-racist, anti-fascist, and genuinely working class.

Demencia from Villainous, a series of mini cartoons made in mexico for CN. Look it on YouTube it barely 7 minutes long

I'm not OP, I don't even remember a juggalo thread before this

Stop whining about us not radicalising cringelords, Holla Forums, it's getting pathetic.

Juggalos are the REAL "Redneck Revolt"

Juggalo face paint will become a symbol of terror against fascists and polyps

The same can be said of communists. There have been many great communists born of muh privilege (Che is an example).

you don't like when people sells you something that took 2 hours to produce, for something that took 5 days for you to produce.

in capitalism you are forced to exchange your work asimetrically for some products, because the factories in which those products are made are private property of someone, and he will force you to pay him a fraction of your labour, in case he even decide to hire you.

so, inflation and unemployement are not only common in capitalism, but they are endemic to it.

in socialism if you see a product is overpriced, you can always go to the factory and make it for yourself.
even though it's very improbable that the prices were unfairly high, as competition will be perfect once the factories are of public access.

Juggalos don't read.

Not even memeing, Jugglism is actually a coded form of Evangelical/Big Tent Revival Christianity, they admitted it a while ago. Shangri La is just ordinary heaven. Not sure if Faygo is meant to be the eucharist but it would make sense.

Most libtards who try make fun of them don't know a thing about electromagnetism either.

Their older albums are fun and mike e clark is a great producer but their new stuff sometimes sucks really hard. Great milenko and riddlebox are their best albums imho but I always hated really hard their praise jesus mentality

clowns with the Downs basically

These are 3 disjunct comments talking about magnetisn.

What the fuck does magnetism has to do with juggalos or socialism?


Holla Forums booth at the Gathering is good praxis

Another freak circus is just what we need.

No, we have enough autism as it is now.


I unironically like this song

Why dont we try to radicalize Gigolos?

Clown love, homie. The more time a ninja gotta put into bottling that Faygo, the more you gotta pay for that shit. Labor Theory of Value right there, Juggalos and Jugalettes.

I agree about magnets. Espesially how compasses are always pointing north, that shit is uncanny.

That's not what class collaborator means. Class collaboration is about class interest, and socialism is not about hating the rich. Engels was a capitalist, Kropotnin was a aristocrat, etc.

Hope lies with the lumpen.

what is this 2009 ?

Yo man thas wack. You tryin ta tell me that if a ninja spend an hour workin this Faygo then that bottle worth 30 dollars? Shiiit.

Hey, if he aint scratching his nuts, that shit gonna be like Shangri-La.