Zero books Holla Forums spotlight
It's up comrades! /ourguy/ Larion or whatever his namefagname was consulted and proded in a real softball interview. Give it a listen! Whatcha think?

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how fucking old is this video? no way this was made yesterday

it was a quote from know your meme, of course it's inaccurate.


It's brand fucking new but recorded last week.

this kid's just stuttering through the difference between 4chan and Holla Forums why would people wanna listen to that?

Because they're curious to know about the cool and mysterious hacker Leftypol of course.

it is a little bit triggering tbh. the forward is implied. Make you sound super autistic

if I were to ever say it irl I'd say "slash lit" like the kid in the it's a meme you dip video

I disagree there friendo, and so do the rest of us :>)


thought it was pretty decent. user sounds less autistic than i would, probably.

Ya I thought so too. I wish there had been more discussion of Holla Forums in particular and less about the internet in general. To be fair though, Doug prolly has to spoonfeed his listeners regarding that subject.

good interview, i just wish they spent less time talking about 4chan/Holla Forums and more time talking about Holla Forums itself.
The discussion about how 8/pol/ came about because 4/pol/ had reached the limits of what was considered acceptable was good though. Angela Nagel touched on that in her book as well, how one of the main characteristics of chan culture is that nothing is taboo and how this means people will keep trying to top themselves to see how far you can take your edginess.

It kind of makes it does sound a bit like the leftist version of The Great Trek

I think you mean r/leftyPAUL

One can only hope.

But I don't know anyone with a job …

Where are you from, Africa? I have a job and I'm sure there are many others with jobs here plus being a student involves much of the same bs as a job its merely training to get a job with more then basic skills

6/10 I've seen better bait.

forgot to put 'pic unrelated' on my post =[


This was surprisingly good, the guy explained his points without much awkwardness. Kinda weird to see this place become infamous enough to appear on a podcast.

I never got the autism of saying the slash at all.

I was active on 4chan from 2007-2013 and I would always just pronounced the letters. It was always "esspee" for /sp/, "mew" for /mu/, "koh" for Holla Forums, "a" for /a/, etc. But that was only saying them in my head, I hope none of you were autistic enough to talk about boards offline.

I never have, but the voice in my head always says it like the meme kid ever since I saw that video

So glad this was made, I try to shill Zero Squared any time I can, Doug is 100% /ourguy/

Doug didn't know about this place. This interview only happened because of Nagle's book and the user personally reaching out to Doug and asking to be on the show.

Tbh I don't know what I expected from this but I'm really disappointed. I guess I was hoping for something more substantive about this board, the guy just droned on about social media for most of it.


Don't think I did too well listening to it now. Sorry I didn't deliver. I'd say that even though Doug really tunneled on the Holla Forums vs. other media angle I could've talked about more or perhaps have steered it elsewhere. I also noticed that there's some stuff cut out and in the part where I mention that Holla Forums lets people make their own boards (around the 12 minute mark) there's some weird cuts that might be editing mistakes or rendering/uploading issues consequent of him using a website service to make the Youtube version (I think the latter because Doug usually edits well). Haven't listened to the original audio upload on Zero Books'/Diet Soap's Podomatic page yet so maybe it's better there.

Anyways, I hope I at least wasn't too much of an emarassment and managed to shine a light on some more basic shit for the listeners.


No, the same weird cuts are there too.

I think you did OK. It was a pretty boring conversation but that's mostly on Doug for needing all the basic shit about imageboards explained to him. I liked what you said about leftypol being immune to Holla Forums's sad attempts at entry-ism.

We are user community


if USSR would have been black, you would have liked it

What's this Zerobooks workshops he mentions on the intro?


bugs…. easy on the carrots buddy…..

I'll try to address some more concerns I guess.

Yeah, he says that as he's reading it from KYM. That's now how either me or Doug would characterize Holla Forums, and the interview concludes that too I think.

Again this is all mostly on the interviewer; Doug mostly seemed to want to talk about Holla Forums in context of and in relation to 4chan, Holla Forums and other social media.

Force of habit. I rarely actually (vocally) talk about image boards IRL; I type and am on the internet when I do, which by instinct made me pronounce the board names with the forward slashes in them. I only did it like three or four times though.

I mostly picked this up from a post in the thread I made two weeks ago asking what I should look out for in the interview. Someone made the point that Holla Forums is not so much a community as it is a place, because even though there's a uniting broad subject of leftism, there is no consensus and anonymity doesn't make the participants actual members. I agreed with that view and went on to mention it, and quite a few others in that thread did too IIRC.

This is reassuring I guess. Thanks.

I unironically think, as I talked about in the video, that phenomena like Holla Forums are part of a greater left move away from the dominant New Left that appeared in the late '60s and has more or less dominated until today. Of course Holla Forums itself will never be a big influence on this on the whole, but it could very well be big in the same way Holla Forums digitized the reactionary Nouvelle Droite developments that came in reaction to the failures of right-neoliberalism, neoconservatism and conventional fascism at winning over hearts or even being successful at all when in power.

Thanks. I think it might be hearable that I was slightly nervous or excited at least at the beginning and I think I used the word "like" and other filler/stopgap phrases a lot which might be annoying when you notice them.

Again yeah a lot of the episode here was dominated by the subject of Holla Forums in broader context rather than any specific topics or the ideology or particularities of Holla Forums. I should add though, that Doug seemed to like me on the show, and I'm in one of the "insider" episodes too for the Zero Books podcast where we talk about May '68, the New Left, left academia, etc. at length, and he might have me on again. In that event we could revisit Holla Forums, but less relatively to other things and more into the specifics.

I'll let Doug know about that then and maybe he can reupload or reedit depending on what the cause is.

This is all the KYM article, and it's true in the sense that even the tankies here would want to repeat the USSR but would realize it failed because of fatal errors they would need to redress.

Virtually ever African ML nation gets the same treatment as above I think, like Burkina Faso (especially the anarchists would dislike that because Sankara suppressed trade unionism).

I thought it was fine dude

I thing you did above average: slow and boring start (lurk moar, Doug!), and strong middle/end game (gets interesting around nazbol, irony, etc.).

Can you ask Doug to do an AMA for us? I think the dude needs to experience this place first hand to get us more.

pic related

Ayy Doug is subscribed to Bat'ko

Damn, this was pretty good, way better than I expected.
Contrarily to some anons, I think it's good that you didn't go too much into the specifics of the board, as imageboard culture, while influencial on the internet as a whole, is still kinda obscure, and discussing its defining characteristics compared to other social media was a good thing, especially for what I imagine to be the average listener of Doug's podcast who would be lost without having a proper context.
That said, it's true that it would have been great to hear a bit more about us, like our different posters (ancoms, leftcoms, tankies, etc.) and our memes (Cockshott, Bookchin, Stirner, Bordiga, GMIL, Zizek…) other than nazbols and Posadism. Five or ten minutes on this would have been enough.
But still, I think it is a good intro for someone who would be interested to discuss leftist theory and is unfamiliar with chans. Moreover, it is a good counterpoint to Angela Nagle analysis, as you gave your insider perspective on the most leftist board in opposition to Holla Forums while she is more like an outsider immersing herself in the imageboard culture. I hope some Zero Books readers will visit us and stick around.

This was good, better than I thought it would be However, did anyone else get annoyed at the snide implicatory tone of the closing statement of the interviewer? It felt like there was more he wanted to say


I feel the same. Started off bad but must've been somewhat interesting the more it went on for if anything Doug's usual audience (various types of leftist that aren't Holla Forums or idpolites).

I can ask that, yeah. Would we have him over on Holla Forums then, or maybe elsewhere? Or perhaps we could do an AMA thread where we collect a bunch of questions and send the best to him and then he responds to them in a video.

Looking back I wish I did, though I was again not willing to insert my own topics in there and just went with responding to Doug's Qs to the best of my ability instead. If I ever get on again I'll make sure that's part of the discussion too.

And speaking of GMiL, he follows its Facebook page and has shared posts of it in the past. A draft of the title card for this episode was maybe gonna contain a snippet of a GMiL comic in it I think (the one in pic related).

Yeah, a heck of a lot of stuff was cut out and makes it look like it was put out of context. He essentially agreed that censoring Holla Forums in response to them censoring us can be a slippery slope to culture wars in censoring. The way it was edited here makes it seem like he was being snide, but I really don't feel like that was the case at all.

You did great! The fact that you could snag an interview with Doug at all I think is impressive, other then that you were succinct and well spoken. I know a lot of anons are saying it was boring, because the topic was too basic, but they aren't seeing the purpose of an interview like this, it's not really for us, it's really for normies and Leftists who don't really know what Holla Forums is, or who think we're just a bunch of unironic Nazbols, or the "leftwing of the alt-right". And with that in mind, I think you did great comrade.


Just on leftypol. Explain to him how to get a (temporary) trip for the thread, make a pic like above, give us some TL;DR about himself and submit. I bet mods will cyclical that shit.

No, please. Let's first give him the experience (I'd argue that he should lurk and anonpost after the AMA thread to get what it's all about*). If he wants then he could do a report about "a week on leftypol" on his youtube channel.

I hope I'm not sounding like a control freak here, it's just that it was very obvious that he had no idea about chans.

*give him the catalog link – – some people don't realize how much better the site experience is with the catalog

I can't say I'm not envious. Does anyone have that "youtubers of leftypol" graph?

Thanks again, and I do think that was one of the things I might've achieved there.

Yeah I'll try this.

I'll try my best to persuade him to do it on here and how, but I can't guarantee if he'll do it. Doug is pretty open-minded and not afraid to challenge lack of familiarity, but image boards and especially Holla Forums are quite the extreme. Fingers crossed.

Of course. My Holla Forums bookmark is the catalog. I never browse it any other way. I can't remember how awful browsing was on 4chan before the catalog was added there. I'd always be using third party catalog websites like Yotsuba Catalog before that.

Yesh, because all we do here is exchange pics of *sniff* toddler porn and bash Judith Butler, *snort.*

It's empirical research for pic related.

I've read this the other day and it was interesting but it could have some more analysis instead of just name-dropping a hundred different American pundits.

Terrible idea. You are asking him to use a name and to be the center of attention. That's not the chan experience.

Tell him to NOT use a name if he doesn't want to be bullied. And tell him to NOT write his email address in the field, as everybody can see that. And tell him to use the catalog if he doesn't want to go insane.

IMO Jodi Dean's take on cyber culture is much more useful for the left, albeit much more theoretical.

did you read the rest of the post?

ITT: OP, tell Doug x!

Link? dean&lg_topic=libgen&open=0&view=simple&res=25&phrase=1&column=def

Book/chapter highlights:
Blog Theory: Feedback and Capture in the Circuits of Drive
Empire’s New Clothes - Reading Hardt and Negri ch.13: "The Networked Empire: Communicative Capitalism and the Hope for Politics"
Democracy and Other Neoliberal Fantasies ch.1: "Technology - The promises of communicative capitalism"
The Communist Horizon ch.3-6.

"I bet you could come up with that off the top of your head"

My cringe closed the video without even touching the keyboard.

thanks fam

I'll read this just for you

If Doug does an AMA with Holla Forums users, it ought to be in a place less susceptible to being raided.
I like him, I don't want him to have to sift through BBC porn and "ironic" anti-semetic nazbol shit.
Maybe something like curious cat would be more appropriate.

Wow, didn't think anyone still thought nazbol was ironic. Y'all are kind of slow, aren't you?

I think you did a good job, Lainon. It could easily have been a trainwreck, but I think you represented us well.
I'm glad you talked a lot about the history of the different media since it is so essencial to the discussion of what makes leftypol what it is.
This obviously wasn't meant for leftypol audience, so the way Doug kept prodding about seemingly trivial stuff and the way you handled it were great.
Good job famrade.

Allot of the actual leftists here are worried.
But if you're a Nazbol, you're the slow one (idealist), especially if you think real nazbols consider themselves anti-semites.

How can Nazbols be anti-semtic when we support Palistine. Arabs are semites to.


lol at least 50% of the shit you said was wrong

Not really

no really. he's totally clueless about the leadership, history, and rules of Holla Forums and 4chan, as well as Holla Forums.

truth, Holla Forums will hardcore raid any thread like that, it would have to be heavily moderated for a normie to not lose their shit.

Maybe, but that's assuming we all have twitter accounts. I don't, but I've been a listener of Diet Soup and Zero Squared for quite some time, and I'd love to ask Doug some questions and do a Q&A with Holla Forums, I understand your concern, and at the end of the day it's really up to him, but he might find it to be an interesting experience in the least.

Not to mention the fact that for most people the tone and language you get on an image board is almost enough in itself to turn most people off. To the typical chaner it's nothing, but the average person really can't handle seeing words like faggot and retard strewn about so liberally. At best it comes off as childish, at worst it's the reason the rest of the Left sees no difference between us and Holla Forums. Although, to be fair, you do have to be pretty retarded to see no difference between us and Holla Forums just because we both say retarded.

and we cannot. what is this

On the AMA idea, I asked him about it just a while ago. Waiting for a response now.

Perhaps not but that's what this place is known for, and god forbid some of you faggots, let alone Holla Forums, start thinking it might be comedy gold to spam the AMA thread with digusting shit and make it fit the stereotype perfectly.

Thanks, this is good to hear.

What exactly did I say that was wrong then? Could you give me a specific example?

We don't try enough or don't have the discipline I think. At best we've made a fairly large meme page on Facebook to spread anti-idpol and Holla Forums sentiment on and we have Bunkermag which never really lived. Most of our notoriety comes from trolling the reddit left, though even that's just happened because our very existence triggers them to no end. As I said in the interview we recently managed to do some stuff but that was just retaliation and mass-flagging shit ain't hard and won't do anything for the cause of communism, even in the short term. We're definitely growing in this political climate though, so maybe it'll come.

omg I can't wait

All nazbol posters were initially ironic. Unfortunately the aesthetics appealed to some dumb Holla Forumsyps.

Kinda autistic, aren't you?

What the fuck are those bits of weird soundbits in the podcast?

nvm it was an american commercial.

Bit incoherent there user.

Alright so I asked him about it and he'd rather go with making a video, reason being that he'd rather not run the chance of getting trolled or made to see disgusting shit.

So idk how we'd best do this. Maybe make a new thread saying he wants to make a Q&A video, where anyone can post questions and after a few hours I throw em all into a and we vote on the questions, top 10 Qs will be it?

Yeah I feel the same about it, but could you give me some examples of what bothered you most?

For example when you talked about what made Holla Forums and 4chan different, you talked about the communities on them, rather than starting off with the fundamental difference that you can make your own board here. You rambled on and on only to conclude with the board making.

And just generally stretching out what you want to say, saying a lot of "uhm", making it feel like you're looking for words.

This is a good point. If you want my reasoning I did it in that order is because I think he would otherwise have wondered why the imageboard left didn't just stick to 4chan for example (he asked that fairly quickly), which would then lead to me explaining that it wasn't welcome there, and then explain that Holla Forums would be suitable because a board with space for left ideas could be made there instead.

I was kinda nervous at first which caused that and on top the uhms I think I dropped an at least mildly frustrating amount of "likes" as stopgap in there as well, though I generally have that in my vocab and speech anyways (albeit to a lesser degree). Sorry about that.

required reading for anyone on a chan, from cover to cover

Ah dont worry bout it mate, its understandable that youd be nervous

Will put it on my list of thing i need to read some day sometime