Society has driven me to a breaking point. I was just a liberal when I first visited this board...

Society has driven me to a breaking point. I was just a liberal when I first visited this board, blissfully ignorant to the corruption and degradation of modern society. I still don't know whether I wish I could go back.

I didn't start out as an anprim. I went through a lot of political phases actually. Anarchism, Marxism-Leninism, even fucking mutualism for a bit. But no matter what, I could never shake the feeling that society was irreparable - that we had stumbled too far down the rabbit hole, never able to return. I ignored it for a while, but by the beginning of this year I was finally able to accept what I knew was the truth all along. Capitalism and Socialism are just two sides of the same coin - the coin of government, the coin of society.

Don't get me wrong though, I'm not delusional. I realize we will never go back to the days of hunting and gathering as if nothing had ever happened. Society must be taken as a lesson. It is the material expression of our hubris, but like all material things it cannot last forever. Eventually it will collapse (yes, even glorious communism) and the human race will be left in destitution. It is only then that anarcho primitivism can arise. Karl Marx could not predict the full evolution of human society: he could only see the tip of the iceberg. It is true, from capitalism comes socialism, which in turn leads to communism, from which ultimately arises anarcho primitivism. Marx’s problem was in failing to identify the oppressive nature of society itself. He imagined a utopia where society could be used to human advantage, but like other communists he was woefully misguided.

Now, I have little doubt that far into the future, the human race will be at one with the Earth again. Either that or we will be consumed by nuclear fire. But it puts anprims like me in a regrettable position. Like I said, I feel like I'm at a breaking point. What's the point in knowing the solution to the human condition just so I can watch us suffer our own stupidity? Whatever happened to the idiot liberal inside of me? I'm debating just dropping everything and living out in the wilderness. I don't even care if I get eaten or starve. And yet, something is holding me back.

Does Holla Forums honestly believe a better society is possible? Even when all of our attempts at it have miserably failed? So far, I'm not convinced.

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Speaking for me personally, I have trouble believing it is but who knows.

Not as long as retards like

are allowed to live, no.

No choice but to interact with humans, which is easier when they're fenced into nations and countries.

Have you ever considered

Do not limit your imagination in such a pessimistic manner, comrade. Our destiny is in the stars, comrade. We may even be able to transcend the shackles of society that makes us one with the universe itself. We just have yet to find a way.

Have you ever considered

Do not use reddit spacing

Slave Societies -> Feudalism -> Capitalism -> C___m

It is inevitable comrade.

Fully X X X X Space Communism is a quality meme my dude. I insist that you reevaluate your position.

Anprim BTFO in one picture

Pretty sure Fukushima proves their point.

Even if there actually was a limitless energy source, it would be like giving a loaded gun to a retarded baby. If you think the exploitation and destruction of the world is bad now…

What would actually be fixed without society though? What would actually change? What is it that you want that is achieved when society collapses?

People would no longer be exploited on a mass scale. You may understand how capitalism is exploitative, but you don't realize that society itself relies on exploitation to survive, capitalist or otherwise.

The problem is, communists are still infatuated with the technological achievements of capitalism and seek to proliferate the human race across the galaxy. Capitalism has developed a deep unconscious fetishism for the material in human beings, to the point that most of us now feel that technological progress is a measurement of success. But what is so good about technology? For everything it gives, it also takes away - replaces humanity with machine. Communists talk about "job automation" like a world run by drones is desirable, but is it so hard to imagine how such a system could go wrong? Ultimately socialism can only make us slaves to machines, and when those machines fail, we will suffer the consequences.

The first picture reminds me of Into The Void and I don't consider that a bad thing.

Humans will "return to the earth" but it won't be through abandoning technology and society, it will be through the synthesis of this society with non-society. Or in other terms, first nature and second nature

This is going to make you freak

Or Enter the Void. Same thing.

Hoochie, are you high right now?

Probably drunkposting

No I'm sober, there's something about a dense neon lit city crowded with advertisements that gets me. Sensory overload to go along with the film I suppose. It's the poor reaching out through various styles of advertisement to try to get the attention of the public en masse to their certain market. And there's something oddly mesmerizing about the flow of it down a city block like that.

Anarcho-Apocalypticism is the true Marxist philosophy. Everything else is anti-intellectual bullshit. Capitalism is destined to destroy itself through nuclear war and the survivors of said apocalypse are destined to form tribes and villages in which property is communally owned and labour for the sake of the tribe is currency.

Uphold Marxist-Leninist-Anarcho-Falloutist thought!

I think streets like that are the only beauty late capitalism can offer its victims.

The commodification of sex and even love's prolly the worst part of modern living to be honest. I know they say prostitution's the world's oldest profession (even though hunting and fishing is), but Japanese businessmen paying pretty young things 1000¥ just to cry with their heads in their laps bout how stressful work's been with the company's quarterly earnings coming up 20% short is just beyond sad.

Well enjoy your synthetic lights when the forests are gone and technocrats have enslaved society, if you can still see them through the smog.


There's more forests in the world then there are cities still. There will be forests when we're gone. There will be life, when we're gone. What we have right now is what we have now and I personally would rather have colorful streets than smog filled grey wastelands seperated by the occasional suburb. American urban life is a dull hell.

Populated by people more affluent than the desperation of the people in the first pic, who erect neon lights to hope people might visit their business enough to make it day by day. The first pic is entirely more interesting a display than the latter two.,

you making fun of me namefag?
pls no bully ;__;


Pretty sure clean energy will be perfected by then. It could be used in a lotta ways today, but cuz people like The Koch Brothers have got too much money invested in oil, coal and other pollution causing shit all the Porkies form voltron to keep better options under-researched, underfunded and underutilized for the time being.

I swear I wasn't. I'm just having trouble wrapping my head round anything to abstract right now. Das Kapital Volume 2's mentally taxing.

If humanity can only exist without civilisation, then it might as well not exist at all.

Exploitation of what? The nature? In that case, well, yes? The value of everything is tied to what it can offer humanity. Don't take this naively - I'm not saying that we must now immediately chop down all the forests etc. Clean environment is a huge benefit for humanity for a number of reasons.

Technological progress will free us from the shackles of materialism. When material needs are taken care of trivially humans are free to apply themselves to loftier goals.

And this is a problem… why?

And when anprim societies face a natural event like an ice age they all freeze to death because no technology. I'll take my chances with machine-assisted living.

But nuclear reactors are already built, how would you deal when they melt down your anprim society cuz u did the pol pot treatment to all the technicians who could run it?

Read Ecology of Freedom after you're done with that if you're interested in this line of thinking


Got Volume's 3 and 4 to digest straight after, but I'll keep it in mind.

Maybe you should become a nick land accelerationist

Does this mean we can integrate dolphins fully as persons into our society?

Not sure i follow

You lot ready for the biggest black pill yet?

We ain't ever gonna leave The Milky Way, let alone the immediate corner of it that our solar system's in. The universe's stretching like a rubber band at the speed of light which means everything you see through a telescope at night's moving further away from us at speeds we can never hope to match. Basically, we ain't gonna catch up to everything that's metaphorically running away from us which means all that Star Trek space travel shit ain't never gonna come true.

Fuck, in a million years the night sky's gonna be all black cuz by then all the stars and galaxies we can see at night right now are gonna be so far away from The Milky Way that you won't even be able to see them with that super telescope NASA uses right now.

Don't even get me started on what's gonna happen when the last of the stars reach the end of their lifespan.

I mean, being able to communicate with them and eventually full integrating them into our society using prosthetics. I feel like much of humanities angst would be alleviated if they just had another species to treat as equals. So that we are held to account not just by ourselves but by a trusted friend.

They already try to fuck us and some sick men even fuck them back so we're prolly already one with them.

We could last for trillions of years after the stars die by farming black holes for energy.

Or by huddling round white dwarves like intergalactic hobos round a fire, but a white dwarf's gonna die out too some day and when you get in a black hole's gravitational field it's only a matter of time till you get sucked in and chewed up like everything else that gets in it's way. We'd basically just be circling the drain.

If I have to choose between primitivism and nuclear annihilation I'd prefer to drop the bomb. We're going to go extinct sooner or later anyway regardless of how our society is organised. If we have to suffer we may as well get it over with as quickly as possible.


Nah fam, I'll take the glow of a thermonuclear air-burst over the glow of a campfire any day.

I don't see it that way. Humans are capable of living ethically, of treating each other and their environment with respect. Now, perhaps the uplifting of other species like dolphins will be the ethical thing to do, but we have to resolve the contradictions inherent to our own species first before we can really talk about uplifting other species.

You're off by an order of magnitude (or two), the expansion of spacetime is accelerating, but it's not accelerating *that* fast.

No. Noone ever believed that. As Engels coined it, "Socialism or Barbarism". In other words, it is either communism or extinction. And for whatever it is worth, I would fight for the latter.
Nothing is failed. You do not understand what is happening in the world. The only reason Marxism was delayed and a bit reversed, is because of the Third World. The Porky outsorced Class warfare. But THEY are about to run out of space.

this is absolutely correct
note how communist revolutions used to occur within European countries Spain or France, now they are happening where the Anglosphere is enforcing their imperialism, like Rojava.

Doubt it. More then likely capital will resort to a sort of global crop rotation. You can already see it in someplaces in america, conditions degenerating to that of the third world and creating conditions for an easily exploitable workforce

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Feudalism has the best aesthetics, famalam.

We should get back to farm & castle, know what I'm saying?

No, I don't know what you're saying

Is there a scifi novel about an advanced, space-faring civ living in the remnants of an extremely stretched out space-time?

But you know me, bb

I hate to sound like Sam Harris, but that a better society is possible seems pretty self evident - mankind as a species have been living in progressively "better" societies by any number of metrics. So a better society is not in principle impossible.
The way society is organized now however, we seem to be heading for disaster. That's in part why it needs be changed. Maybe changing it is extremely unlikely, but that does not make the better society impossible.

Wew, try to fit in a bit better if you're here fresh from Reddit.


I'm sure you'll be accelerationist or transhumanist until the end of the year, stop making threads until you get some maturity.

Don't worry fam. Seems you lost hope, but almost every socialist nation improved livelihood for most people, with maybe the exception of North Korea.

And "in harmony with nature" is pretty spooky.

No, fukushima was purposefully not kept up because "it cost too much" to the private corporation.

Also thorium reactors dont blow up.