*cuts off your electricity*

*cuts off your electricity*

*phoneposts instead*


It's almost like he never actually cared about leftism in the first place.

He's always been a career politician first and a socdem second. Why do you think he hates the media spectacle so much? Only a loser policy wonk would run away from the cameras like he does.

there are no leftist older than 30 years old
once you start paying taxes you start to realize that this whole 'to each according to his need' really means you going around and helping the helpless needy people instead of having all your needs fulfilled

life's too short to solve other peoples problems and not fuck a supermodel on a yacht, and between those two extremes, i know which one im pursuing

a man can dream.

I like how the age cut off for a leftist seems to keep going up as the years go on. When I was 18 it was 18-20 (when you get your first "real job" they would say.) Now it's 30? Sounds like capitalism is having trouble distributing wages to people and it is fucking showing in the ever increasing amount of support left wing politics receives every year.

In Central Planing thereā€™d be no taxes.

Meme-tier understanding of leftism.

im from a socialist "model" euro country and let me tell you, you are not a made man till you are completely 100% off the socialist programs, you have not reached manhood till you became able to afford everything you need from the private sector

every single private sector service is considered fifty times better than a state provided, tax funded one, and basically young people consider it a high life to become a doctor/engineer and not have to use any socially funded thing ever again

if you ask me, here's how stuff should be:
take the fucking kids from 10 to 20, and give them all identical food, books, school, identical everything
just let the government take the kids from 10 to 20, and give them the same shit each
let them study what they want, do what they want, read what they want, let them access councils and advisors voluntarily, let them take exams voluntarily

after these 10 years of tax provided services is up, release them into the market, and that is fucking it, no more of anything else, let them fend for themselves, let them make their own money with their own skills, let them take their own jobs, let them use their own judgement, let them plan for themselves, negotiate for themselves, compete for themselves, let them get picked up by whoever they want to work for, let them do whatever they want to do

this permanent pursuit of idealistic equality that it doesnt even matter how much resources we waste on, is futile every time, and fucking unreachable, and one eventually gets tired of it

stopped reading

You know, you could at least try to research your crap before you embarrass yourself with it.

ah, how insightful, constructive, useful, actionable, operational
teenage angst of never accepting any criticism is typical of, well, teenagers
hiding socialism behind that 'wasnt true that time' means it will never improve
thanks for proving my point(USER, WAS, BANNED FOR, THIS POST,)

You're the one making the claim, m8. You haven't substantiated on where you are, neither what makes it socialist. Protip: it's not an arbitrary definition that amounts to "anything I dislike".

The USSR is the type of socialism we are talking about here kid. Europe is still capitalist.


kek no. Abolishing the commodity form is a requirement of socialism

Were you the sort of kid that had trouble telling dogs apart from cats?


Every time Bernie Sanders tells a woman to shut up fat bitches' panties get moist.

States that were socialist:
Maoist China
North Korea
Revolutionary Catalonia
Paris Commune

States that weren't:
Anything in Europe
Kill Yourself