Can we get an unbiased socialist history thread...

Can we get an unbiased socialist history thread? Please post books and other resources for learning about socialist history.

Also, please post stuff not written by Robert Service or Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

There is none.

There are books written from a bourgeois perspective and books written from a socialist perspective.

That's why I asked for other resources as well.

stop with this fucking meme

give him time, we have had massive Holla Forums migrants from the Bat'ko raid today.

here is one for perspective on North Korea

Fuck off, nobody here actually defends the DPRK.

plenty of people do, Maoists, tanks and nazbols usually.
Anyway the book I posted isn't propaganda itself, but a book by an actual academic that contextualises and counteracts some of the most egregous propaganda about NK people are exposed to in the West. It's not apologetics even though it takes a far more sympathetic tone than the vitriol usually speved at North Korea.


Here you go, famalam

Are you looking for a history of socialism, or history from a socialist lens?

There are actually people here who unironically think it's a literal socialist paradise with ZERO societal ills, and everything you here about it is wrong, or propaganda. Just let that sink in for a minuteā€¦

nobody claims this. there is a societal ill and it's called imperialist sanctions.

You don't need someone to save you.

The avalanche needs the first snowflake to start rolling.

True but Caitalism killed more.

that's because it is


Got nothing else to do.



tbh read liberal historians first, then read commie historians because they are specifically addressing the points of liberal authors


Good shout. I would also recommend reading modern liberal historians influenced by materialism, they generally drone on less about muh totalitarianism and usually seek to find some kind of balance between liberal and socialist history via quantitative methodology.

Lars T. Lih's Lenin and Lenin Rediscovered is very unbiased, based on deep historical research. It's pretty much the authoritative text on Lenin and the revolution right now.