Faceapp filters

What was this a scandal?


Yeah sorry. Why was this a scandal?

hey tbh thats cool. k thx bye-

I'm mad they took this down before I could use it because I really want to see what it would do to my face lol

Interesting. Now Holla Forums can finally know whats its like to be white.

Sadly they cannot, because for some reason this was "obviously" "ill-advised", and so now it's gone. But why?

because people are spooked enough to think that race is a real thing that exists

Dunno, triggered americans?

Whats the topright supposed to be? Indian?

Looks like a latina to me.

hi Holla Forums

this kinda proves that attractive people look hot regardless of race tbh.

Latina isnt even a race.

He looks like shit in every pic but the original honestly


how was that Holla Forums?
so much for the well-read leftcom

what? She looks the same in every race. She looks more like Mel B in the right bottom corner but other than that Idk what you are drinking/taking but she looks hot in all races

Yeah, whatever Pedro.

Im european. Latino isnt a race, theyre all mutts.

I'm guessing SJWs might have made a scandal about it? I don't know, they make a scandal out of everybody, it's literally how social ascension works in their monstrous subculture.

Anyway, have a spicy Stalina. I'd gladly enter her gulag, eh

Holla Forums please

fuck off thread shitter.