TFBoys: Maoists' /ourboys/?

I was listening to NPR in the car with my mom just now, and couldn't believe what they were saying about this chink-twink boy band from China, saying they promote "communist values" like "working together" and "serving the collective". The band's manager even confirmed that they were promoting muh godless communism, saying the boys were raised to be "patriotic" and "never criticize their government". And the main person conducting this article, I SHIT YOU NOT, said this was the case because China "doesn't have freedom of speech".

Then when I was looking for
for this thread, I noticed these kids posing with shit like Coca-Cola products and candy and fluffy teddy bears, etc.

… What even is China anymore??? I have never been so simultaneously angery and confused in my entire life.


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Kill, Marry, Fuck.


We must meme them

I already listen to NPR reluctantly while driving and take everything I hear with a grain of salt, but lately its gotten so bad I barely get through a report without autistically talking to myself


But they look literally the same you degenerate twitterite.

How old are they? They look 12.

No scratch that, they look 8.

Kill Coca-Cola, marry the teddy bear, and err fuck candy (orally)?

According to Wikipedia, they were born around the turn of the century. Some pics you see may be a couple years old.


Found a written version of the very same radio article:

I couldn’t find the image.

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At least they're the cute kind of fags. Ideology aside, I'd fuck 'em.


Egoism doesn't mean isolation.

Communism doesn't just mean serving the collective. Putting that as your first two things as "communist ideals" sounds American meme-tier.

a nice threesome going on there..

you also accused "working together" in your greentext too though, which made it sound like you were opposed to that or something

Yeah, that pic is pretty damn cute. I'd like to get up in that tight boypussy.

kill left, marry center, fuck right

This is good, actually

That's a new one. I guess the something awful conspiracy theories didn't stick.