Bat'ko's channel got shutdown. Again

Apperently porky is getting a bit active. We should start downloading all the good videos from /ourguys/, so we can quickly reupload them multiple times incase anyone gets banned again.

And I don't just mean leftypolers like bat'ko or muke. Also all the others like democraticsocialist01,Dick Coughlan or Liberterian Socialist Rants for example

Other urls found in this thread:

What is a good online service for easily downloading YouTube content?

Batko is mediocre and muke actively embarrasses us every time he loses a debate because he is totally illiterate. Based Jason is our guy

No, you are way worse. As is he.

Don't you have another ancap to humiliate yourself in front of, muke? for audio only for full videos. You can also torrent it, if you don't want the free lite version.

link? He did pretty good against Sargon, pinned him for a better debater since he started reading

No it wasn't, check twitter.

I looked this up and people are saying it hijacks your browser and shit. I found a tutorial to download YT videos using VLC Media Player, though.

kek batko can reach normies with his catchy songs, unlike you…you read too much that you became a retard that can't talk to anyone that isn't already preached and you can't think for yourself like every fucktard that read too many books.

Yeah, I've only watched mukes more recent videos, the ones made less than a year back, but the debates I've seen him be involved in went ok for imo.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with reading a lot if you can communicate to an average person what you have learned.


Nobody fucks with Bat'ko and gets away with it. We will make Holla Forums

Bat'ko should also upload his videos to Vidme in addition to Youtube. He might have better luck there.

Vidme has similar policies, but may have a better reporting system. I suggest Minds if you don't want to get your shit taken down without good reason. Also, he actually does have a Vidme.
No it isn't, that's an old tweet. He's been terminated.

Is this a digital simplification of mutual aid???

I'm still around.
Got a new channel

Holla Forums must pay.

Does anybody have a link to the old target list we compiled as targets during the last strategic offensive flag mission?

not forgetting to mention something happening the twitter account from Socialism or Barbarism

Old list, found it

Black Pigeon and Metokur would be great heads to mount on the wall. If we're persistent we may even be able to take down Stefan.

Black Pigeon and his backup channel:

Metokur and his backup channels:

I kind of like some of Metokur's content even though he's a full Holla Forumstard. Am I alone in that?
BPS is totally unlikable on the other hand. The only "nice" thing I could say about him is that he has the ability to twist reality to fit his narrative even when he's totally wrong and he knows it.

I already have all my videos saved on my HDD.

Cuz… you know… I know you guys were desperate to save mine…

Holla Forums goes nuts over their "tradwives", as we saw with RageAfterStorm

Tara McCarthy & Brittany Pettibone are particularly insufferable

not to be mean, but who are you? Link me your channel, I'll subscribe.

remember that Molymeme was an unironic AnCap when he first started off.

8 years? respect

Metokur is basically nothing but bullying and dogwhistles. BPS is lot more of a threat, though, his videos have high production values and lots of pseudoscience that's hard to fully debunk.

Metokur is a huge sperglord and a super grating one at that.

And this is our song:

Lol, well those were hardly Marxist vids. But thank you. My next episode is coming… some time… keeps slipping away from finishing.

apt-get install youtube-dl

Shitposting flag.


I'd actually be grateful if you took them down. They constantly interview kikes and refuse to name the jew. Not even a hint. They aren't traditional in any way either; childless whores.

I know /thedonald/ is barely a chan by now and you can't fight your own battles, but still, Holla Forums is not your personal army :^)



Is richard "the dick" really our guy? Never heard him talk about socialism. Mostly drama and antinazi jokes. I like the guy but the seems like a unwoke normie tier liberal. And he's got into idpol hard lately

Coughlan? Of course not, he's a fucking insane person.

yeah, he made a collaboration with Libertarian Socialist Rants

Also went more into detail it in his stream, he's a libertarian socialist, he just more focuses on social issues as he feels like there are far more qualified people out there then him to talk about economics.


but seriously some deranged idpol shitter who does nothing but embarrass 'the left' is not our comrade

portage is superior to every package manager in every conceivable way, besides maybe content.

actually watch his videos, granted he is a former junkie and it shows occasionally, but he is also is an intelligent guy who understands the egalitarian ethic of socialism very well and not forgetting to mention, a comedian with a sizeable reach offline,

And fuck off with the they embarrass the left meme. People who use buzzwords like idpol as it's supposed to have some divine meaning are the true embarrassment

Who did this.

I find him boring and uninteresting

Nigga I've been watching him for like I years. Fucking love his standup. But he rarely ever talks about socialism. And sorry I didn't watch all of his 8 hour stream where he out himself as libsoc

8 years

Me too, been a longtime fan, started watching him pretty early on in his YouTube carrier. Understandable, it's 8 hours, he does it towards the end, around the 6th hour or so I think

Gotcha will look back. But fam we gotta press him to fight for /ourside/ not just social stuff.

you know him. Just ask him in his next video. He usually responds.

I use gentoo too, but I also use gentoo-hardened.
I just figured most people are using debian distros.
emerge -av anarchism i3-gaps
After importing from overlays using layman.
Am I good enough?
Besides the default gentoo kernel is not free so that a minus.

Are you the guy that got ransomwared?

I used su to hide my username

Fair enough

Y'all are glorified KEKistanies.

Are you a virgin?

Yes, user. Yes he is.

Shit does anybody have a kekistan go webm?


We should just join Holla Forums in doing this. Maybe pass it on to people with botnets too.

Why? Google is literally on YOUR side.

I have no idea who the fuck he is

you sound mad

Only two of the people in that first image have anything related to leftism, the "gay communist" guy and the one with the red/black flags. Literally who are those people anyway? Random Google employees?

How the everloving FUCK can someone consider themselves a communist but work for Google?

No they aren't you complete fucking illiterate moron.

Oh sorry I'll just go take my tech knowledge to the nearest commune.
Come on, man. We're living under capitalism, there's no use pretending we aren't. They're probably leddit socialists anyway.

I wish


So no one is gonna try to take down murdoch murdoch again ? Or at least another Holla Forums favorito, they can't get away with this.

How are we supposed to? His videos are private.

lol, who you trying to fool, user? I thought you guys were all about "NO PLATFORMS FOR FASCISTS!!" eh? Google is on your side, go help them instead you lemmings. Like this guy , at least he isn't a phony.

nigger what part of "not owned by the workers" do you not understand

Sargon of Akack just got booted from twitter.

Larper. Checked their blog, all I could find was "I'm a silicon bollocked tranny, do as I tell you!" idpol and zero socioeconomics.

Lol just because more than one ideology doesn't like your shit doesn't make google "our side," unless you want "the other side" to mean anyone without your special snowflake ideology.

I again ask, who the fuck are these people? Have you just shown us random ass Google employees?

looks like ron paul was /ourguy/ all along lads

You are fucking dense. Kill yourself.

Trump is /ourguy/ CONFIRMED

luck more.

if they're communists then why are they purposely stifling traffic to our website?

m8 I don't think he knows what a communist is my man

What part of self-proclaimed communists and ANTIFAs you didn't understand?

It says right there in their bios. Can't you read?

Nice damage control.

TRUVADA Trump is indeed /yourguy/.

Which one?

You're not communists tho, just pampered white American/Western European suburbanite phonies claiming to be oppressed workers.(bleh)

I meant to say our websites
those are all communist/socialist sites

wait that's not true
some of them are though

pick one

I did. Why do you think your cherry-picked software engineers represent Google as a corporation?

Define communism and what conditions must be met for one to be called a communist for me friendo.

I said "self-proclaimed", much like you.

Gee I dunno, perhaps doing what it says on Marx's writings instead of bastardizing them with post-modern Burgershart SJW shit?


But it is you stupid cunt. Are you a Jewish fed because your movement is rife with Jews and feds?

Those will be the complainers.

at last I truly see

Bless his retarded little brain, hopefully the Norks clean out the genepoolswamp that is America with some nukes soon.

yup. the goal of communism was to give money to niggers all along.
that's all marx cared about
we were found out

Think you've replied to the wrong user, there m80.

I hate Nazis and everything but SJWs are fucking retarded

I really like how this thread is a google rant now.

No, I haven't. Do you seriously think corporate affirmative action is a communist idea?

No, I don't. I presume you think you're speaking to , which would be incorrect.

My god, user-kun. Are you that new?

This is a joke right?

I don't think he's necessarily saying "lel you use tools made by capitalism", but just pointing out the fact that it likely signifies various degrees of unwoke.
It's like owning an iPhone or watching Buzzfeed. There's something very snowflakey about it which kind of falls under what Zizek terms ideology: “they do not know it, but they are doing it”

we can do much to get it back

Its opensource and easy to use.

We should be archiving content tbh, Which is why I created Bunkertube.

I tried to register for bunker tube and I never got my verification email

would you please fuck off back to pol?


thanx for making our memes more popular instead of inventing ur own.

Stay classy leftypol :D






Check your spam folder.

Tried that but I guess I can always give it another shot


since everyone else seems to be engaging you in good faith let me be the one to ask, how are you this fucking retarded?

They're not literally our side but they do like us more that you. Nobody likes Nazis.

So you know what. I'm going to use it. Fuck Holla Forums thanks for the info man. Get fucked. In 2 years you'll have no platform, you're my bitch.

I thought "woke" was a word for SJWs larping as socialists on Twitter?


take the music off bunkerchan dude

Who shutdown Bat’ko

Don't know. I assume it was a bunch of Holla Forumsyps either operating outside of the chans. Probably somewhere on discord, FB or reddit.

Guys, why don't we go after PragerU? Test YouTube's favouritism system

That would actually be hilarious, but it's not Holla Forums related so meh.

PragerU is crypto-deus vult to the extreme. It teaches you how to obey society and marry and impregnate white women.


Hey, Bat'ko, do you have the "I Punched Richard Spencer" vid still?

This is probably a good idea.

Then again, who'd be good to hit that's Holla Forumsack?

I'm conflicted. But getting PragerU would probably be better than getting some Holla Forums fucktard. I mean, the latter would be easier, but still.

Does anyone here know how PU gets constantly recommended and promoted on Youtube no matter what I'm trying to watch? Do they have some payola deal with Google?

it's not hard to abuse YouTubes recommendations system. Many do it. Thats pretty much the main reason PewDiePie is still relevant.

A lot of folks do, actually.

This has been YouTube's modus operandi since like a year or less after they bought YouTube. Even Justin Bieber's career with Usher started off with them buying promoted spots on YouTube. It was kind of hilarious, because everyone was like "what the fuck is this shit." But I think Google even has more methods of 'control' for even organic hostile reactions to paid content by now, or at least those paying seem to. This is also how YouTube 'celebrities' generally operate. But yeah. A lot of the stuff you see in those recs now is just being paid for.

PragerU, like most YouTube "partners," probably also is paid for ad revenue. It's worthwhile to remember that this is a huge part of the motive behind most of the YouTube 'celebs,' too. The results are occasionally hilarious. At one point YouTube was paying a NeoNazi thug in Russia ad money for his popular videos there, which often involved him leading a gang of literal children to catch and sexually abuse gay guys (branded "pedophiles" because they lured them with messages from someone exactly one year below Russia's AOC, but they always targeted gay guys). Capitalism works.


Mister Metokur is pretty great tbh. He only bullies people that deserve to be bullied, mostly shitlibs and perverts.

Trying to upload to this, it's getting connection errors every time.