Is there any Ideology we can ALL agree on?

Is there any Ideology we can ALL agree on?

I think we can agree on negatives.

That must be all.




Luxemburg thought.

Communism; it's the end goal

You’re right we can only agree on negitives.
Roses killed Rosa.

Nazbol Gang

Anti-Kulak Action

Gotta love those Nazbol memes

The left is incredibly divided. Every minority wants their own special snowflake representation. And white male liberals and marxists are just virtue signalling. Workers have it made in the first world compared to the third world. Tell the third world about your first world problems and see how much sympathy you generate. If everyone in the world lived like the first world, the world would collapse. Our lifestyle is not sustainable. We are net beneficiaries of global capitalism if anything. You would have to be homeless in the first world to really be considered poor on a global scale. And the only reason why you are homeless in the first world is because no one wants to hire you at the legally mandated minimum wage and there are minimal regulations that landlords have to abide by. Look at the prostitutes in Bangladesh. They are not homeless because they live in metal shacks. You try living in a metal shack in the United States and you will get a ticket by a police officer and thrown in jail possibly (lmao. the irony).

In all seriousness if you don't follow to some degree of Republicanism in the modern day, you are a fucking retard.

I think Monarchists have some clinical mental disability.

And she deserved way worse.

You can be critical of something while still thinking it's necessary.

Enlightenment values?

Technocrats are even worse

At least monarchists admit to being idealists

and this is why you will never be respected any more than nazis. you are both the same.


Marx is a great theoretician and I admire his work, but really, do you actually believe pic related has any chance to see the light of the day ? Do you think pic related could bring progress to a society ?

I believe it would slow it to an halt, because unfortunately, we need specialised people to work, we need management, direction. Ideally, mass production of useless commodities would stop, but unless you can give me a perfect prediction of the needs of the people I think Markets just work fine.

(Yes, I plan to read Cockshott.)

that's literally how society was before the enclosure movement.
even Adam Smith new shit like this, the division of labor is why he shilled for public education.
so it has certainly seen the light of many more days than capitalism or feudalism has.

Did a little mistake here.
>mass production of useless commodities should stop, and things should be owned/produced for their use value, but

Should we really thinks of society prior or at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution as an example for the future ?
There are tons of useless jobs, I will agree on that, mostly in PR departments, but in most factories operating a machine requires 2 years of education and a few months of training. Not counting engineers, who are by definition specialised.

What did he mean by this? That you'd be told what to do? If so, that sounds terribly authoritarian. If not, what's stopping someone from just losing interest in a joint project and stopping? You need guarantees that people won't just leave.
This is also a good way to ensure that nobody is good at their job, because everyone's doing whatever the hell the want all day.

He probably means that there are beans counters somewhere in a former Ministry watching how many wheat/watches/tissue are produced and if it goes two low they issue a warning and he counts on the good faith of workers to do the necessary.

After all, this is a Communist society, so it's after the Revolution, so people are very class-concious.

absolutely not

what's wrong with Liberté, égalité, fraternité
think about your answer very carefully

(1) freedom ain't free
(2) you gotta restrict real freedom to guarantee your arbitrary notion of freedom
this is pretty ok
I refuse to be friends with racists and nazis

The true immortal science


So liberalism has failed to provide real freedom as it has simply chained people by property relations? Thus by seeking further emancipation socialism is upholding the enlightenment ideal of freedom. Maximising property rights was liberalism's failed answer to the call of freedom, us socialists seek to maximise human rights (in the sense of 'positive freedom', not like in bourgeois human rights).

Which is how you show fraternity with your fellow man. Don't take fraternité so naively. It's time to recapture the Enlightenment and Jacobin tradition for the left.

Lol who is guy 3?

I'm kicking myself for not thinking of it sooner.

Orthodox Bookchinites prefer all of those to Marxist-Leninism.