Does anyone else feel like racial and homophobic slurs have been used too excessively on this board as synonyms for...

Does anyone else feel like racial and homophobic slurs have been used too excessively on this board as synonyms for unintelligent and/or ignorant?

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I'm not trying to turn this board into a sanitized safe space, I just think that there are better ways to call someone stupid than using the N-word.

Return to reddit if you can't handle the bantz, niggerfaggot.

But in all seriousness, Holla Forums doesn't use such terms nearly as excessively as Holla Forums does. And when we do, it's for entirely facetious/satirical purposes. The only actual racists or homophobes you have to worry about on Holla Forums are tankies or the Nazbol gang, and nobody takes them seriously.


why though, nobody on imageboards gives a shit about your skin color or race, so the insult "nigger" is a mere abstraction undermining its original use. calling a "fascist" a faggot is even a clever play with the ethymology.

I wish


I was against using racial slurs until I saw Afroplasm posting.

board culture idiosyncracy. I'm not saying its good or bad but it is what it is. if it bothers you, leave. If people call each other niggers or faggots on this board has no bearing on real life.

OP is a nigger-faggot.

"faggot" is a neutral honorific you mongoloid retard,

how about you stop being a stupid nigger and leave faggot?

That's good to hear

Kek. I probably should have expected jokes like this.

It's not a joke.

Get out.

tbh Holla Forums uses racial slurs very sparingly for an imageboard, even though they aren't banned.

I want reddit to leave.

Have you been to Holla Forums?

But fascists are literally faggots, it's in their name and symbols.

Not on leftypol though

I agree, but the only time it annoys me a lot is when there's some race realism thread and Holla Forums and the unironic nazbols come out with their actual racism.

I maintain the faith that most people here aren't like that and are just using it cuz of the board culture.

Racists are a bunch of niggers

yeah, there's a clear difference between
maybe i'm just inured to it because i've been on image boards for longer than i care to think about but the latter just seems like regular forum talk, and that makes up the majority

posters should make more of an effort though to report the former, imo

Racism in its original definition as "discriminating based on race" isn't actually bad. It's not bigotry or hateful to see groups of people as having some inherent differences and set societies up accordingly so everyone does the best with what they have, while we are still all spiritually equal as Dasein. Smooshing everyone together without their choice in the matter is cruel and unusual and leads to exploitation, identity politics, societal imbalance and malformed cultures. Anti-racist reeducation is a failed program. Any half decent NazBols are kind to animals, strongly against animal enterprise, and many are vegetarian at least as well. We just value diversity and don't think it's bad to be less "intelligent", given what is supposed to pass for "human intellect" is a laughable conceit to begin with. Just look at the absolute state of it.

I love you. I am gonna overuse this joke so much

You need to go back.

Not really.
Especially not faggot. Nigger you can make a case for using less for reasons here and there, but faggots are an imageboard's staple food. Though when being facetious I prefer to just say things are gay.

Patrician tier is constructing bizarre behemoths of adjectives as a way of calling people stupid.

Well yeah, Nigger is a faggot-y way to refer to black people. Even if you're a racist, it just highlights you're a pretty stupid racist.
I mean there are some real hilarious slurs out there. Nazbols really ought to be talking about getting rid of those who've had "a touch of the tar brush", or mud babies or something. That would be funny. Nigger is a cliche.


On the one hand I kinda see the point but on the other, saying faggot is insulation from the redditors and liberals, and long may it continue

I hardly ever use them negative my niggerfaggot.


Does anyone else feel like the word phobia has been used too excessively as a synonym for rudeness?

(And as people have already pointed out, nigger is predominantly a generic term of endearment, and faggot a neutral honorific. I don't recall them ever being used in place of retard or idiot, especially since there's no shortage of retards and idiots on this board either.)

Racial slurs can and should be ditched entirely. Unlike homophobic slurs like "faggot", or ablest terms, racial slurs have absolutely no other connotation or usage than to demean, foster prejudice, and "otherize" people. Ban them.

you can just say it pussy, nobody is going to euthanize you

pretty much this.
it keeps the SJWs at bay

If you don't like it then leave, reddinigger.

Yes, I and my fellow faggots reserve the right to pigheaded fuckwits, and delight in doing so.

Agreed. These slurs serve as a protection against cancer and make leftypol a minefield for redditors and tumblrites.

Anyone who is actually racist or homophobic is overwealmingly called out.

succdems r real racists confirmed

not like it's really news.

Who the fuck is this stupid faggot nigger?

There's a place for people like you, it's called r/Socialism

As Orwell didn't say because he was a fag who never had to write an academic essay in his life: Why use one word where 10 will suffice?

p.s. history's ugliest slur is actually "unelectable"

This may be the first time the term "The N-word" has ever unironically been used on an anonymous imageboard, and to be honest, it make me uncomfortable…

Fuck off nigger.