Ownerless groupchats on tox!

Come join club cyberia on tox! Tox group chats have no owner and are controlled by the people themselves. They are perfectly distributed with no banning blocking or anyway to seize control. Control the means of production with every message you send!

Club cyberia has a convenient invitation bot to join the group. The ID is:


Simply add the bot as a friend with any toxchat client, and send it the message "invite 1" and you will be in the group!

Good luck comrades!

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meet these fine girls on tox!

tox is full of lots of hot leftist babes, lets get dialetical!

This is not a dedicated Holla Forums groupchat. It was originally maintained by lainchan, and has been around for months, alternately populated by Holla Forumsacks and technology enthusiasts. Tox is also kinda shit for group chats, since Tox lacks any central server and you have to manually disconnect and rejoin every day. This is a little hard to explain, but when people sign off and sign back on and join a groupchat, they will not necessarily show up in the groupchat which one person has been holding open for hours. Tox also gives away your IP, which, given the current political climate, creates ample opportunity for doxing. All of the major Tox clients are somewhat buggy, and most are no longer under active development. It is definitely better than discord, but much worse than IRC.

The groupbot will automatically invite you everytime you start tox. Second if you want anonymous chat run it over tor.

Tox is filled with pedos. Stay away.

omg rly?

Not a risk, since you have to manually accept every image that is sent. You can also expect most of your attempts at sending images to be complete failures.

This makes is much less convenient than IRC, where you can just leave the client running and stay in the conversation.

It's likely that nothing will happen as a consequence, but why tempt fate?

Just leave tox running and you will get the same thing. You are literally advocating a fascist IRC server to a communal tox system.

Meet hot leftist babes like

←– her

on tox, join now!

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Then route your tox session through a Tor SOCKS proxy.

That isn't how it has ever worked for me. When people leave and rejoin, someone who has never left will not see them show up. Complete peer to peer is fine, but look into communicating over XMPP or something instead of using a half backed program written by /g/, and a chat that is generally interest, and not restricted to Holla Forums/, leftist discussion, or even politics generally.

Tox = decentralized, anarchism, community run, no moderation or rulecucking

IRC = rulecucks, fascism, centralized servers, requires capitalist funding

The girl on the left will let you sniff her BRRRAAPP hole if you make the right choice :)

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Who is she

Nice thought policing you fucking nark.

Join and find out, we have a nice selection of leftist girls just waiting to meet leftist guys like you on Tox !

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This chat has been around for months. You're advocating that it be invaded and taken over by one topic. But I'm the asshole here.

if that can happen then it's clearly a superior topic

It'll happen because you want dozens of people from here to swarm it.

Actually the command is "invite 0" not "invite 1" i'm just retarded.

umad lil toxboi?

Feels will always beat reals. Nothing to do with superior topics.

Why are you shilling this one chat so hard? If you were so set on Tox, you could have made a Tox ID share thread.

It's the largest chat left on tox.

because he a greedy troll

only 1 of those is me

because fuck publicly displaying Tox ID's. let LainBot be in charge of obfuscating them.

lainchan does not have anything to do with it. Its not like they own the name of an anime. Property is a spook.

You want to get spammed with CP?

No file sending in groupchat and you have to manually accept files.

I want to support it but it's so fucking confusing.

just download it:


then add a friend

Download what? There's a billion fucking clients.


I'll just leave this here.

When the shit gets thrown at you it must be thrown back

leftypol has no place in Club Cyberia. GTFO

Neither does Holla Forums.
This is a necessary anti-dote.
You clearly can't make us not do this.
If you want a private group chat then join/make a private group chat.

Bump for lainchan anti-Holla Forums vaccine