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Good to know that at least there are still sane people out there.

I don't know anything about the situation, so shooting from the hip and based on this image alone, I'm gonna say they threw a tantrum because the Kurds didn't completely and unquestionably endorse their idpol.

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good riddance

They should purge Rojava of its pro-burger liberals and US military bases. I was hopeful about Tequila, but I saw one user make a good point about the unfortunate possibility of them delving into idpol territory. It seemed like they had the potential of being like the Black Panthers, in terms of using their minority status as a means to unite with the proletariat and engage in class struggle


L M A O I wish they could see themselves in the mirror

anarchkiddies BTFO

Any idea if they were kicked out for their openness about their orientation (which I assume wouldn't go over well with even the more liberal minded people in Syria) or for some other cause?

serves those retards right
Sodomites Idpol will burn in hell

How worthless do you have to be to get kicked out of a war?


All of IRPGF got kicked out, not just the queers.

They musta been pretty obnoxious

Most likely a combination of that and concentrated crazy. They're not the only gays in Kurdistan.

Good, there are no thots and faggots in foxholes

SDF defended the rights of homosexuals in their statement on IRPGF so it's not that. Apparently they have not been coordinating with YPG or MLKP/IFB and have been pretty irksome overall. YPG don't like it when foreigners go into their own units and don't interact with the larger culture and command.

I get fucking ashamed by faggots like this

So nothing to do with actual communism then.

It feels like something's missing here.
Evidence of wrongdoing, for example.
Or am I just supposed to believe the word of a that now appears to more easily ally themselves with the U.S. than with other revolutionary, libertarian socialists? Does this remind you of something? It reminds me of the PKK's Marxist-Leninist past.
Also the "comrades" ITT seem to be completely ecstatic that the gender abolitionist section went away along with them. Are you people aware than Ocalan basically wrote about his mission of "killing the dominant male"? Of Yinology, Kurd's own brand of feminism? These people aren't known for peddling the sexual retardation that's the norm in this virtual man-basement, so getting hung up on that is missing the point.

What is really going on in Rojava?




utterly dubious as to this Kurdish/Syrian trans woman really existing


I think probably the YPG/SDF are wary about aligning themselves with a group that promotes international guerrila warfare rather than a group looking for Kurdish Autonomy and to BTFO ISIS

Let me guess, they're deeply triggering ethnonationalists?

Anarkiddies fail at revolution all the time.

Tabûra Enternasyonal, then still called Antifa Tabur and still full of leftists, called them out when they formed and released that cringe video months ago. They've been tagging on to the IFB and the commander pictured with the rainbow flag was in TIKKO, a Turkish maoist and probably straight


Have IRPGF not been aiding in the fight against ISIS up until now?
Wasn't that part of their introductory propaganda? To aid the Kurds in their fight against ISIS, /as well as/ against other things.

Apparently international solidarity is white imperialism now, good to know. Is DemConFed becoming libertarian jucheism or what the fuck is this? Wasn't the new Kurdistan supposed to be a "multi-ethnic society" and all that? Was that just bullshit? So Kurdistan really is nothing more than than an ethno-state at the end of the day? Ethno- because any non- middle-eastern is ejected (except if you're from the U.S. military!) and state because "democratic autonomy" seems to be a thing for the legislation of the PKK and the PKK only.

Libertarian socialist my ass.

'decolonisation' is one of those words that immediately lets you know the speaker is full of shit.

Not true

They probably haven't been aiding the fight against ISIS much, they released a video of them driving about Taqba but thats about it, they're more interested in retweets

Damn thats a special kind of ideology.


That's dumb
I'd find it understandable that anarchist wouldn't want to co-operate with MLs anymore, considering the history.
I understand why SDF/YPG would hold that position, but at the same time I think this ridiculously broad alliance of including not only MLs but even the US is going to be their downfall of their socialist project in the end.

Catalonia all over again

It's so blindingly obvious.

At best, this whole thing is going to end as just another federal republic with a mixed economy and a social safety net, Ocalan will have died somewhere along the way and will be viewed back upon as that "romantic hero that made Kurdistan what it is today", like today's Russians get taught about Lenin in the curriculum.

Thank fuck narkiddies and tankiddies aren't actual political forces anymore


this is like something out of south park.
how is this real.

Because the country known as the United States is real.

I don't like this. I'll laugh my ass off, but I'll do so with an angry face.

couldn't make it past 30 seconds

it's too early to say this imo Rojava is still fighting

when will you people admit Marxism-Leninism is the way to go?

great tactic

Not sure how to feel. On one hand they lost extra fighters, on the other, IDpol tends to tear apart organization, no?

should have lined these women or cunts as I've started calling them and shot them, cunts and faggots have no place in communism


bad bait

The sad truth. Tho mixed economy is a pointless term, because it's just capitalism with some State-owned enterprises.

when Marxism-Leninism successfully abolishes capitalism

"centralized vanguard's which lead the people are bad" said the anarkiddie as his favorite libsoc movement used a centralized vanguard to expel undesirables from their society




This is pretty much every smashie demonstration in America.

I was just going to unban the YPG, now that they're allied with the SAA and /anti-imperialist/. Now however they're violating the transphobia rule and will remain banned.

Top kek

The only good thing to come out of this haha.

wait, is this a thing?

I think so.

Generally you only get banned if you're taking the piss. The only rule tends to be "don't be a dickhead".

way to accurately represent the anarchists critique of the vanguard and the anarchist response to this event friendo

bookchinites on suicide watch

The YPG operates through democratic centralism within their army. I'm a staunch communalist, but I understand why this is necessary in the context of a civil war like this.

not a bookchinite.

Apparently it was because they didn't want to fight but IDK. I would say that if your an anarchist and the Antifacist Tabur in the YPG won't let you join then it kinda says something. If it was a group of ex-military and war adventurers, which the YPG has plenty, turned them down then I would think it was because of their politics, but if a group wearing antifa patches and tweeting Durutti quotes doesn't want to be associated with them then I'm not gonna trust them. Plus their video was cringy as fuck, used the word kyriarchy and had an American accent.

This was all a couple months before the TQILA and rainbow flag thing so nothing to do with anything gay, just cringe

They killed Communism then ruined Anarchism

The Antifa Tabur tweet is faked