Is Jagged Alliance 2 the most Holla Forums game ever made?

is Jagged Alliance 2 the most Holla Forums game ever made?

You literally lead a Cuban-inspired insurgency against a monarch.

Isn't there also that Secret of Nymh looking that takes place during the French revolution? I think that's more leftypol

…Except you're doing it for money. You know. Being a mercenary and all.

The rebels you meet at the beginning aren't, and he (Miguel I think) is the one that ends up seizing power after the queen dies.

Videogames are just opium for the uneducated masses.
You should strife against it


No Tropico series is.

Expressing your "politics" through pop culture has got to be the lowest form of activism.

Has RimWorld updated recently?

It's just entertainment, not activism, sperg.

Not since June.

I'm a bit divided on Factorio. On one hand you're the only worker and you have complete control of the means of production, while creating an industrial revolution that puts even the Five Year Plans to shame. On the other hand you're literally exterminating the local insectoid population and gunning them down in genocidal numbers when they attempt to fight back against the putrid black shroud of forest-killing pollution you're pumping out ever wider and wider, while you're spreading The Machine as an ever growling cancer cell.
Nuke the natives, burn the forests! Mine the resources, expand the machine!

Great fun none the less. Automating production, refinement and mining, followed by automating the automating really tickles the right spot.

Rimworld is surprisingly ancom when you think about it. A small and voluntary non-hierarchical ragtag collective of survivors and wanderers building their own society where all is more or less for all.

you forgot your shitposting flag

Democracy 3 is good.

Factorio is pretty much pull yourself out of your bootstraps - the game.
I wish there was more eco-friendly options. You've got solar panels and efficiency modules but that's not enough.

Is Jagged Alliance 2 as much of a piece of shit as Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games? Because that's the only one of these games I've played and the first time I played it I was absolutely floored at how fucking tedious that game was and how many awful mechanics it contained–all the while people constantly praise JA2 as some sort of pinnacle of the strategy genre.

Can't wait for the developers to ruin it with pointless, tedious, and random nuclear power option, and whatever other shit ideas their forum community has come up with before now that they've hopelessly fallen into the Minecraft hole and are poaching community ideas instead of following their own game design goals.

No, JA2 is widely considered a classic and an essential game if you happen to be a tactical autist who loves to spend hours buying and equipping each character according to the role they'll play on the battlefield. There's a fan-made mod, JA2 v 1.13, that makes it a lot better and gives you more in-game options as well (although you might want to skip it in first plays because some of the fan-made content is amateurish and off-putting)

I can't really tell you what changed from Deadly Games to it because I never played any other game of the series, but JA2 is one of the best things I have ever played.

Factorio is basically FALC the deconstruction.

Nuclear power came out like, 4 months ago.

Oh fun, does nuclear power have any meaningful gameplay-oriented decision difference from the other power sources or is it just solar panels with random meltdowns to worry about?

Factorio is an unintentional critisism of modern economics. Both capitalism and the "commies" persue(d) growth for the sake of growth.

No, this is. If you know what this is, you're a true communist.

I have had this situation with other mods for other games, but, I have to ask, when was the last time you TRIED to play 1.13? it is constantly updated and I would NOT ever play without it. With it, Ja2 1.13 is one of the best tacSim games ever created. The bugs have been ironed out.

I don't mean things like glitches, only the fact that the audio, the art and some of the visuals from the mod are clearly fan-made and stand out from the vanilla stuff. For a new player this might ruin immersion.

I don't play without the 1.13 either

Thanks. I hadn't checked since around the beginning of the year, so I guess I'll take a look-see.

Yeah, every power source seems to have it's own place, fitting pretty much perfectly. Nuclear meltdowns are not implemented in vanilla. The devs said, iirc, that it'd just add pointless frustration and annoyance.

See this is the kind of added quirk that I don't think adds anything meaningful to the game. Think I'll just stick with solid fuel.

You can deploy an absurd amount of power really fast with nuclear, but its more work to set up the blueprint in the first place.

Well it does add its own complexities. Gameplaywise I feel like it actually brings something valuable to the game.

Mining uranium requires sulphuric acid, that in turn requires oil and a whole chain of its own for refining. The ore needs to be refined into U-238 and U-235, which is slow unless scaled up greatly. Finally those two ingredients need to be combined in the right ratio to make nuclear fuel cells. Recycling spent fuel gives U-238, so by dumping spent fuel back into the production chain you'll save a lot effort and resources - doubly so in the long run.

I don't, what is that?