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As part of the Left Unity series, this thread is devoted to saying nice things about National Bolshevism without saying anything mean about other -isms.

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Nazbols have good memes and post-ironic bad theory. They also tend to not read which is good because Dugin is really bad. Eurasianism doesn't really makes sense outside of Slavic states but that just adds to the humor.

Nazbols aren't leftists, therefore I'm allowed to say that they are a bunch of idiotic fascist LARPers with soviet aesthetics.

get fucked globalist shill nazbol always existed

I don't even know what the tenets of being a Nazbol are.
In terms of left unity, I once saw a pic of some woman wearing a Nazbol armband and she was pretty attractive, so that was nice. Might have been a shop tho.

But Nazbols are Asserists

The obnoxiousness only makes the meme better tbh.

Was it any of these grills?

Are unironic Nazbols really a thing?
I second that they have good memes.

It was the uncovered girl in the last pic, I have a thing for girls with short hair.

Endless shitposting.

Apparently there are also IRL Nazbols, which is baffling. Imagine dying for Nazbol, it would be like dying for Shrekposting or Baneposting.

Where do I have to fucking sign. This is the ultimate madman lofe

they are in Poland: partia-zmiana.pl/biography

This made me laugh fat too much.


what more needs to be said really?

Nazbols have cute girls because attractive people have to think less and women are more likely to be reactionary from less exposure to novel ideas and estrogen making you risk-averse.

Nazbols are not leftists, what the fuck they have to do with left unity?

Nazbols have cute girls because they are paid to pose in nazbol clothing to lure in retarded permavirgin shitposters. They are models, not actual believers.

please for the love of god would you actually read germany tomorrow before spouting this shitty meme

dugin isn't a nazbol. can we get some L I M O N O V in here to drop this reactionary faggot? pic related

also unironic national bolshevik here, ama

nazbols have cute girls because 99% of russian women under 40 are cute

Why don't you kill yourself?

no real reason tbh, not sure. just wake up each day and decide i'll see if it gets better

lmao wut?

Russia is the real master race.. or at least was. Think about it, like you said all the girls are cute. Now, when you think of a bad ass, a real tough cookie, the guy is always a Russian. Russians are known for being the craziest of fighters. All the craziest streets fights are Russian. They also had the first proper socialist revolution, and then spanked the so called "aryan race" like a naughty child.

Even Putin is easily the worlds most bad ass president and has been nothing but top meme for his whole career, dissapeaing folk like a mad cunt and getting away with it because thats just Putin.

I can kinda dig where Dugin is coming from

Yes but they get constantly banned
t. gets constantly banned

solidarity friend

i see comrades every once in awhile peppered about threads that aren't just shitposting irony spergs, but it's rare

Solidarity with nazbols necessarily implies sectarianism with those that nazbols would exclude
Fascists are worthless

i don't exclude anyone but reactionaries. i'd even fight alongside an ancom

why do I almost never(if ever) here nazbols talk about class conflict?

i can't say tbh. personally i am in favour of the upholding of class conflict as the prime struggle of our time in order to overturn the capitalist system. if you research the historical roots of national bolshevism you'll find writers like niekisch who, as i do, see class conflict as a means of national struggle, as class contradictions provide a barrier that unnecessarily divide national peoples and the bourgeoisie, in exploiting their national comrades and selling them out to international interests for profit, are basically just traitors of the highest caliber. we can talk about class conflict if you like, i just lurk most of the time

Yes, try to survive living in town like vorkuta. If you live 20 years under threat of frozing to death you have quite specific understanding of life.

Putin is absolute darling, he's so cute an wise that you than that every second of my friends would be able to raise weapon for him, yet if I speak with some Russian, all he did was standardizing corruption across Russia. But hey, at least they are not Americans.


source on girl?

that's what all nationalism is like.

It's because Asser thinks it's a liberal ploy to weaken the national spirit.
True story.

polina mayer youtube.com/watch?v=kNnNGtZdaRY

I asked because I thought for a second it was a Polina I fucked


I could just as easily say that nationalism unnecessarily draws conflicting classes together if they are of the same "nation". Communism is about national liberation, its about the liberation of the proletariat. Why do you care about some bourgeois invention of the 19th century?


that's a valid concern and fair enough, but the bourgeois nationalism is the kind that disregards class struggle and deceptively encourages collaborationism to distract and content the proletariat into disregarding their exploitation. a truly national pride should be concerned with the whole of the people, capitalism is not. and a truly nationalist society should destroy class to truly unify the people, capitalism is an obstacle to this. i recommend the following article series, it articulates these thoughts pretty well:


Why should we care about unifying the whole of the national people? Communism isn't about unifying national people, its about liberation of the proletariat(and thus all of humanity). All forms of leftism are just disagreement about tactics more or less. At best I you could use national liberation as a short term method to gain support but you have it the wrong way. What purpose would nationalism even serve in higher stage socialism/communism anyway? It probably would wither away with the state.

Nazbols are some of the best posters on here, and there is legitimately nothing wrong with civic nationalism to rally political support.

it's about the historical process of collectivism. you start out with the first level of the collective, the family unit, which over time multiple family units unite into the "tribe", making the primitive commune. from there history can be analysed as a process of further collectivisation and collectives forming and evolving over time. nationalism is for the purpose of fully maturing the national/ethnic collective before going on to mature and unite as a global collective. that's my personal ideas about it very briefly described,i don't have my writings on me to quote

this is idealistic as hell.

idealism as opposed to materialism, or idealism like romanticised or utopian?

I would look more towards Asserism if that is what you belive

Top kek

Those are more than not mutually exclusive