What do you mean when? Marx, Lenin and Stalin were total chads

Not all leftists are true chads tho

OP explain yourself

Fuck, the thing that made this meme funny was that the virgin was relatable and the chad was just the complete opposite of the Virgin. The point was the absurdity of the comparison. Normies have misunderstood this meme and ruined it. kys.

Virgin walk was the only funny one, all the spinoffs (including the inclusion of chad) have been shit

Fugg wrong pic

Thus. The whole point is that it was supposed to trigger everyone and make them feel self conscious, while making Chad an unrealistic caricature that has nothing in common with anybody.

This is clearly bullshit tho, leftcoms are skinny do nothings. Actual activists tend to be.. Y'know active. also Rojava is the Chad of the leftist world. Everyone on here who isn't active is the virgins

/r9k/ and their ironic misanthropy thinly veiling their true repulsive personalities should an hero at the next opportune moment for the betterment of both themselves and everyone around them, to be quite honest.

Literally me before and after Holla Forums

Except I already had some starter pack Marxist tendencies before Holla Forums, and carried quite a disdain for capitalism, which I thought Bernie would reform into socialism if he became president. Plus, I had no idea ANTIFA existed before Trump was even inaugurated. Also, I voted for Jill Stein in the election. I actually met her irl at a Green Party rally, and I even got to hug her before she left. It was nice.

In Europe bashing the fash is a time honored tradition which "moderates" are mostly on side with. Sucks to be classcucked

What about Engels?

This is pretty much spot on.

Active doing what? Virtue signalling? You can only be doing stuff if it actually works.

So since I haven't seen any of you guys on the news, I guess nobody on here is a chad?

I don't know I like the "virgin sit" where the Chad constantly vibrates.

Can't beat this one.

You're right, shit thread, failed meme.
Sometimes they can be good if it's a really hyperbole chad, but this one just sucks.

Is it so hard to write fascists? Why do people insist on using this idiotic slogan?

Marx himself was a chad